My Family

A/N: this is for my mum, for everything she has accomplished during the years

I love you mum and am so proud of you

Set three years after 'How it should of ended'

Dex sat on the park bench watching his three year old daughter, Melanie, playing with the other children in the park.

He could still not believe that it was all real, that Em was alive, that they had a beautiful baby girl, not to mention the twin boys Em is currently pregnant with.

It all seems unreal as if he would wake any minute now to find it all had been a dream.

"Daddy?" Little Mel called out as she ran towards her father

"Yes princess?" He asked

"Daddy can I have my juice?" Little Mel asked

"Sure baby, 10 more minutes then we're going home to see mummy" Dex informed his daughter while getting out her cup

"Tank you daddy" Mel smiled

Dex loved his daughter, she was so much like her mother that it made him wish she would stay a little girl so he could protect her from all the pain in the world, but deep down he knew that she would grow up to be a fine, beautiful, strong woman just like her mother.

And when the awful day comes, where she finds a boy and is no longer his little girl, Dex knows that she will give the guy hell if he every hurt her, just like her mother, the same fire the same passion that burns inside Emma's heart lives inside their daughter.

When it was time to go home, little Melanie was worn out and fast asleep before they had even gotten home.

Dex smiled when he saw Em at the door smiling at them as Dex carried his sleeping princess into their home and up to her room.

"So she ware herself out then" Em smiled

"Yep, chased some boys, played on the swings, giggled with some girl and just had fun really" Dex informed his wife as he placed their little princess on her princess bed.

"Oh to be young again" Emma joked

Dex turn and smiled at his wife, pulling her into a deep and passionate kiss only to pull apart when they felt one of their boys kick.

"I haven't forgot you" Dex replied getting down on his knees and kissing Emma's pregnant stomach

"They're going to be a hand full are all their your sons" Emma teased as her and Dex walked to their bedroom

"Hey now, your just as bad as me" Dex joked

Emma giggled as the laid down on their bed

"They're going to be a part of devils" Emma laughed

"But there be our devils" Dex said kissing his wife

"That they will" Em smiled

"I love you Dex" Emma said as she rested her head on her husband's chest

"I love you Em and thank you for all that you have given me" Dex replied kissing the top of her head

The End

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