At long last, the sequel is here. I have to admit, I have been unwilling to post here for the last few days. I was starting to wonder if this site was going to let me keep my stories. I had already planned to jump ship if any of my stories were deleted, since I worked hard to write these and conform to the sites rules and I really didn't see the point of continuing on this site if suddenly my hard work was gone. But as far as I can see, its all good now. I am still looking for another site to host my work, but more in a reaching a wider readership way then a protesting way.

To everyone who has been following my Outlaw Verse, you have no idea how amazing you all are. I never imagined having so much support when I first started playing with this idea and I am so happy everyone seems to be enjoying my work.

Summary: Deathstroke wants to control him. The Light wants him dead. Nightwing is in serious trouble and only his brothers can help him. The long awaited sequel in my Outlaw verse.

Disclaimer: Me no own. But did you really expect any different?

A figure stood before a large table, bright screens lighting a case resting on the hard wood. The figure looked down at the middle screen. He was huge, 8 feet tall at least and broad across the shoulders. Many people would be mistaken to think that this man was more a beast then human, if it wasn't for the expensive and well cut suit wrapped around his body. Crossing his muscular arms across his chest, the man leant back, relaxed.

"Mr Desmond, we have been watching your operations with considerable interest. Your work in Bludhaven is truly inspiring." A voice said.

"I was under the impression you called me here for a reason. Not to stand around and dispense pleasantries." The man, Roland Desmond, also known to the world as Blockbuster, stated.

One of the screens flashed, bright light obscuring all but the faint outline of a figure.

"Indeed we did. Word on the street is you are the one who put out the hit on the Justice Brat known as Nightwing."

Blockbuster snorted.

"Of course. The Bat's little protégé has been blocking my operations for months. Bludhaven is mine and no kid in his pyjamas is going to get in my way."

"Mr Desmond, we will be frank. We know that you possess both the intelligence and the strength to destroy the boy. You also claim that you possess the will. Then why have you not eliminated him yet?" Another voice questioned.

Blockbuster tensed slightly.

"And have it known to the Bat that I was the hand that destroyed his brat? I am trying to take control of the city. I cannot be directly responsible for that brat's death unless I want the Bat snooping in my business.

There was a pause as the figures on the screens seemed to consider Blockbusters answer.

This time, a female voice replied.

"What if we could promise the Bat would not interfere with your operations? If Bludhaven becomes yours to control completely?"

Blockbuster snorted.

"You cannot promise that." He replied. This time a male voice answered.

"No. We can't. But we can promise that once the boy is dead, his destruction will not go unnoticed by certain individuals bearing good will to the boy but not to the Bat."

Blockbuster tilted his head. This conversation had suddenly become interesting.

"Continue." He replied.

"We have an operative, a sleeper agent if you will, who can infiltrate the heroes and, should we plant the suggestion that Batman was directly responsible for his protégés death, will act against the detective. And once the Bat is destroyed, Gotham will fall to anyone who is willing to step up and take control."

There was another pause, this time from Blockbuster.

"Are you offering me Gotham City?" He questioned.

"If you want it."

"And what is the catch?" Blockbuster was not stupid. He knew exactly who he was dealing with.

"You kill Nightwing. Not one of your assassins. Not one of your thugs. The boy dies by your hands."

Blockbuster hesitated. They had promised him that the Bat would be taken care of, and control of Gotham City was a sweet deal for getting rid of the brat. But still, everything about this could backfire.

"We thought you might hesitate. Open the case before you."

Blockbuster reached forward and slowly opened the mentioned case. He blinked as he looked down at it. Reaching carefully, he pulled out the small vial of liquid.

"That will ensure the boy's slow death. He will not feel the effects until long after you have used it. Even if the Bat survives, it will be difficult for him to track the death to you."

Blockbuster held the vial out to catch the light.

"Do we have a deal Mr Desmond?" one of the voices asked.

Throwing the vial into the air, Blockbuster caught it with his other hand, wrapping his huge fist around the fragile glass. He smiled at the screens.

"I believe we do."

It was five minutes to midnight, the normal crowds drying up as the drunks slowly stumbled to their homes. From his place at the bar, Dick Grayson sighed and placed the glass back on the bench, rolled his shoulder and suppressing a wince of pain.

It had been a long day and was looking to be an even longer night. Balancing a normal life as Dick Grayson as well as taking control Bludhaven and his work as the den mother for Young Justice as Nightwing was staring to take its toll on the young hero. Add to that organising Artemis' death and his new responsibilities in Gotham now that Bruce was off planet and Dick was running on fumes. Even with the constant presence of Robin and Batgirl was not enough. To be frank, Dick was thinking of handing over control of the team to Conner and Megan until Bruce was home and Dick was able to juggle his increasingly hectic life.

The door crashed open, two men stumbling through. They were talking loudly, laughing at some joke. Across the bar, Mr Hogan caught Dick's eye. The older man rolled his eyes, already annoyed at the new customers.

One of them stepped forward, banging something silver on the bar. Dick didn't even bother to look down; already knowing it was a Bludhaven Police Department badge. The man didn't bother to order. He didn't have to. This happened every night. Quickly, Dick poured the drinks, passing them over to the cop who didn't even bother to acknowledge him, instead laughing at something his partner said.

It was one of the reasons why he was here in the first place. Bludhaven PD was one of the most corrupt in America, most if not all of the senior officers in the pockets of the local crime lords. Nightwing had not received a friendly welcome, nor had he managed to find any allies in law enforcement. But still, he was not ready to give up.

Picking up a towel, Dick started to polish another glass. Bar work may not be the most glamorous work, but it was a great place to get information for his second job.

Another twinge in his shoulder made Dick sigh. Placing the second glass with its partner, Dick placed the towel down and rubbed his shoulder. He had taken a brick to the shoulder the night before which taking down some small time drug runner who fancied himself as a mercenary. The guy had taken several people hostage in an attempt to gain Nightwing's attention. And gain it he had, the idiot crowing about how he was going to kill the hero and claim the award as Nightwing lunged at him.

The fight had been one-sided and depressingly easy but still, the guy had managed to get one hit in, catching Nightwing of guard for a few seconds before the hero had retaliated, taking down the wannabe villain.

"Almost knock-off time Grayson." A voice said. "You about ready to pack it in?"

Dick turned and smiled at Mr Hogan as the bar's owner walked towards him.

"I sure am Sir." Dick replied as he reached for the third and final glass.

Mr Hogan nodded. The door opened. Dick found himself looked at the bars newest occupant.

It took all of Dicks control not to drop the glass as the new figure stepped into the light. The figure flashed Dick a smile before making his way across the room, claiming the table next to the cops. Seeing Dick's reaction, Mr Hogan turned around, his eyes falling on the newcomer. His eyes narrowed.

"Is there going to be a problem Grayson?" He asked, taking note of the newcomers scruffy looks. Dick shook his head.

"No, Mr Hogan. It's fine. Do you mind if I knock off now?"

"Sure kid. Have a good night."

Dick nodded to Mr Hogan before putting the glass and cloth down, stepping out from behind the bar. He walked towards the table and its smiling occupant.

A hand shot out and caught Dick's wrist. Dick looked at its owner, suppressing the urge to fight the hold. The cop grinned at him.

"Hey kid! How about getting us another round?"

Dick carefully detangled himself from the cops grip, trying to ignore the beer breath.

"Sorry Officer, I'm off for the night."

The cop's face scrunched up as he tried to process Dick's comment but the former Boy Wonder didn't hang around, turning his back to the cops as he stood before the figure.

"You know, for a moment there I was expecting you to break that idiots arm." The figure muttered.

Dick grabbed a chair, sitting down as the figure brushed his blond fringe from his face.

"What are you doing in Bludhaven Jay?" He asked.

Jason's smile widened as Dick glared at him.

"What? I'm not allowed to visit my little brother?" He asked.

Dick rolled his eyes before leaning forward, placing his elbows on the table.

"You have never come to me unless there was another motive Jay. Sorry if I don't completely trust that answer." He warned, raising an eyebrow.

Jason lent back in his seat.

"Alright, you got me Dickie-bird. I came to see if the rumours were true and you really are working in this hell-hole you call a city."

Dick couldn't help but grin at Jason. It was such a Jason comment.

"It's really not that bad." He replied.

Behind him, the cops gave a sudden roar of laughter.

"And then I raised my gun and you should have seen his face! That pyjama clad bastard is gonna think twice before he tries to pull one on me again. I mean, that dumb Batman wannabe will never even wanna look at this uniform if I catch him again." The officer crowed.

Dick thought back to his last encounter with the BPD. Oh yeah, he remembered this guy. He was that officer he had found taking a cut from a local weapons dealer. If Dick remembered correctly, the guy had run the moment Nightwing had appeared, too scared to even try and help his partner. The dealer had screamed in fear and if the hero was remembering correctly, wet himself before fainting, but the cop had gotten away. Dick quickly memorised the cops face for later.

Jason raised an eyebrow, grin returning to his face as he saw the humor in the situation.

"Not a word." Dick said, raising a finger in warning, already knowing what his brother was about to say.

"Whatever, little bird." Jason replied, kicking his feet up to rest on the edge of Dick's chair. Dick glared down at the muddy boots.

"So, how is the replacement doing?" Jason finally asked, hooking one arm over the back of his chair.

"Why do you call Tim that? He's a nice kid and is doing a good job." Dick asked. The surprise hatred Jason harboured for Tim was confusing to Dick, who had found himself caught up in the middle of a sibling war.

Jason snorted.

"Are you kidding me? The kid makes a mockery of everything we ever fought for. He has no skills, no driving force and no backstory. He isn't even really our brother. He's not a Boy Wonder, he's an imposter."

Dick blinked. There was a surprisingly large amount of venom in Jason's voice. Jealously? Was Jason jealous of Tim?

"So if I understand you correctly, you are judging Tim on the fact that he's not an orphan? That's low Jay. You should be happy that he doesn't have to suffer through everything we went through."

"Hey, I'm not the villain here." Jason replied, giving Dick a hurt look. Dick ignored it.

"Yeah you are Jason." Dick said. With a sigh, the younger hero climbed to his feet. "Well Jay, it's been fun hearing you badmouth my new home and little brother, but I really have to go."

Jason smiled, knowing exactly where his brother was going.

"Take care Dickie-bird." He replied.

Dick ignored him, turning his back on his brother. Walking through the bar, Dick waved to Mr Hogan before pushing the doors open, stepping out into the cold street.

Jason's smile disappeared. Sure Dick was angry at him but at least it stopped the hero from asking for the real reason behind Jason's sudden appearance.

"Take care." He muttered.

Now, for all non-comic reading fans, I should probably clear this up. Roland Desmond is a character from the Nightwing comics. He is the brother of Dr Mark Desmond of Cadmus, the very same mad scientist from the first episode. Roland tried to use his brother as muscle to run his many crimes but after Mark was killed, Roland ended up taking the Blockbuster formula as well. He was just as mindless as his brother until he made a deal with the demon Neron and gained a genius level IQ. In the comics, he tries to take over Bludhaven as the first step to controlling Gotham and ends up taking out a contract on Nightwing to try and get rid of him without being directly connected to the murder incase Batman comes after him.

And that's all you need of his story. I would say more but its not important (and also kind of a spoiler for the comics. I mean, its big. Really big.)

And to the two people who caught my spelling mistakes, thank you. I don't tend to use a beta since I edit everything as I go and there is a huge chance by the time I got my story back from a beta, I would have decided to delete half of it and start again, so I usually do it myself. And once I am deprived of spell-check, it can get interesting fast. Plus I wrote this at mid-night and believe me, it has been a long week. Still, thank you.