Int. Sami's Apartment. late Evening

Sonny walks up to the front door talking on his cellphone with Will.

"Ok Will I'll meet you here. Yes I know where the key is." Sonny says approaching the door.

He reachs for the knob he notices the door is already open. Then he walks in the door and sees Andre standing in the apartment covered in Anna's blood.

"Will, I" Sonny starts.

"Put the phone down now if you dont want me to use this on your friend William." Andre says pointing the knife at Sonny.

Sonny hangs up the phone and Andre snickers.

"Look I don't know what you want but Will's going to call back." Sonny says.

"Do I look like I have a problem killing anyone who gets in my way!" Andre yells throwing Sonny against the wall. Placing the knife to Sonny's throat. "I will do whatever it takes to keep what is mine." Andre yells.

"Just don't hurt Will and his family." Sonny says trying to appear unshaken.

Andre forces Sonny into the Kitchen area. He then picks up a water pitcher and hits Sonny with it. Sonny falls to the kitchen floor bleading heavily. Then Andre kicks Sonny forcefully in the stomach.

"Do I sense a hint of something other than friendship for dear William." Andre says with a laugh. "Well in that case let me show you what I have in store for your boyfriend." He then takes his knife to the left side of his face. Sonny screams out in pain but is willing to take it in order to keep Will safe.

Andre crouchs down beside him and shows him pictures of Anna' brutally battered face.

Just then Will comes to the now locked door and tries to open it. He puts his key in. Andre heads toward the door.

"I will do worse to him than I ever did to Anna or you." Andre says waiting for Sonny's reaction. "I need some one to bait my little trap I have here for Sami Brady. "Now is it going to be you or your precious Will."

Andre hands Sonny his cellphone.

Sonny calls Will again and tries to play it cool.

"Hey, Will you know EJ wants you to meet him at the hospital. I can't make it tonight." Sonny says.

"Are you sure?" Will asks concerned.

"Yeah I'm actually just arriving home now." Sonny says wiping the blood from his mouth. "EJ really made it sound urgent that guy really is the face of evil." Sonny chuckles trying to convince Will.

"Ok if you're sure but the next time I see you I want to ask you something." Will says laughing not realizing his bestfriend possible true love is just a few feet away from him and is in desperate need of medical attention.

"Anything just hurry." Sonny says rushing Will off of the phone.

"Bye." Will says rushing off to the hospital.

Sonny turns to Andre unaware of what to do next.

"Now What?" Sonny asks

"Now we wait." Andre says.

Fade To..

Anna's Hospital Room-Night

Tony stands holding Anna's hand while Daniel looks at him with sympathy.

"Tony,your DNA matches EJ's you are his father." Daniel says handing him the test results to Tony.

"I don't have any children Daniel I think that I would know if I had a son." Tony says growing angry.

"Can we step outside for a moment Tony." Daniel asks.

"I'm not leaving Anna." Tony says looking at Anna as if he was almost in a trance

"I did some research and did you know that the same year you went missing Anna Dimera gave birth to a stillborn baby boy." Daniel said calmly.

"What?" Tony asked shocked.

"His birthday and EJ's birth date match." Daniel says.

"You and Anna have a son." Marlena says placing a hand on Tony's shoulder.

"This can't be true." Tony says in shock. "I mean Anna couldn't keep that from me."

"Tony, I think we should go outside." Marlena says motioning for Tony to join her and Daniel outside."John can stay with Anna.

Tony and Daniel follow Marlena outside.

"So you're telling me that EJ is my son and Anna thinks that he died in childbirth and she's been carrying that with her all these years." Tony says now realizing how much guilt sh had carried all these years.

"Daniel can you give us a moment?" Marlena says. "I would like to talk to Tony lonely."

"Marlena if EJ is my son then your daughter and our grandchildren could be in danger." Tony says frustrated.

"Tony, its ok to be happy that you have a son." Marlena says concerned Tony is on the verge of a breakdown. "It's even ok to be angry with Anna for not telling you about the pregnancy."

"Look at what he did to my wife." Tony says pointing into Anna's room. "Do you want Samantha to be in the room next to her." Tony says pleading to Marlena. "I do not have time to be happy or angry."

"Tony, what's wrong with Samantha?" EJ asked concerned. "Have you heard from her?"

"You mean she's not with you." Marlena asks also growing concerned. "She told me that she was going to the mansion with you."

"No she did but we got into an arguement and she left." EJ says frustrated. "I just assumed she would come here."

Will walks in and approachs EJ.

"What's wrong EJ why did you want me to meet you here?" Will asks. "I dropped Johnny and Sidney at the pub with

"I didn't want you to meet me here." EJ says.

"But Sonny said." Will says confused. "Why would sonny lie to me about that?"

"Did Sonny say anything else maybe a bit out of the ordinairy when you spoke with him?" Tony asks.

"Actually he called EJ the face of Evil." Will says looking at EJ. "Then he sort of rushed me off the phone."

"Andre had to have been there." Tony says. "Was your mother there?"

"I dont think so but Sonny sounded scared now that I think about it." Will said.

"Andre probably threatened some way." Tony says.

"Will he hurt him?" Will asks.

"If he gets in his way. Yes." Tony says studying EJ's face.

EJ gets up to go after Andre.

"EJ,calm down." Tony says grabbing EJ forcefully. "I know exactly what you feel inside but you cannot rush over there and compromise the safety of the woman you love." Samantha is smart and resourceful. "

"But Tony look what he did to Anna nothing will stop him from doing the same to Samantha unless I get to her first." EJ says.

John comes out of Anna's room and wraps his arm around Marlena.

"What's going on?" John asks.

"We think Andre is at Sami's apartment with Sonny." Tony says.

"We should call Bo and Hope." John says pulling out his cellphone.

"Fine but why you two are calling the police I will be going to get Samantha." EJ says.

"Well I'll come with you." John says kissing Marlena's head.

"Let's go." Tony says.

"Tony, you know what Andre is capable of so bring my daughter back to me." Marlena says taking Tony's hands in hers.

"Just then Adrienne runs in.

"Where is Sonny?" Adrienne asks Tony.

Fade To...

Int. Sami's Apartment .Night

Sami walks into her apartment and turns on the light to find Sonny sitting on her sofa startled. The left side of his face was completely concealed because he never turned to face her not even when she had called his name.

"Sonny, I'm sorry I'm late." Sami says closing the door behind her puzzled by his obvious fear. "Why were you sitting in the dark?" Sami pauses. "Where is Will?" "I thought you two had plans." Sami says confused.

Sonny is obviously startled by the mere sound of Sami's voice. When he had arrived earlier to see Will he had been surprised to find Andre standing in the living room.

"Miss Hernandez Will went out to see EJ and I was just waiting on him. " Sonny is interrupted.

"Oh come now Sonny tell Sami about how the mean scary Andre came in and threatened your little boyfriend and you were all but to eager to call him and tell that little lie ." Andre says grabbing Sami.

Sami is terrified by Andre's sudden rage. Sonny jumps up in an attempt to defend Sami when Andre pulls a knife Sonny is stabbed in the arm.

"Miss Hernandez I'm sorry." Sonny says shaken.

"What the Hell do you want Andre?" Sami yells in anger at the sight of Sonny falling to the floor in pain.

"I want him to know what it's like to feel what I've felt all o f these years!" Andre screams grabbing Sami's arm and leading her to the door.

"Who in the hell are you talking about Andre?!" Sami says fighting against Andre's grasp. "Let Me go Damn you!" Sami slaps Andre.

Andre grows even more angry and takes his rage out on an innocent Sonny he picks him up by his slashed arm and drags him over to the sofa. Sami lunges at Andre trying to pull Andre off of Sonny. Andre turns his attention to Sami and throws her off of him and onto the floor. She is left helpless to him as he overpowers her and punches her forcefully in the mouth. He then reachs for his knife and grabs it and stabs her in the shoulder twice causing Sami to scream out in pain. Sonny is to weak to fight due to his extensive blood loss.

"Andre, you crazy son of a bitch no wonder EJ didn't want you for a father." Sami yells trying to fight back.

Andre picks Sami up forcefully and drags her to the kitchen. Sami yells for Sonny to run but he is far to weak to move. Andre raises the knife and stabs Sami in the face. Sami begins to cough up blood and Andre gets off of her and throws the knife to the floor.

"Goodbye Sami." Andre says staring down at the lifeless Sami. "Thanks for helping get what is mine."

Andre turns on the gas stove and slowly walks to the door stepping over Sonny.

"Andre, don't do this to Sonny he has nothing to do with this." Sami pleads coughing.

Andre lights a match inside a small house plant and leaves the apartment.

Fade To...

"Sonny, should be home by now. He told me that he was already there." Will says worried.

Daniel runs in the room.

"Hey, I thought you guys would want to know that the paramedics are on the way to Sami's apartment building there is a fire." Daniel says.

"I'm going over there." EJ says storming out.

"I'll come with you." Tony says following EJ.

Fade To.

Sami's Apartment

EJ and Tony run into Sami's apartment and quickly notice the flames are rising.

"Tony, Samantha isn't in here." EJ yells over at Tony coughing.

"She has to be here EJ the paramedics said they only found Sonny so Samantha has to be in here." Tony says stepping into the kitchen.

"They also said it was too dangerous to come in here and find her." EJ is cut off by Tony.

"I found her." Tony says to EJ.

"Oh my God Samantha." EJ yells picking up Sami.

"We have to get out of here." Tony says heading for the door.

EJ glances over at the door and notices it is engulfed in flames.

"We'll have to cover ourselves and run through it." EJ says.

"What about the bedroom window." Tony says coughing.

"Fine" EJ says following Tony into the bedroom after pointing to the door.

Once inside Sami's bedroom which is not as severly burned EJ tosses Sami onto the bed and tries to raise the window.

"Tony, It's stuck." EJ says frustrated.

"God help us all." Tony says.

Fade to..

Int. Anna's Hospital Room.

John is standing beside Anna's bed while Marlena stands outside with Will.

"Anna, I don't know why you kept your pregnancy a secret but I think I know why you have been pretending to be asleep since I walked in her." John says looking down at Anna.

"You knew I woke up." Anna said stirring.

"I saw you open your eyes right after EJ left." John said.

"I saw him follow some one out of the hospital." Anna says trying to hold back her tears. "It's really him isn't it?" "He's my baby boy."

"Why didn't you tell Tony before he died or EJ when you came back to Salem?" John asked studying Anna's reaction. "Anna, what else aren't you saying?"

"I had twins John a boy and a girl." Anna said crying. "I thought I lost them both."

" But now you don't know where your little girl is?" John asked.

"I hope and pray she's ok but I need to find her first." Anna says reaching out to John. "Andre is back and he tortured me."

"I know Anna but we won't let that happen again." John says. "I'll get your doctor."

"I'm already here." Daniel says coming in the door.

"Please don't tell anyone that I'm awake because I don't want anyone to see me like this." Anna begs.

"Alright." Daniel says sympathetically.

"Daniel, Anna saw her son leave earlier alone." John says hinting.

"Yes right they just brought Sonny in and he's in pretty bad shape." Daniel says getting the message.

"What about Samantha have they found her?" John asks.

"No, the fire department had to leave her apartment it was too dangerous." Daniel says.

"Andre?" Anna asks shaken.

"Yeah he apparentley broke into Sami's apartment roughed up Sonny pretty bad and set the apartment on fire." Daniel says checking Anna's pulse.

"I better get over there and see what I can do to help." John says leaving the room.

"Can I ask you something Mrs. Dimera?" Daniel asks.

"I'm not going anywhere." Anna says.

"If you knew what kind of family you were marrying into then why did you do it?" Daniel asks writing in Anna's chart.

"Have you ever been in love Daniel?" Anna asks. "The kind of love that only comes along once and changes who you are forever."

"Yeah once her name was Rebecca." Daniel pauses. "She was just a girl I met surfing one day until."

"Until she wasn't." Anna said.

"Until she told me she wasn't going to wait for me to admit that I was in love with her." Daniel said taking a seat beside Anna. "You see she was a lot younger than I was when we met."

"Love doesn't have an age Daniel but I think you know that." "What happened"

Flashback California 1997

Rebecca is soaking wet from the storm coming down outside when she storms into Daniel's apartment. Rebecca's shoulder length brown hair is ringing wet and her emerald eyes are filled with tears. She was a spit fire with a lot of street smarts as well as one hell of a brain.

"Daniel I love you." She said wrapping her arms around Daniel's half naked body. His bottom half was wrapped in a towel since he just got out of a shower.

"Becks, Listen to me when you get a little older you will find some one to love but now isn't the time." Daniel says pushing her away.

"You know this is real." Alison said grabbing Daniel's hand and placing it her heart. "You feel this it will always belong to you."

Present Day Anna's hospital Room

"You see the way you felt in that moment that's how Tony made me feel everyday." Anna said smiling. "What happened to Rebecca?"

"I never told anyone this, you see everyone thinks we were married legally but I just took her to the beach and told her I loved her." Daniel stops briefly. "She was my patient by then and she died in my arms before she ever heard my confession."

Fade To...

Sami's Apartment

Tony and EJ are sweating bullets and coughing.

"We have to try to make it to the roof." EJ says loosing his breath.

Tony's celll phone rings.

"Tony its john I borrowed the basic black helicopter. Can you get to the roof?" John asks.

"We can try." Tony says.

EJ wraps Sami in the comforter and picks her back up. They head for the door. They run through the flaming doorway and make their way to the roof.

Cut To

Anna's Hospital Room

"Daniel, I'm so sorry for your loss." Anna says.

Daniel begins to exit.

"Daniel what are you talking about." Anna asks shocked.

Cut To..

Sami's Apartment Rooftop

Sami wakes up.

"You came for me." Sami says wrapping her arms around his neck.

John lowers the helicopter and Tony climbs into the helicopter.

"Samantha, take my hand." Tony says taking Sami into the helicopter.

"EJ come on." Sami says collapsing into Tony's chest.

"I'm coming." EJ says pulling himself into the helicopter.

Seconds later the entire building explodes.

Fade to..

Salem Airport

A young woman gets off the plane and is greeted by Maggie Horton.

"You must be Rebecca." Maggie says shaking the young girl's hand.

"I actually prefer to be called Alison." She says smiling. "I came here for a fresh start."

"Alright then Alison it is." Maggie says leading Alison out the door.