Before anything else: This fanfiction's plot is taken after the main story of the game: Summon Night Sword Craft Story. Maybe you can see some wrong grammars and sentence structure and etc. since I'm not good in English (please forgive me. No offence please…?).

Disclaimer: Even the letter 'S' of the game Summon Night is not mine. I'll do my best to not make a trouble to Flight Plan staffs.

Anyway, let's begin the story. Here we go…

Summon Night: Pratty's Story

Fight 1: prologue

Day 1:

This is the city found at the middle of the ocean, Wystern. Two years are passed from the incident of the spirit of fire, Parista, and peace is again returned in this city.

Pratty, who followed the path of her father Shintetsu to become a Craftlord of Iron is now living in busy days as a new member of seven Craftlords.

At the third floor of the Central Tower, offices of all seven Craftlords including hers are located. There, the Craftlords like her doing their jobs to maintain peace and orderliness in Wystern as well as other partner countries in Lyndbaum. But here, the usual job given to Pratty is

Signing of papers.

Which she hated most. She prefers doing other works (mostly physical) than this. Maybe other Craftlords has same thought as hers about this matter, or else no secret passage was there in Central Tower used to escape from Craftlords' work.

After signing the last paper, she leaned back to her chair and sighed. Looked up to ceiling then walls, a usual view she can see since she became a Craftlord. At her table side there is her weapon bag, top is slightly leaning to table so that it will stand. Sword, axe, spear, knuckles, drill, and bow… best of each kind of weapon she forged is placed inside.

"Hey, are you finished signing those papers Pratty?"

The one who entered to her office without knocking the door is her guardian beast and the same time, the Oni king of mt. Gokei, Rasho.

"Ah! Rasho, how many times I need to tell you to knock the door before you enter my office!" Pratty jumped from her chair she was seating.

"And why do I need to knock the door before I enter into your office? Remember, I'm your guardian beast!" Rasho replied.

"It's because this is MY office. The girl's room always needed privacy! Besides, what if there's someone who wants to assassinate me…" Pratty yelled. Rasho crossed his arms and raised his eyebrow. "Assassinate? You?"

"Just do it what I said next time!"

But that is really impossible to happen that she'll easily killed by ordinary assassins, since she improved a lot from Parista's incident. 'If it will happen, I'm going to worry for that assassin than to worry you.' Rasho thought.

"Anyway, if you're finished signing those damn papers, Can we go to the Labyrinth together? Everyone seemed busy for the preparation for the tomorrow's tournament. I'm so bored here!"

Pratty looked up to Rasho then said, "Uh-huh, then it means everyone ignores you and you don't have a person to tease or fool by your idiotic stuffs so you bored, right?" she giggled "Poor Rasho".

"Stop giggling now idiot! Are you coming with me or not?" Rasho said irritably. In two years they spent together, they got to know each other well enough. She knows that Rasho is the one of those annoying type of man who always makes fun of others, though it's normal thing since he is Oni demon. Most of the time, his victim is Pratty but well, she already used to it.

"I'll go with you. Actually I'm planning to go there even you didn't invite me. I'm tired of sitting here in whole day and I think I need some exercise."

Rasho gave a satisfied smirk and leaved the place. Pratty hurried to pick her weapon bag and placed at her hip then she followed after him.

Everyone in Wystern is busy for the preparation, especially to those in Gold guild and Silver guild. Finally the time is come to replace the past Craftlord of Amber, Lubert.

When they went down to the first floor of the central tower, she saw familiar faced girl who wears a yellow bandana came out from the room connecting to Labyrinth (workshop).

"Razzy!" Pratty called the girl. Razzy immediately noticed the voice and turned around to face Pratty and cheerfully greeted back. "Hi, big sis!" she run towards Pratty and gave a tackle and strong hug. Until now, she's still in childish manner even she grown and her height reached Pratty's nose level. Or maybe because Pratty's height doesn't made a great change after two years?

"Big sis, guess what! I'm one of the chosen craftknight for the tournament, great isn't it? Promise me you'll cheer me there okay?" Razzy announced happily. Since Razzy is one of her close friend, she doesn't have a doubt to her answer to that matter, but before she could say a thing she was cut off by the familiar voice.

"What are you saying Razzy? She will cheer me and not you because Pratty wants the worthy one like her to be a Craftlord." They turned around to see Sanary standing at front of the Central Tower's main door which connecting to the lower Wystern.

Pratty waved her hand to Sanary as she approached the group, but Razzy jumped between them, facing Sanary. "No Sanary, big sis will going to cheer me! Right, big sis?"

"Eh? T-that is… umm…" Pratty was confused to Razzy's sudden question, two girls staring at her with threatening eyes and waiting for her answer. Pratty is unable to answer gave them an answer since two of them are her close friends and she don't want to hurt either of feelings, and other than that, she knew, it's clear for her who she wanted to become the latest member of seven Craftlords.

Oh great, she was trapped now, and Rasho who's standing behind her completely ignoring the conversation among the girls, a wisest decision not to get involved in his master's problem. Pratty smiled bitterly to the girls and turned her head to her guardian beast.



Pratty shouted as she pulled his hand and escaped to the Labyrinth.

[To be continued…]