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It was just like any other afternoon. They were out and about and Sora was playing with the juniors as Dani observed from a distance, away from the chaos. The only difference was that Cell was among them now.

Brow twitching at the scene before him…

It hadn't even been a couple of days…

"What... is this?"

"They're playing," Dani replied like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Standing next to him atop the canyon rock, she saw nothing out of the ordinary as Sora and the juniors roughhoused below.

Casting her a not-so-pleased look, "Why is the boy naked?"

"It's hard to explain…" she said slowly, "Well not hard but…"

"Sora you need to wear your pants," Dani looked at her naked child. She had been arguing with him for over half an hour about why he needed to wear his clothes.

"But why!" he protested once again. "You're not wearing any pants either."

"Yeah but I'm not completely naked like you." Given she was simply wearing her undergarments underneath the sleeveless robe, having discarded the shirt and not really wanting to wear the pa-

Alright, she'd give him this one. But he couldn't be completely naked!

"He's not naked, he has his pull-up on. Don't overreact. Jeez. He's decent enough."

"As are you," he stated sarcastically.

She smirked. She was in the same state as before but she closed the robe with the sash around her waist. It was a little loose in the front around her chest but she made damn sure that she was for the most part 'presentably decent'.

"Funny. How would you know I'm indecent unless you were staring?"

His eyes widened.

As did her smirk. She caught him.

"Oh it's alright," she waved her hand. "You were probably just awfully curious how much I changed in the time you were gone. Right Benji?" she looked over at the junior that stood next to her.

It nodded with a grin but upon Cell's deadly glare, slowly hid behind her.

"Why does that thing have a name?" he narrowed his eyes.

"Your son named it. I just used to call them Things 2, 3, and 4. I'm assuming you've met the annoying and arrogant bio-android named Thing 1," she grinned. "Ah but Benji has proven to be quite the reliable companion. Unlike those two," she pointed to the other two juniors that were getting either smacked into the canyon rock or into the ground below by Sora. "Perverted little shits," she mumbled. Seeing them getting smacked around, no wonder Benji was over here with her. "But it is rather interesting to know just where they get their traits from."

Brow twitching as he faced her. "It's as you said. I was merely observing to what degree of change you underwent in my absence. Some change should not have been abnormal."

'Trying to play it off huh?'

"Ah," she slowly nodded in understanding. "Well for one, my boobs got huge!" she laughed as she carefully shifted the robe to peek down at her chest.

Benji choked on his spit and Cell immediately averted his eyes.


"I AM COVERED! Can't I peek at myself?" she was a grinning mess. "It's my body. And besides, you're the reason why they grew. I had to breastfeed. And it hurt. I mean they've gone down a bit since then but they're still bigger than befo-"

"Enough!" he was facing the canyon again.

It appeared as though they were both stuck having to tolerate each other.

She was laughing her ass off. Her cheeks were going to hurt from all of the grinning but damn it all she was enjoying this way too much.

"Alright alright I'm sorry," she wiped a stray tear from her eye, "but I'm not changing," straightening herself out, she stood next to him once again.

Eying her one final time, he turned his attention back to the impudent boy that carried his DNA. He was eager to discover just what the boy was capable of but the uncooperative brat's attachment to his mother made things a bit more complicated. He listened to her and only her.

There was a silver lining though, the boy did have the capacity to listen to him as evidenced with the Vegeta episode. It was just a matter of working the circumstances to his favor and exploiting the boy's feelings for what he held dear to him.

Smirking to himself, he glanced at the Saiyan and the abomination standing next to her…

Yes, things would definitely work out in his favor.

"Tell me Dani, what training has the boy undergone?"

"That," she pointed to the game of extreme tag Sora and the two juniors were still playing.

Given the juniors' initial power levels, the boy was well beyond theirs. He definitely had inherent and dormant power that had yet to be fully brought out, something he was definitely looking forward to witnessing… But speaking of power…

"And what has become of your training?"

She scoffed, "Does it look like I've been training? I had that," she pointed her finger at her happily waving child, "Gimme a break."

"We can easily turn that around."

"I think I'm of less importance right now," she glanced at him. "Buuut I supposed I should feel honored that you would even think of little ol' me."

He smirked, "You should feel honored. Not everyone has the privilege of being trained by the most powerful being in the universe. A privilege that the boy will soon realize as well."

"You're going to try and train Sora? Heh, please, by all means," she extended her arm out towards the canyon, motioning for him to make his move.

He let out a dark chuckle as he flew towards the scuffle. It was just a matter of exploiting the boy's feelings for what he held dear to him.

Appearing in the middle of the fray, "Boy, come."

Sora and the juniors looked at each other and then at Cell and then back at each other before continuing their activities.

"Come here if you care about your mother."

All activity suddenly stopped.

Cell smirked triumphantly.

Sora was staring at Cell and the juniors were staring back and forth between the two.

Back on the cliff, Dani narrowed her eyes as it appeared Cell managed to get Sora to come to him.

"Well isn't that something," she murmured.

Benji nodded.

It was evident Cell was working some kind of plan, but what? After the incident with Vegeta, Sora had been a bit more compliant towards Cell. However that only lasted for so long, much to Cell's great annoyance. But now Cell had Sora's attention for more than a couple of seconds and she could not hear what was being said to attain that attention.

She blinked when they both looked in her direction and was caught by surprise when Sora appeared behind her and clung on like usual. He had his arms wrapped around her neck and shoulder as he dangled off her back and voiced that he was hungry.

Of course.

Rubbing his little arm around her shoulder and glancing over at Cell who was still in the canyon, she flew off.

Unbeknownst to Dani, Cell was grinning like a madman. If everything played out right, he would get what he wanted. Vegeta would be back and there was no doubt about that. Considering the resources the fighters had at their disposal, if Vegeta hadn't been given a senzu bean then surely the guardian of the planet had healed Vegeta's wounds. It had only been a couple of days after all. Vegeta was brash, angry, and would most certainly bring on his own demise.

He had transported them to an island, no idea why, but at least it wasn't a wasteland.

Kepa? Kela? Kefa? Kefa! Kefa Island.

She hated to admit it but the island Cell 'dumped' them at was not bad. It wasn't bad at all. In fact, it was probably one of the most beautiful places she'd ever seen. Granted, it was exceptionally farther away from any civilization. The entire archipelago looked completely untouched by man…

Ugh, going into town would be a trek… Ah! But then again Sora could just transport them there. Very very convenient.

She wondered if Cell dumping them here was intentional or completely random but regardless, she liked the place. As did Sora. Right now he was asleep after much exploring and as for her… well, here she was awake talking to the menace as if he were never gone.

"So, you didn't kill Vegeta?" she processed his words, "That's awfully merciful of you."

"What fun would it be if the prince wasn't around," he smirked.

"You really are just having fun now, aren't you?" she glanced at him before staring out towards the ocean. "It's going to be really annoying when he comes back. I'd give it a few days at most."

"When he decides to make his way, we will be greeted to a great spectacle."

"What are you planning?" He couldn't have been gone for so long just to come back as if nothing ever changed.

He extended his index finger out, "No plan."


"Then why is this still a thing?"

"You've reiterated your purpose. The boy was not expected, thus you've managed to repeatedly amaze me my dear. You've proven yourself surprisingly useful once again."

Her eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Oh? Angry? I don't see why," he grasped her chin and gently squeezed. "As the only female Saiyan and soon to be last full-blooded Saiyan, you are much too valuable now. Especially considering you are indeed fertile and capable of reproducing viable offspring."

She was glaring daggers at him.

"Our game is far from being over…"



Blinking, she looked over at her child sitting next to her at the restaurant booth. "Yes Sora?"

"Can I have your ham?"

She looked down at her ramen bowl then back at his stack of empty bowls, not that she didn't have a stack herself. "You've eaten so many bowls of food already."

"I want one ham. Please."

"Alright, but that's going to be your last bowl."

He happily nodded and thanked her before taking the slice of ham and finishing his bowl in a matter of seconds.

Finishing her own final bowl, she couldn't help but wonder what Cell was up to. It wasn't anything good of course, but that didn't stop her from at least wanting to have a semblance of knowing what was going on. For the moment, all she knew was that it revolved around Vegeta. So did that mean she would have to wait for him to try to sneak up and kill them again? How annoying.

The situation would escalate unnecessarily… well, more than it already had. Any sense of comradery or acquaintanceship she had with the fighters would most certainly be gone if it wasn't already… as annoying as it was, they'd deal with it when it happened.

The rest of the day was pretty, lively…

Once again Sora was roughing it up with the juniors. And once again she was observing from afar, as was Cell. She was simply 'supervising' whereas Cell wanted to see what Sora was capable of. But there was also something else he wanted to see.

"About your training-"

"Nooo," she stepped back, "I already told you I'm not doing that crap anymore."

"Doing what?" Sora appeared, seated on her shoulders. "Fight? Spar?" He gasped, "Are you going to train? Oh! Are you going to trans-"

Cell was listening intently as the rest of the boy's sentence was muffled out with a hand over his face. Back turned to him, she tugged the boy down and whispered something to him.

"Oh okay!" Sora beamed before re-joining the juniors.

Turning back around, she nearly paled at the dark twinkle in Cells eyes.


"Come," he ordered for her to follow as he flew into the canyon.


Touching down, "Try to land a single hit on me."

"This again? You're about to be awfully disappointed," she did some quick stretches before straightening out and taking a stance.

"More so?" he smirked.

"Ohhoho yeah," she laughed, meeting him with an array of punches and kicks.

And so that happened. She wasn't able to land a hit, but she was close! Surprisingly though, Cell never struck back. He caught her a few times and threw her into the rock but never directly struck back. That was certainly something, but regardless, she was exhausted. She'd been at this for hours.

Cell was very much satisfied. She'd greatly improved. However there was still something more to the change in her ki and he was determined to find out what. But for today he got what he wanted. He accomplished what he intended to do and now things were set in motion.

It would only be a matter of time.

The sun was finally beginning its decent onto the horizon. Done for the day, Dani headed back to the island. Sora was still out but it wouldn't be long.

Plopping down on the sand, she opted to wait for him. She wasn't that tired… right? She could totally keep her eyes open for a few minutes… a couple of minutes… one minute… a few seconds.

Almost as soon as she lied down, she passed out.

Calling it a day, Sora was finally going to take off … that is, until he felt something all too familiar approaching. Looking up atop the ledge, Cell was gone. Glancing at the juniors, the four hid amongst some cliffs.

Dani sprung up, feeling Vegeta approaching. "Sora!" she took off but barely made a leap in the air before she was grabbed by her leg and forcibly pulled back. "What-" her obscenities were muffled out by Cell's hand as he held her tight with one arm and covered her mouth with the other.

"Don't do anything too rash my dear," he chuckled darkly in her ear. The show was about to begin and he wasn't about to have her ruin it.

She struggled against his hold but damn he was so strong. She didn't give up though. Vegeta was in the canyon with Sora and she'd be damned if any harm came to her child.


"WHERE ARE YOU YOU ABOMINATION!" Vegeta shot ki blasts throughout the canyon. "I KNOW YOU'RE HERE!"

With the power up from his near fatal injury, he was going to succeed where Kakarrot and his boy failed: rid the world of everything Cell.

Firing some more blasts, still nothing, but he knew the boy was here! Taking in the night sky, he fired some shots into the air, illuminating the canyon. That's when he saw it, a shadow.

"Found you!" he fired a powerful blast but his target was trying to make an escape. He had his sights on the boy and wasn't going to let him get away so easily. Firing another barrage of ki blasts, he intended to lure the boy out.

"VEGETA!" Piccolo finally managed to catch up. "ENOUGH OF THIS!"

"FATHER!" Trunks shouted, arriving on the scene as well with the others.

"STAY BACK! IF ANYONE GETS IN MY WAY I'LL KILL THEM TOO!" he turned his attention back just in time to evade the three large ki blasts shot his way.

"Are those-" Trunks couldn't believe his eyes as he observed from atop a ledge alongside Piccolo and the rest of the fighters.

Appearing above Vegeta were three Cell juniors. Having snuck up, the three managed to knock Vegeta down into the ground.

"So Cell is still spitting these things out? Excellent! More for me to destroy!" Vegeta charged at the juniors, much stronger than when he first fought them months ago.

"No!" Sora gasped as each junior was knocked into the canyon. They would surely die at the hands of Vegeta!


"FATHER!" Trunks was about to confront his livid father but Piccolo held his arm out. "But he's just a kid!"

Piccolo gritted his teeth in anger. Damn it Vegeta!

This was all his fault! They would not have to be dealing with anything pertaining to Cell in the first place if it were not for him. Cell would never have become perfect if it were not for Vegeta. And Gohan could have possibly won the battle with if it had not been for Vegeta's rash outburst after Trunks' death.

"We need to find Sora before my father does!" Trunks hopped the ledge while Vegeta was distracted with the juniors.

"Trunks wait!" Krillin hopped down after him.

Piccolo, arms crossed over his chest, kept his hard stare at Vegeta. This was going to be another disaster.

Where was Dani? But most importantly, where was Cell-

…Vegeta had walked into a trap.

Back in the canyon, Trunks and Krillin were desperately trying to locate the undoubtedly frightened child.

"Sora! It's me, Trunks!" he called out, trying to keep as close to the ground as possible. That was where they figured he'd be hiding.

"Trunks!" Krillin pointed to a fissure in the canyon rock.

They both approached it and sure enough, "Sora!"

Up above the canyon, Vegeta realized he had lost the boy after dealing with the ever so persistent juniors.


…oh no…

"You care about your mother, yes?"

Feverish nod.

"You also appear to hold some sentiment for the juniors as well, yes?"


"Vegeta will return with the intent of killing everything you hold dear to you. What will you do then?"

"Um…" he fiddled with his tail, unsure of what to do or say.

"How about I propose a deal with you, Sora."

He actually said his name..

"I'll give you my word that no harm will come to your mother. In return, you will eliminate Vegeta."

"I-I can't do that. I don't want to-"

"You don't want to what? Hurt him? So you'd rather have harm come to your mother?"

"No! I…"

"You are a product of my being. If you wish to protect your mother, bring out that destructive power you hold inside. There is no reasoning with people like Vegeta. Unless you want a repeat of what happened a couple of days ago, you will do what needs to be done."

Trunks and Krillin stopped in midair after hearing Vegeta's threat. They then tried to move closer to Sora only to be knocked back by an incredible force.

Everyone could feel it.

Piccolo clenched his fists at his side, "Vegeta, now you've done it."

At the Kefa shore…

Dani was being tightly restrained as they could both feel Vegeta bombarding the canyon with ki blasts. Her very vulgar obscenities were still being muffled by his hand. Having no other choice, she clenched her fists and was about to power up when they both felt the energy resonating from the other island.

She was about to bite his fucking hand off when next thing she knew they were at the canyon.

She shuddered at the sudden rush.

The second he released his hold on her, a deafening roar sounded that made everyone flinch.

Eyes wide, everyone looked on in shock as Sora transformed into a Great Ape.

"T-that's impossible!" Vegeta looked up at the gibbous moon. What was this child?

Having rejoined Piccolo atop the ledge, Trunks and Krillin looked on as Sora let out another roar before going on a rampage.

"What do we do?" Krillin looked at his companions.

"Look!" Yamcha pointed over to where Dani and Cell were observing the rampage.

Trunks was about to take off to them but once again Piccolo warned him. "Dani!" he shouted.

It caught her attention. But it also caught the attention of Sora who whipped his head in their direction. Ceasing his rampage, he looked at the fighters on the ledge before looking at Dani with Cell on another ledge.

Cell smirked as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

Sora pounded on his chest before turning away from them and turning his sights on the Saiyan who had been watching the rampage from above.

Dani watched in amazement as Sora surprised everyone and beat Vegeta down with his fists.

"He's exceptionally fast considering his size," Cell commented as he watched on much too happily.

She silently nodded, watching on as small tremors and loud blasts filled the area. But her attention was brought over to the fighters as their arguing echoed in her and Cell's general direction.

"She's not doing anything!" that sounded like Tien.

"What can anyone do?" Sigh, thanks Krillin.

"She can prove she's not a traitor and do something!" Jeez Tien, what the hell bro?

"In all fairness Vegeta did-"

"She's probably been conspiring with him the entire time!" Oh? Yamcha now? Trying to act high and mighty?

"I don't think it's like that!" Trunks' turn, of course.

"Then why did she have a baby with that monster!" Tien snapped.

Alright this was getting out of-

"Who in their right mind would deliberately involve themselves with… I mean how does it happen? Did they have-"

"HEY!" she finally snapped. "I CAN HEAR YOU!"

Blinking, they all looked in her direction.


He knocked her back off the ledge within the instant.

Her laughter echoed as she slipped and fell into the canyon.

"Ow," she laughed, sitting up and rubbing her head. "Guess it only feels good to hit your head when it's against a headboard." Ugh she was terrible. Noticing the three figures approaching, "Hey! You're alright!" she greeted the juniors. She could sense the beating they were taking and was surprised they were still alive considering Vegeta's rage.

Speaking of that rage, it was growing upon frustration that he could not eliminate this Cell by-product! How was it possible that another being was stronger than he?! Never had he ceased training since that day! Yet still..!

"Sora! End this!" she heard Cell order.

Wait- that bastard! This was what he wanted, he wanted Sora to kill Vegeta! She wouldn't be surprised if he lured him to the islan- waaaiit.

"Cell!" she flew back up to the ledge. "You bastard! You made me lure Vegeta here!" she clenched her fists. It was the training session! No wonder he never struck back!

"I honestly didn't expect you to piece it together so quickly," he cast her a smug glance. "Now watch," he motioned as Sora was on the prowl. Every time he got close, he would snap his jaws at Vegeta. It was almost as if…

"Oh my god Sora is trying to eat Vegeta." She turned to him, "Why do you want Sora to kill Vegeta?" she demanded.

He turned to her so that they were now facing each other, "Vegeta is trash not worth my time. The boy obviously needs training in order to control his power. I simply saw an opportunity and acted accordingly."

"This is training?!"

"Cell!" Piccolo made his way over to them.

"Piccolo-ah!" she nearly stumbled upon being forcibly pulled back by Cell. He had his hand on her shoulder, rather tightly, as they now faced Piccolo.

"This has gone on long enough, what is it that you want?"

They couldn't exactly let Vegeta die yet due to his damn pride, he'd rather die than be saved while in a battle. It was like fighting Cell all over again! Damn it!

Cell chuckled, "Ahh Piccolo, as if I didn't have the means of getting what I want."

"What are you doing? What's your plan?"

"I'm simply enjoying myself is all," he sounded all too smug.

Bullshit. She tried to distance herself a bit but only felt him tighten his hold on her shoulder.

"PICCOLO WATCH OUT!" Krillin shouted as Sora's giant hand pulverized the cliff they were standing on.

"DANI!" Trunks called out, seeing only Piccolo and Cell in the air.

It was dark… and she was pressed up against rocks… or being crushed by them? There was some shifting and she didn't feel like she was buried underneath rocks anymore. Opening her eyes, startled, she realized she was sitting up on Sora's open palm directly in front of his face.

"S-Sora?" she wondered if he could even hear her. But upon hearing a soft whine, she knew she had her child. "Hi," she smiled. The sclera of his eyes slowly returned to their white color but his irises remained red. "You okay?"

Small nod.


Cell crossed his arms, tapping his finger. So the boy managed to regain his senses. This was interesting as well. What was also interesting was that he hadn't transformed back yet. Which led him to wonder if Sora was really back to his senses.

"Hey where's Vegeta?" she looked around and was surprised to find him on the ledge with the fighters. "Huh when did that happen?"

Unbeknownst to her, while Cell and Piccolo were 'conversing', Sora managed to grab Vegeta. However, rather than ending the Saiyan's life, Sora had 'handed' him to the fighters on the ledge. Given Vegeta probably had a few, if not a lot, crushed ribs from Sora's hold, he was still alive. After placing Vegeta on the cliff, that's when he noticed his mother and Cell's proximity and well… did something about that.

"So Cell wants to have some fun, let's give him some fun." Hopping onto his head, "Hey buddy, you know how you like to play tag with your….. brothers? But you don't want to seriously hurt them."

Small nod.

"See daddy over there? Have fun." She hopped off his head and onto a nearby cliff.

As soon as she did so, Sora let out a roar and charged for Cell as the sclera of his eyes turned red once again.

Cell laughed, "Let's see what you can do, boy." This would be the perfect way to get a good measure of his power. His stamina was strong but it would eventually run out. He'd wear the boy out until then.

He released energy from his body and as expected, it appeared to just pass through his body while everyone else was nearly knocked back from it.

Sora then beat his fist down but Cell easily stopped it. He wasn't giving up though as he tried to force his fist down. Roaring, he gave Cell quite the surprise as he fired a powerful beam at point blank from his mouth. He swung his other fist but Cell was gone. Sniffing him out, he charged once again.

"Dani, are you alright?" Trunks questioned as he landed beside her.

"You guys shouldn't be here. You should all leave."

"But what about-"

"Me? How many times do I need to tell you I'm perfectly fine," her tone was a little harsh but it was the same thing over and over again. "But Trunks, you really shouldn't be here. Go back to your own time."

"I can't do that. I already rid my world of Cell and the androids. I can't stay knowing this world is the way that it is."

"You don't understand. You died. Right in front of me for that matter. If you die again, there's no coming back for you. Would it have been worth then? You do not understand just how powerful Cell is. It's going to take a lot to save this world."

"You can't just give up!"

"I was never fighting! If I'm here, it's because I'm just living one day at a time with my child. That is all. Now go and take your father away from here before he buries himself any deeper into his own grave." She didn't look at him. She kept her gaze directed at Sora and Cell.

"I'll take my father away. But, know that I'm not giving up! This world was in part affected by my actions and I can't abandon it now! I'll be back Dani, I promise you that."

She bit her lip as she felt him take off along with the others. "Damn it."

Meanwhile, Cell was having too much fun knocking the persistent boy down over and over again.

"Come now boy! Give me your anger!"

Letting out another roar, Sora pounded on his chest.

Blinking, Dani had to look closely to see that Sora was… shrinking. It was slow but it was actually happening.

Cell noticed it too. Not only because his speed was increasing, but because it was becoming increasingly difficult to sense the boy.

It suddenly got eerily quiet before Sora, now shrunk half in size, appeared behind Cell and actually beat him down.

Cell immediately got up only to avoid the boy's snapping jaws. Taking a stance, he took the heavy punches as their force caused the ground beneath to crack. Punch after punch, Cell withstood until the ground gave way. Enough was enough, it was time to neutralize the boy.

Curling his arms together, he charged up some energy before expelling it in the form of a barrier.

It wasn't the same one used during the battle with Goku but it was still powerful nonetheless.

Sparks of purple energy crackled as Sora, pressed against the barrier, rose along with it.

Sprawled against the outside of the barrier, Sora was probably the size of Cell now.

Cell smirked as he looked up at the boy. But upon further inspection, it appeared as if Sora was trying to chew his way through. "Still persistent? I must commend your efforts but you won't be getting throu- WHAT!"

Sora had managed to sink his canines into the barrier and disperse it. However, that appeared to be it for him. By the time Cell caught him by the tail, he was an unconscious, naked child.

Dani was there in an instant to retrieve him now that it was all finally over. "See now he's naked."

His brow twitched as he handed the boy over.

"Sora spared Vegeta. He's not like you and you can't force him to be."

"I am a perfect being. Of course the boy will never be me. But that power, ah that power! Prepare yourself my dear, this round just got more interesting."

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