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Guarding a dream.

The Royal guard, an organisation of morbid and nerves of steel ponies, they have always protected Equestria, the princess and Equestria from attack both within and without. A guard's life is hard and offers no respite.

The inside guard of Canterlot city: The capital is one of the toughest jobs as a guard, protecting the city and the princesses is a mental strain and only the best can do it. They are the last and the first stand for all threats and everything else, they are the guard and they will always do thier job until thier last breath

However, for Silver Shield this is easy work, he thinks nothing of guarding the most important ponies and the capital itself, but his love for a princess...well not so easy.
Problem for him is, well a guard cant flirt with a princess can he?

For you see Silver Shield was madly in love with one of the princesses, he was head over heels for the most majestic dark blue mane midnight blue coat. He'd never seen such a beautiful pony. But sadly enough she was a princess, he was just a lowly guard, why would the princess of the night, the loveliest pony in all of Canterlot, no in all of Equestria fall in love with him?

Canterlot city:Silver Shield.

I suppose this is where I must introduce myself, good day I am Silver Shield, a royal guard and a unicorn at that. My interests? Luna and guarding, that's it..I'm serious.

Marching in formation with a hundred other guards of my unit I wasn't really bothered by the constant shouting of the sergeants and the constant crashing of hooves on road.
"Keep those hooves straight and level guards! I don't want to have to carry any of you back to base!" A sergeant whose name I never bothered to learn was happily screaming at me/us. The only thing that I concentrated on was the marching..and a certain princess of course. To be sure that I was keeping in line I looked slightly to the left in order to judge my position on the road.

"Princess coming up!" Another sergeant shouted, apparently Celestia was watching us drill up and down the road.
"Shit, keep it together".
"Don't mess up you fillies!".

Morbid, unemotional and focused, that's how you would describe a typical guard and me, I am a guard...but I have something else that no other guard would ever dare think about and admit. I love...Luna.

Princess Luna, she is the loveliest pony that I have ever laid my eyes on, her looks like a clear night sky it actually sparkles like it's got a few stars in her hair. Now I've never been able to talk to the princess, oh no not unless it's for something important, never a casual talk with her, but I have seen her smile when she's happy, I must admit it makes me just want to melt.

I snapped out of my day dream as I heard the sergeant yell another order I must stay focused on the task at hand, what type of kind of guard would I be if I wasn't focused on what I was doing or what was going on around me? Not a very good one I don't think.

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