Chapter 7: Housewarming

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-Kousuke's House, Porch, Sunday, 6.00am-

I put down my clippers and examined my handiwork. I sighed. Bonsai had never been one of my strong points. Hayate was much better at it. Pushing aside the small tree, I got out a shopping basket and left for town.


Now, where was it again…oh yeah, there it is. I made my way to a stall which was erected outside a house. An old man wearing a straw hat who was sitting next to the stall looked up.

"Well, is that Kousuke?"

"Hey gramps."

I looked over at the vegetables arranged at the stall. This was one of the best places in Yamaku to get fresh vegetables.

"What'll it be today?"

"Let's see…I'll have some large onions, a few heads of garlic, a head of lettuce, some green bell peppers, some carrots, some shiitake mushrooms…and some eryngi bunch mushrooms."

As the old man packed my vegetables, he asked

"So, planning something today?"

I sighed.

"Sort of. Two of my friends planned a housewarming party for me."


"Yeah, Lilly and Hanako."

"Oh, you know Hanako-chan?"

"You do?"

"She's come here to buy vegetables before."

"I see…"

Gramps placed my purchases in my basket. Then, I paid him.

"Keep the change."
'Thanks, and have fun now."

I smiled and left.

-Kousuke's House, 8.00am-

"Now, where was it…aha!"

I emerged from the storeroom under the stairs and carefully carried the round teppanyaki board out to the porch. I decided to make teppanyaki today. It would make things easier for Lilly (since everything was already pre-cut into smaller pieces) and it would be fun, I guess. After extensive scrubbing and washing, I wiped it dry and brought it to the living room for a test run. I placed it on the table, plugged it in and turned it on. Good, it still worked. After turning it off, I went to the kitchen to make more preparations.


-Town, 12.30pm-

It was only when Lilly and I arrived in town that I remembered that we didn't know Kousuke's address.

"…we forgot to ask for his address, didn't we," said Lilly.


We stood in silence for a while.

"We're idiots."

I giggled at Lilly's response.

"So, do we walk around until we find it?"

Lilly frowned.

"Don't you have his number?"

"Oh, right."

I pulled out my phone and called.

"Talk to me."


"Oh, hey Hanako. Forget something, did ya?"


With a laugh, he gave me his address. Even still, it took us 15 minutes to find it. And when we did-

"He lives here?"

Is this really Kousuke's house? It was incredible, to say the least. The two-storey house was normal enough, but the yard at the side was huge! Next to the porch was a large koi pond with a bridge over it, while overhanging the opposite side of the pond at one end was a large, old sakura tree, its bent branches blooming with flowers.

"You're here!"

As the electric gate behind us closed, Kousuke opened the front door. He was wearing a simple white T-shirt and black shorts. Then, I noticed something.

"You wear glasses?"

"Yeah, usually I wear contacts in school, but it mostly depends on my mood."

"Hmm…I hear…water? Is there a pond here?"

"Yeah, there's a koi pond here. Hanako, make sure Lilly doesn't fall in."

"Ara ara, don't worry."

We followed Kousuke into his house. It was really nice in there, and spacious too.

"We'll be eating in the living room instead of the dining room."

"Anything's f-fine…"

-Living Room-

We entered the living room.


Kousuke looked at me.

"Do you like it?"

"Ah…um, yes."

We sat around the table as Kousuke turned on the teppanyaki. Lilly snuggled under the kotatsu.

"Mm…it feels so good, if only we could have this in our dorm…"

Suddenly, she jumped a little.

"W-What's wrong L-Lilly!"

"There's something under here!"

Kousuke stifled a laugh.

"Azusa, get out from under there."

I watched as a little cat crawled out from under the table.


"Is that a cat?"

"Yeah," replied Kousuke "That's my kawaii kawaii Azu-nyan~"

Lilly seemed content with Azusa sitting in her lap. Kousuke brushed some oil on the teppanyaki board.

"Ok, it's ready now."

Kousuke filled our rice bowls and placed a piece of meat on the board. It started sizzling and I instantly felt hungrier. Soon, we were throwing everything Kousuke prepared onto the board. Beef, onions, garlic, bell peppers and mushrooms. Lilly needed a bit of help though.

"The sauce is nest to your rice, Lilly."

"Thanks, Hanako."

Oh wow, Kousuke is a great cook, this is awesome. If only I could eat this all the time, I'd die happy.

"Oh, I almost forgot."

Lilly reached into her bag. My eyes widened as she set three bottles of beer on the table.

"Lilly! W-Where did you get those from?"

She giggled and replied.

"I told Akira to get them for me."

I looked at Kousuke to see his reaction. His face remained passive.

"I knew she didn't really care, but I didn't know she was this irresponsible."

"Ara ara, Kousuke, you know Akira?"

"Yeah, sort of. But I only found out that you were her sister yesterday."

"Ara ara…Well, do you mind getting us some glasses?"

"Ah, ok."

Kousuke got up and returned with three glasses. After filling them, Lilly raised her glass.

"Here's to a great year at Yamaku!"

We raised our glasses as well.


-One hour later, 2.00pm-

With the food gone and one bottle of beer almost empty, things got a bit weirder. Hanako had a dazed look and a weird smile on her face. She seemed happier than usual. Lilly was still coherent, but her face was a bit flushed.

"Hanako, maybe you should stop drinking."

Looking a little unsteady and taking a drink from her glass, she giggled and replied.

"Don't wanna~I'm-hic-fine!"

"Ara ara, this is a party, Kousuke, don't worry!"

Lilly took a sip from her glass and giggled.

"Well now, should we get started on the cake Hanako bought?"

Hanako's face brightened considerably.

"Yes please!"
I have a bad feeling that this isn't going to end well.

-Another hour later, 3.00pm-

"Hah~? Are you shaying that I haf-hic-no tolerance?"

"Yeah, that's right—"

We had finished the cake and another bottle. Now, I could tell that Hanako was flat out drunk while Lilly was getting there. Heck, I was feeling a little fuzzy myself. Hanako set down her glass and looked at me weirdly. Or grumpily.

"Fine! I-hic-shallenge you to a-hic-thrinking conthest!"

"Ara ara, but there's only-hic-one bottle left~"

Then, I did the stupidest thing ever. I went to the back and got out another two bottles. I cracked open the lids and slammed one down on the table in front of Hanako.

"Bring it."

-Later, 6.00pm-

"Guh…what the…"

I sat up and rubbed my eyes.

"What hap-ah."

Looking around, I saw the empty bottles of beer and the two unconscious bodies of Hanako and Lilly. Hanako was sprawled on the table while Lilly lay on the floor, Azusa on top of her. I struggled to remember the previous events. Ah, I remember now. Hanako and I got into a drinking contest with Lilly cheering us on while drinking from her own bottle. I think Hanako finished first, but went out like a light straight after. After saying some random, incoherent things, Lilly passed out as well. I think I went out soon after.
"Uh…what happened…"

Slowly, Lilly got up from her cramped position on the floor.

"Looks like you're up."

"Uh…Kou…suke? What-oh, right…I think we went a bit too far…"


She stood up unsteadily. She made a weird expression.

"I think…I need the bathroom…"

"Ah, I'll take you there."

Slowly, I led Lilly to the downstairs bathroom.

"I'll be fine now. You go make…sure Hanako's alright"

"Got it."

I went back to the living room, where Hanako was still slumped over the table. I went over and poked her shoulder a few times.

"Hey Hanako, get up."

Suddenly, she woke up with a jerk.



Hanako suddenly woke up, which had the effect of smashing her head into my chin, which had the less-desired effect of making my slight headache worse.

"K-K-K-Kousuke, are you o-ok?"

"Agh, no."

Hanako sat on the sofa next to me and groaned.

"My head is spinning. You?"

"Not so much, but still there."

She started fidgeting.

"I need the toilet."

I seriously doubted her ability to climb stairs now, so I just said-

"Lilly's using now. She either taking a quick wash or puking her guts out. Probably both."

Hanako giggled.

"What about up—stairs?"

"I don't want to give you another reason to attend Yamaku."

She let this sink in for a while. Then, finally getting the joke, she giggled, but then she groaned again. At that moment, Lilly returned. Hanako left for the bathroom while Lilly took Hanako's seat. She groaned and sighed.

"The next time I see Akira I'm gonna kill her…"

"Hey, I thought this was your idea."

Lilly groaned.

"Oh, right…"

I looked at my watch. 6.30pm. I sighed.

"Looks like you're going to have dinner here, Lilly."

"Oh, thanks. Sorry for the trouble."

"I-It's alright. I'm gonna take a quick bath first, though."


Carefully, I made my way up the stairs to my room.

-Dining Room, 7.30pm-


Hanako, Lilly and I picked up our bowls of rice and started eating. For dinner I simply threw together the extra beef, onions, garlic, bell peppers, mushrooms and sauce into a wok and stir-fried it. I looked at the two girls. They seemed to be having slight headaches. Well, they were probably going to feel worse tomorrow. Then again, so was I.

"What's so funny?"

I looked up from my rice. Hanako was looking at me. Was I grinning?


Soon, dinner was over. I got up and grabbed my keys, since I seriously doubted the girls' ability to make it back to school in one piece.

"Come on, I'll drive you two back."

"Unh, thanks, Kousuke," replied Hanako.

-Yamaku High, 8.00pm-

I stopped the car in front of the school gates. Then, I helped Lilly out.

"Well, see you tomorrow then, Kousuke," said Hanako.

"We'll be looking forward to having lunch with you," said Lilly.

"Yeah, bye."

I watched as the two of them walked a bit unsteadily into the school. I hope they were going to be alright. Heck, I wondered if they would be able to attend class tomorrow.

"Honesty, what were we doing…"

I got into the car and looked at the clock. Headache aside, it was really a fun day. I couldn't wait to tell Kousuki all about it. Giving the car a 360 degree spin, I drove to the hospital, where my beloved sister awaited me…

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