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When it returned to consciousness it was not surprised to find that it had company, company that was both foe and ally, though that was subject to change if its plans went according to plan.

"You allowed two humans to escape and the wounded one knocked you out, maybe your losing your touch" she sneered, leaning against the destroyed doorway.

It growled and covertly hid something in one of its pants pocket and pulled itself up from the ground, turning its neck to get the knots out.

"I didn't allow anyone to escape and if you had let me kill them earlier none of this would have happened, and besides, you didn't need my help anyway" it scoffed, stalking towards her.

She got up from the doorway and met it halfway, "I placed them in your care, trusting you to make sure shit like this didn't happen! Guess I went to the wrong person"

Little by little the ropes that were restraining it began to thread, all it needed was that final nudge.

"Since you've shown that you cannot handle two measly humans I'm placing you on watch duty, report back to me if you spot any humans" she ordered, unknowingly slamming the final nail into her coffin.

In one fluid motion it pulled the screwdriver out of its pocket and thrust the sharpened tip into her gut, blood spewed from the wound, flowing over its hand and splattering on the floor.

"I'm getting real fucking tired of you ordering me around, and I think it's time we parted ways" it twisted the blade deeper into her body, its hand almost entirely encased in her body now.

The two skitters that were in the room converged on it but it made quick work of them. Wrenching the screwdriver out of Karen's gut it whirled around and, drudging up information from Hal's memories, it slammed the blade deep into the skitters' mouth, pulling up and stabbing its brain.

It's counterpart tried to use its talon like leg to stab it in the back but it ducked and, snatching a shard of metal off the ground it pounced and slammed the shard up within its mouth.

Both skitters lay dead on the ground.

Having taken care of them it walked back over to Karen, it had made sure that the wound wasn't severe enough to kill her instantly, it wanted to lull her death out a bit. She was crawling across the floor, trying to get through the door but it stopped her attempt by stomping on her arm, twisting its foot down until it heard a bone snap. She cried out in pain, the last few whimpers muffled by her gritted teeth.

"This was a long time coming, you didn't honestly think I was going to be an obedient lackey forever did you? I have no master and you were a fool to think you could control me" it squatted down and gripped the top of her harness, its fingers digging underneath it.

Karen attempted to lash out at it but it grabbed her arm and twisted it to the right until it was at an unnatural angle. Dropping her arm it violently ripped the harness off her back. She howled in agony, her back arching off the ground and shaking violently until the movement abruptly stopped and she slumped to the ground, unmoving, dead.

Rising from the ground it dropped the harness and stared down at the corpse, it felt nothing as it viciously kicked the body in the side, flinging it across the room and colliding with a wall.

Leaving the room it was immediately met by a swarm of skitters and one skinny. It's spikes glowed and the skinny's voice filled its head.

"You brought me out to aid you in your war, Karen was getting in the way of that, that and she was an annoying little bitch" it answered the alien's question, not fearful at all of the consequences of its actions.

The alien spoke again, "your comrades tried to attack me, I merely defended myself" it smirked.

The skinny communicated something to the skitters. When it finished speaking the skitters started to move, converging on it in attack mode.

This time the skinny communicated to it, informing it that by killing three of its soldiers it was now an enemy. It had no problems with this, in fact by being on its own it could kill a whole lot more.

Seeing that the aliens were intent on killing it, it braced itself then sprinted through the skitter crowd, occasionally having to slow down and slug a few along the way until it reached the large opening.

Fleeing it didn't look back as it sprinted away from the factory, a large part of it was furious that it hadn't been able to kill more of them, its bloodlust not only limited to humans, but it knew when it was outnumbered.

When it was a ways away from the factory it stopped and looked around at its surroundings. It looked to be standing in the middle of a field, the grass long since dead.

Looking at the long expanse of land it remembered the location Karen had told it, the abandoned airfield. There would be plenty of humans there to kill, hell it could kill anyone it wanted to along the way. It knew that it was doing all the work for the aliens, but it didn't care, all it wanted was to kill.

A new mission in mind it started walking, the 2nd Mass.'s days were numbered.


As Hal was pulling and kicking at the opening on the floor a sudden wave of despair hit him, forcing him to stop and drop to his knees. He didn't know where or why these feelings came from but it felt like his heart was shattering all over again.

What had the Doppelganger done?


They had been traveling for a few hours now, going back the way they had come from. All they had to go on was that the mass. was now stationed in an abandoned airfield that was ten miles north from where the school had stood.

Since the journey had taken them about a day and a half's walk, they would have to quicken their pace to try and cut that time down, Tom didn't know when the aliens were going to head out but he knew that with their escape it was likely that they were preparing for battle now.

Familiar landmarks passed them as they walked, occasionally having to stop, although Maggie kept insisting that she was fine, to rest. With Maggie's injuries they had no choice but to take breaks.

With nighttime fast approaching they tried to get a few more miles in but when the sun finally set they were forced to stop and make camp.

Maggie propped her pack up against a tree then laid down, squirming a little until she was as comfortable as she was going to get.

Silence passed between the two before Maggie spoke.

"What do you think it was? I mean I know it wasn't Hal, there was no life in its eyes, it was soulless" her voice trailed off at the end, probably lost in memory.

Tom got a small fire going and stoked the flames a little, his voice caught in his throat, images of Hal standing over Maggie, torturing her, waged a war with the images of Hal as a young boy learning how to ride a bike, laughing and smiling, not sneering and laughing cruelly.

"You should get some rest, we'll start again at sunrise" he avoided her question and sympathetic looks as he sat in front of the fire, warming his hands.


Blood seeped from its thigh as it walked, leaving behind a trail of bloody bread crumbs. As it walked a strange sensation suddenly overcame it, its vision swam and its head filled with cotton; blood loss, it was finally getting to it and it was forced to stop and collapse to the ground.

"Damn human body" it muttered, stretching its leg out and fingering the hole in its pants, not caring about the state of its pants it ripped the material, making the hole larger until it could inspect the wound more easily.

The wound was bubbling with blood and looked to have stretched some with all the walking it had done. Grabbing the end of its shirt it tugged and tore off a long strip of material off, revealing a small side of its skin. Wrapping the material around the wound it made sure to keep a firm grip and tied the cloth down. It was a temporary fix, it would have to make a better bandage at a later time.

Rising from the ground it continued to walk, it didn't plan on taking any rest stops, not that it needed any, to save time and get to the airfield before the aliens and those two humans, it assumed they were headed in the same direction. It was a race against the clock, who would arrive there first? One group was rushing to save the 2nd Mass. and two were planning their demise.

Question was, who would get there first?

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