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Summon Night: Pratty's Story

Fight 3: When you lost someone

Day 2

White painted ceiling. Queen-sized bed. Large bookshelf. Golden spear.

Indeed, this is his room. His own bed.

But he was in Labyrinth right? And then what happened?

"Ah, you're awake now young master."

The blond turned around and noticed the tall, dark-brown haired man who has a mustache and circular eyeglass at one of his eyes, entered his room, carrying a tray of light meal and milk.

"Nigel." The boy acknowledged the man and tried to sit up slowly.

"How do you feel, young master?" The head butler asked, placing the tray at the bedside table.

"I'm fine, but what happened?" Varil answered. When he managed to sit up, slight head ache started to hurt him. He placed his left hand to his forehead to ease some pain.

"Ah, yes, yesterday Ms. Pratty brought your unconscious body here." Nigel could see that his young master's eyes widened but he shrugged and continued. "She said you suddenly passed out when you were in Labyrinth."

Varil looked down as he remembered everything that happened there at Labyrinth before he blacked out. That weird feeling that he felt down there…and the certain white haired girl calling his name. "So, Pratty brought me here… "He felt somewhat grateful that he has such helpful friend but it's embarrassing to causing a problem to someone, especially girl, especially HER.

Then the image of her carrying Varil in bridal style popped up in his mind. Pratty is the prince and he is the princess, it made his entire body to shiver. He immediately shook that weird image off his mind.

He sighed. When did he start to think such non-sense things? Pratty is his friend! It's normal for a person to help his/her own friend right? though he admit that he only has little knowledge about friend issues. Besides there's a high possibility that one who carried him is her guardian beast and not Pratty herself. In that case, there's nothing for him to be embarrassed about, right?

Disturbing thoughts aside, Varil felt that he missed something important, he can't figure it out what is it. About yesterday's incident? No. Gold Guild issues? That's not it. About certain white haired girl? Oh, scratch that, he's going back again to his first topic in his mind. It's definitely not HER.

Moments later, there's something clicked in his mind.

Oh, shit.

"What time is it Nigel?" He suddenly asked to the man who's standing beside him, maintaining his voice low and calm as possible.

Nigel raised an eyebrow and made a quizzical look but anyway, he fished out his watch from his pocket and obediently announced the time. "It's nine-twelve in the morning, young master."

Varil's head snapped up to face the man, his face full of shocked expression. "N- nine- twelve? It's already a time for the opening ceremony!"

He was about to get off from his bed but Nigel stopped him to do so.

"There's no need to be such in hurry, master Varil." The man smiled. "Ms. Pratty said it's okay if ever you're not able to attend the opening ceremony. She'd promised that she'll pay visit right after the ceremony so that she could inform you about the necessary information you needed for the tournament."

"What! Pratty is coming!?"

Nigel wanted his young master will hopefully relaxed and decides to take some more rest but seems that thing is went it's completely opposite because of his revelation. Man could see that the boy is almost panicking now. Nigel chuckled lightly; maybe his master Varil couldn't keep his calmness when the Craftlord of Iron is the one talking about.

"What should I do now?" Actually he's asking himself but he said it aloud.

Nigel smiled. "You need nothing to do now but to relax and rest. You must be in good condition for your match later and I think that's what Ms. Pratty also wanted you to do."

Varil sighed heavily, trying to relax himself. "Okay, thanks Nigel. You're right, I must be prepared for my match so that I could be the next Craftlord and I can't do it if my condition is like this."

"And of course never without any breakfast" Nigel said as he picked the tray of breakfast that he sat to bedside table and handed it to the blond which he obediently took it. Then he picked his folk and began eating quietly.

Noting that the boy could handle himself, Nigel excused himself and left the room.

Soon the man left the room, leaving Varil alone, he stopped eating and stared down to his partially-emptied plate. His thoughts again drifted back to certain white-haired girl who has a smile of an angel despite of ugly stalker and right-hand-of-bad-conscience (Varil's perception about Rasho) who always around her. And when she got her weapon in her hand, it turns her to an instant undefeatable warrior.

Ironic. Since when did he start to think about her like that?

And speaking of her, she's coming to visit him!

Varil finished off what's remained in his plate as well as his milk before he set them away with the tray. He turned his head towards the small drawer of the bedside table. Slowly reached for its handle and opened it and picked a small black box found inside it.

He closed the drawer and leaned back to headboard of his bed, staring at the box for the few moments before he finally opened it.

It was a simple silver ring with sapphire designs around it. It shines brightly as it reflects the sunlight that passing through the opening of curtains.

He picked out the ring from it's box and he caressed it with his thumb, feeling it's every curves of design, then he looked the name engraved in the inward part of the ring.


He chuckled. It is not an engagement ring but a friendship ring. He was thinking so long of giving her a friendship gift. He really couldn't understand himself why he choose a ring from so many options he had, despite of the fact that people will going to misunderstand it as something else usually giving to lover.

But Varil doesn't care if it is a ring or not, most important is to thank her, as a friend of course, for everything she have done for him, become his friend, his first and most precious…friend.

He returned the silver ring to its original place inside the box and placed it back in the drawer. He closed it as he stood to take a warm bath.


"What! Varil got sick?"

Razzy exclaimed. The three girls namely Pratty, Razzy and Sanary plus Rasho are just walked out of the ceremony hall after the opening ceremony for the tournament.

With a sigh, Pratty removed her hands from her ears which she used to prevent her eardrums from exploding by high pitched sound waves of Razzy's voice.

"Nope, he's just knocked out. That's all, he's fine." Pratty replied but she felt a Sanary's eyes on her so she turned and gave her a 'What?' look.

"Did you hit him?"

"Of course not" Pratty snapped" –and what makes you think that it's my fault?"

"Because you always beat him." Sanary replied

"That sounds like they are married couple always having a fight" Rasho joked, ignoring the growl he received from his master, but when he saw her hand reached the handle of her sword he immediately shut his mouth.

Lucky for him, she didn't pull out her sword. Her hand was removed from the handle and he sighed in relief.

"I beat him in fight, yes. But beat him because of senseless things, no." Pratty said "I'm not like you" She added, pointed her statement to Sanary.

Razzy and Rasho burst in to laugh and Pratty snickered. The fuming Craft knight's face slowly turning to the same color as her hair, like a bomb thet will going to explode in three… two…one…


When Sanary realized, the group is already far away from her, running in a lightning speed (Who do you expect? It's Razzy and Pratty who talking about here!).

"Come back here!" Sanary yelled and started to chase after them.

"Razzy" Pratty called the girl beside her without looking at her, her feet not stopping or slowing down, if she'll do that she knows that she will become an instant barbecue.

"What is it, big sis?" Razzy replied, perfectly not tired even running at the same pace as Pratty. Still giggling as she looked back at fuming red-haired girl, and Rasho just hovering behind Pratty.

"Can you and Rasho distract Sanary from me?" Pratty asked

"And you're going to leave this mess you made to us? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?" Rasho yelled.

"I'm your master and Craftlord of Iron"

"And don't use your rank as your advantage in this damn situation, you moron!"

They slammed open the doors connecting Central Tower and the Gold Guild and they continue running away from evil-spirit-possessed-girl, ignoring the curses and some incoherent words coming out from Sanary's lips.

"I-I promised to visit Varil after the ceremony. I need to go! Please Rasho, could you?" Pratty gave a pleaded look and the demon king was taken back at this. He scratched back of his head as he couldn't find the strength to resist her pleading look.

"Argh! Damnit! You gonna pay for this later, Pratty!"

Pratty smiled. "Thank you, you're the best guardian beast ever!"

"Always I am. C'mon brat, we gotta work!"

"Aye, aye sir!" Razzy replied with a playful salute like a military soldier. "Say hi to Varil for me big sis!"

Pratty laughed and nodded "Sure"

She quickly slipped out of the place as Rasho and Razzy turned around and started to distract fuming Sanary.

"Here, here Sanary the dragon, catch me if you can!" Razzy swayed her hands in air to get Sanary's attention which easily succeed as she heard a dangerous growl from red haired girl.

Rasho grinned and decided to join the 'fun'. "Hey I noticed something, you gained weight are you?"

"No way, I'm not fat!" Sanary protested. Sure she knows that they are just teasing her but THIS really got into her nerves!

Razzy laughed aloud about Rasho's comment for Sanary. Worst is Rasho WASN'T lying, if try to look at her thoroughly, it's true,

She got some weight.

Razzy got on her knees as one of her hand slammed the ground several times. Other one crutching her stomach and her eyes were almost filled with tears as she laughed uncontrollably.

"Oh no, she couldn't get any date then, if her body is like Master Libody's! (Varil's father)"

Okay, this is too much.

Rasho's sweat dropped, turning towards the girl who said the earier statement. "I think… We should run."

"Eh, why?" Razzy giggled. "even Sanary will going to chase after us she couldn't catch us if her body is bubbling fatty-fatty ball. I doubt that if she could even catch up with a turtle!"

"Okay then…

Don't include me!"

Rasho yelled and in instant he flew away, leaving the girl behind.

"Hey where are you going? Don't leave me!" Razzy shouted but it's too late. The Oni king was already gone.

She shuddered as she felt something cold aura coming from behind.

"Razzy~" The cold voice called her

Don't turn around… Razzy gulped.

Or else you'll be…

Hesitantly she turned around to face the 'monster' despite of her mind pleading not to turn around.



So many turns, wrong turns, climbing walls, play with stray acts, and finally Pratty made herself at Varil's residence. She made her way towards the front doors and knocked it three times. And soon the head servant opened the door and greeted her.

"Good day miss Pratty" Nigel smiled at her. "Glad that you came, please come in."

The man sidestepped and let the girl enter the house. "Thanks Nigel" Pratty grinned in return. "Where's Varil?" She asked.

"Maybe he's still in his room" Nigel answered and closed the door behind them.

"Okay I'll go to his room to see him." Pratty said and she started to dash towards the stairs.

"Do you know where his room is?" Nigel yelled at her before she'll out of his sight. The said girl poked her head from the turn of the stairs and scratched the back of her head. "Um… no…"

Nigel amused at her lack of her common sense though she is now a one of seven Craftlords. "Then how do you know that his room is at upstairs?" The man asked.

"I...Instinct perhaps?" Pratty laughed. Nigel just shook his head and said "His room is at second floor, third room at the right side from the stairs"

Pratty smiled apologetically "Thanks for the information." And she continued to dash towards the Varil's room.

"Youngsters really have a good energy…" Nigel chuckled. He gathered his cleaning materials he placed at side and resumed cleaning the floor.


Varil covered himself with a bathroom robe and he stepped out of the bathroom. The warm shower helped him to relax, yes, that's what he needed. He should be presentable and ready when Pratty arrived. This time is the best opportunity to give her the ring.

He picked the towel and started to dry his hair and he walked to his dresser. And suddenly the door flung open.

"Hello Varil!"

Varil gaped

Damn. He hates people who storming into his room without knocking the door. And why for all people it should be


Pratty stunned, she regretted that she didn't knocked the door before she enter. She mentally slapped herself for own mistake. She never expected to see him just finished his bath. Thankfully the bathrobe he's using covered him quite well except for his slightly exposed chest.

Pratty blushed furiously

Varil was shocked as she is. "Pratty…" was all he can manage to say. He can't find any other words to say.

"Sorry for interruption!" Pratty shouted and slammed close the door and she rushed through the hall.

What the heck was that?

When Varil realized what's happening, he dashed towards the door and opened it abruptly. He looked to the direction Pratty ran off.

"Wait Pratty, I thought you'll going to inform me about the tournament..." He trailed off as he remembered that he was still wearing only his bathrobe. He was eager to follow after Pratty but he stepped back to his room and quickly changed before going out to look for certain white haired girl.

Of course not forgetting his spear and pick out the important box then shoved into his pocket.


Nigel watched the girl hurriedly left the house. And soon enough he saw his young master rushed down the stairs.

"Where's Pratty?" He asked.

Nigel was confused of the event that is currently happening. "She left the house" He replied to Varil anyway.

Then without a word, Varil hurriedly left, leaving the man in more confused state.


Pratty dashed crazily through the back streets of the Gold Guild. She made some turns as well as wrong turns. She stopped when she bumped into someone.

"Ah!" She cried and fell backwards but a hand caught her arm before her butt hit the ground.

She looked up and realized that it was Rasho.

"Be careful you idiot" He said as he pulled her so that she could stand straightly.

"What are you doing here? Wait… where's Razzy?" She questioned him.

Rasho's facial expression turned to sad look. "She's dead"

"Whaat!" Pratty said disbelievingly.

"She fought the Sanary monster bravely. She even made herself as bait so that I could escape" Rasho sighed.

Pratty's look changed also to sad look. "Let's pray for her soul, Rasho…" Pratty said in sympathy

"Yes, let's pray for her." Rasho agreed with smirk and changed the topic. "By the way why are you here? I thought you were at blond brat's place."

Pratty's cheeks turned to pink as she recalled the earlier event. She is not intended that to happen. Not intended to let her eyes drop on his …chest.

"Are you okay, Pratty? Do you have a fever?" Rasho bent a little to level his face to Pratty's and he gently placed his right hand to her forehead. "Hmm… you're bit warmer than usual…"

"NO, No, no! I'm okay, I don't have any fever" she swatted his hand away and waved her hands at front of her face.

"You sure?" He asked which Pratty nodded eagerly.

"Good" Rasho straighten up and made a usual smirk.

"Really, how does Varil's bare chest has an affect on me but yours not? Though you exposing it twenty-four seven?" Pratty mumbled and Rasho just blinked at her.

"Did you say something Pratty?"

"No, nothing."


Varil searched through the places where Pratty usually go but he couldn't found Pratty anywhere. He let out a sigh of disappointment and sat on the public bench provided by the park in the lower Wystern, and then he laid his precious spear beside him.

Few meters away from the park is a market. The place filled by the mostly imported product. It is already a near noon time. No wonder there are so many people gathering in the market to buy some products that will probably used for the ingredients of their lunch.

But in Varil's case, find Pratty is his current priority than food. Wait… why is he so desperate to find her?


Varil instantly turned his head towards the owner of the voice. Seriously he didn't expected to see her now.

"Mrs. Amariss" Varil stood up and bowed her as a sign of respect and greeting to the mother of the current Craftlord of Iron at the same time the wife of past Craftlord of the same title.

Amariss gave him a warm smile in return "What are you doing here? You should be preparing for the tournament right?"

"I was looking for Pratty" He answered honestly. "she came to visit me in my house but she immediately left"

"I see… Oh, I know, why don't you come over to my place? Actually I invited her and Rasho to have a lunch with me today. That way you don't need to go and search her." Amariss suggested and held up a basket full of groceries she brought at the market. But before Varil could reply, his stomach responded for him with a sound of protest.

He couldn't help himself but flush in embarrassment. After searching through the entire Wystern, seems the two slice of bread, fried egg and milk he consumed this morning is not enough for him.

On other hand, Amariss laughed. "I take it as a yes then. Come, I'll make a delicious lunch for all of us."

Found no reason to deny the invitation, Varil just nodded shyly and walked together with her to the Iron's sweet home.


"Have a seat, feel at home"

Varil seated himself at the wooden chair at dining room, the only place in the house where he could found a chair to sit. Amariss started to prepare their lunch at the kitchen connected to the dining room.

Every time he comes to visit the place, he felt comfortable despite of the size of the place. It has simple furniture compared to his house, and simple life to people living here

Yet they are happy and contented. He felt he belong to this place.

"Aren't you lonely living here alone?"

Amariss stopped chopping the vegetables when Varil said that but moment later she resumed her activity and answered "A little, but I'm used to it now. Pratty is not a kid anymore, she can stand on her own feet and she's a Craftlord now. I won't be lonely as Pratty will stay happy. Besides she's always paying a visit here for me and I'm contented with that."

Varil smiled softly, he admired her strong and supportive personality, but very warm in heart.

If ever… if ever his mother is still alive, could it be like Amariss?

He really missed his mother… Somewhat he envied Pratty for having such mother.

Then kill her mother

Varil jolted up to his feet. The chair he was occupying fell backwards to the floor with a crashing noise.

Kill Amariss so that you'll nothing to envy about

No, he's not imagining! It heard from inside of his mind. Who, who is that voice?


Amariss expression was full of worry as she rushed at Varil's side. His hands are now covering his ears; he is like in great pain as he closed his eyes tightly.

Kill her

Shut up! Who the heck are you anyway? Why are you inside my mind!

"Ahh!" Varil screamed and fell onto his knees. His head hurts like hell!

"What happened to you Varil?" Amariss kneeled down beside him and patted his back to soothe him. She couldn't understand why he suddenly acting like this.

Kill her, kill her, kill her

Unconsciously Varil's shaking hand found the handle of his precious golden spear and gripped it tightly.

"Varil, are you okay?" Amariss watched the boy slowly get up onto his feet again like nothing has happened. And he slowly turned to face her.

He smirked

"I'm here, mother!"

Pratty cheerfully opened the front door and she stunned



[To be continued…]