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Chapter 1:

The clock setting on Elena's mahogany side table read 5:38 AM. It was the early hours of the morning, but already thoughts of work rushed through her head continuously, blocking everything else. Elena Gilbert was the President of the publicist enterprise, Miranda and Company, and her mind was always on her work.

This morning was different for her though; it held promise to change the future of her struggling company. She was more than thrilled at the idea of restoring it to its former glory, but it petrified to think that if it didn't work out, her company would end up slipping through her fingers.

She finally had enough of waiting for the alarm clock to chime to cue her start the day and rolled out of bed, making it up quickly. Elena looked up at her tall window and found a beautiful day awaiting her outside. Her mind struggled to comprehend what might happen if things didn't work out; it was always in the process of thinking about what she wanted for her company when she was out of this mess.

Miranda and Co. had always been her pride and joy since the young age of 22; and she pinched the bridge of her nose in distress at the thought of its possible closure. The company was rapidly growing, but poor economy resulted in reduction of sales, and ultimately vast money lost.

Now 25 years old, Elena had been in possession of the business for 3 years, after the tragic loss of her father in a car accident. Even in her young age, Elena had to step up and take control of her Father's business. She never dreamt of it going under.

She walked into her kitchen of her large condominium to make morning coffee. She was having a horrible time; trying to prepare herself for the worst. She could feel it in the pit of her stomach, the agony of something bad happening to her company. Elena's heartbeat became rapid at the thought that thing wouldn't be the same after today.

Elena put the small cup of exotic coffee in the holder and poured water into the Keurig. Heading to her room, intending to take a shower, she quickly undressed and turned on the water. While letting it heat up, she grabbed some towels from the linen closet and moved into the bedroom to place her pajamas on the bed and set out her clothing for the day.

Elena stepped into the shower and let the warm water and steam surround her, trying to take her thoughts off the day ahead of her, but it was no use. Her mind searched for new plans and new expectations for her company. Sighing, she got out quickly, dried herself and made her way back into her room

Suddenly, her phone rang from the bedside table, and she was forced to divert her course. The caller ID read 'Caroline Forbes'; Elena's trusty secretary and her best friend.

"Gilbert," she immediately went into business mode like she always did on all of her phone calls, even with Caroline.

"Elena! Someone just called from an undercover business, who is interested in making a deal with you about your situation," she screeched as Elena jumped out of her skin.

Elena fell didn't know how they'd found out, and her pride for her company made her angry that someone thought they could buy it out from under her. "They didn't say who they were?"

"Just that they could make you an offer to keep your business afloat," Caroline sighed.

"I didn't want to keep my business afloat this way," she groaned.

"Elena, at least you can keep your father's business alive. You haven't even told anyone. It's kind of hanging on by a thread," Caroline murmured.

She knew Caroline was completely right, she had to save her company, no matter what kind of deal would be made. It worried her too much to not be able to save her company the way she wanted.

She scrambled trying to pull herself together, in fear of her Miranda and Co.'s fate.

"Elena, the secretary said they would be here in an hour; hurry!" Caroline purged.

"Shit," she muttered, turning to the outfit she'd placed on the bed. It was one of her business suits. Elena knew how to dress; she'd always had the closet for a business woman.

The outfit included Stella McCartney gray slacks, a white ruffled Ralph Lauren lace blouse, and a gray jacket. Once dressed, she quickly went to her closet and searched in her shoe racks for her Guess Dreamboat Black Raphia flower sling-back sandals. She always wore them; they were her favorites. Along with that, she grabbed her perfume off the cabinet and sprayed it on – Chanel Number 5.

As she placed her hair in a tight bun atop her head, she heard the Keurig brewer go off. The buzz made Elena swiftly grab her red briefcase-sized purse and hurriedly pour herself a cup of coffee in her insulated travel mug.

Swiftly, Elena headed down to her black Audi convertible parked outside of her condo. She threw her red purse in passenger seat and started the ignition; hitting the highway as fast as she could, so that she didn't miss the one chance to save her company.

When she arrived, Elena opened the glass door leading to her office. She laid coffee down on the large desk and noticed her leather chair had been turned around to face the window. She cocked her head wondering who had been in her office when she wasn't here.

She turned her back for a quick second to go find Caroline when husky voice emanated from behind the seat. The chair turned slowly, and unveiled a beautiful man. His gray pinstripe suit fit him well, as did the white buttoned-down shirt with its top button undone.

He smirked at her, as she glanced into his icy blue eyes. She was stunned. There he was: Damon Salvatore.

She had seen Damon all over the Business magazines and CNBC. He was a shark to businesses, and an assent to some others. In fact, his nickname was "The Shark". Her heart dropped to her feet in panic. When Damon Salvatore was at your company's doorstep there was little hope for the survival of your company. He was well-known for taking over industries that were going under and completely rebuilding them as his own.

"Mr. Salvatore, nice to meet you," she extended her hand waiting for a nice introduction.

He crossed his leg over his thigh and sighed staring bluntly at her hand. "I see you know where I am." He paused in his speech to remove a speck of lint from his jacket. "I do not like to be kept waiting, Miss Gilbert," he muttered coldly to her.

"I apologize, Mr. Salvatore. I got caught up this morning," she replied letting her hand fall to her side.

He cocked his eyebrow and laughed, "No wonder this company is going under, if the boss doesn't even care enough to show up."

"I'm sorry I do not impress you Mr. Salvatore, but I run this business quite fine," she retorted.

He chuckled in a cold tone, and she knew what he was thinking. He thought that if she ran the corporation better, then maybe it would have stayed afloat. She'd be damned if she let him intimidate her.

"What are you even doing here?" she questioned.

"Well, the name's Salvatore, as in savior, and as usual I am here to save the day. I wish to salvage what is left of your little company; I heard from the grapevine that someone is in trouble, and holding on by a thread." he smiled knowingly.

"H-How did you know that?" she questioned in a stutter leaning over the desk.

"You know lots of things when you are me," he said, and if anything, his condescending smirk seemed to grow.

It irritated Elena a great deal. It disgusted her; everything he did. He took people's lives from underneath them, and he executed with work in a cocky manner that bled all of his unfeeling nature through his gestures.

"Well, I don't need my business saved, we will make it just fine over this little bump," she acknowledged, trying not to give into his worthy deal. He was an expert in the business world, knowing every in and out there was

"You are an idiot if you think you are going to survive this little bump," he laughed.

"And you're just an idiot," she replied in a clipped tone.

"You're a feisty little thing, aren't you? Well darling, you know nothing of the business world if you think you'll survive this without my help. I don't appreciate dealing with women who only get their jobs because daddy put in a good word." he sneered shooting her down quickly.

"My dad is dead," she responded in a monotone voice, clearing her face of emotion as she always did when he was mentioned.

He flinched at her coldness. She was glad.

"I didn't-"

"Didn't read it in your little magazines?" she questioned in a harsh tone. Not only was Damon Salvatore sitting in her leather chair, he was about to throw her company on the ground and continuously step on it. "I don't have time for this, if we are done here, I'd appreciate if you showed yourself to the door. I have no interest in making a deal with you, and have a lot of work to take care of…you know, because as you so kindly pointed out, I'm running late."

She stared passively at his intense gaze and narrowed eyes, but she wouldn't look away. Finally, he rose from the chair and headed for the door, turning one last time to look at her. "Good day, Miss Gilbert," he said curtly, and let the door swing shut behind him.

Elena breathed out a long sigh; trying to catch her breath. She propped herself up on the edge of her desk and covered her forehead with her palms.

"Did everything go alright, 'Lena?" Caroline said, bursting into the room. She smiled whole-heartedly trying to make out what had happened between the two. Caroline had a feeling she already knew, though; Elena's best friend knew her like the back of her hand.

"He wants to take over my company," she muttered.

"Take over it? Is he even allowed-"

"He's a shark, Care. He is actually 'The Shark'. He has that nickname for a reason," she sighed in frustration. "I don't even know what to do. I don't want to hand it over to him, or even have him around," she continued.

"But you need him, 'Lena," Caroline softly whispered.

Inside, Elena knew that Caroline was right, and that she was being stubborn. It was her father's company, and she was letting it go simply because she didn't like the one person who could save their sinking ship.

She sighed heavily at Caroline's knowing look.

"Fine, I will call him, please forward the call to my office. Can you get me his cell phone number?" she asked.

"I have it, Miss Gilbert, I'll get right on it."

Elena was puzzled by how Caroline suddenly had his number all too quickly. "Wait—Care? How do you have his number?"

"He left it at the front desk – his business card," Caroline shrugged.

Elena sat in her leather chair, and listened as the phone rang and rang, when finally there was a pick-up.

"Salvatore," he answered sternly.

"How can you save my business?" she said going straight to the point.

"Crawling back to me already, Miss Gilbert?" he questioned in a smartass tone. "It hasn't even been five minutes yet; maybe I've changed my mind."

"What, do you want? For me to get on my knees and beg?" She snapped sarcastically.

"Oh, on the contrary, Miss Gilbert. When I have you begging, it won't be on your knees."

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