Just My Luck

Harry took in the rather bare room, the famous muggle inventor/billionaire - or so he'd been told - by his side, the guard by the door and the tall, trench coat wearing man with an eye-patch who confidently took a seat opposite them.

A silence ensued between the four of them after everyone had taken their seats as the one-eyed man across the table seemed to be either trying really hard to use Legilimency on him, or trying to reduce him to a pile of ash with his stare.

The Gryffindor couldn't help but wonder how in the world he ended up in situations like this.

Maybe there was something to that whole 'penchant for trouble' thing that people insisted he had after all…

"Harry James Potter" the man who was clearly in charge started, drawing out his name and, even while seated, managing to loom over him in a manner that was probably meant to be intimidating.

"Born to Lord James Potter and Lilly Potter nee Evans. Your parents were killed when you were a baby and you were raised by your maternal Aunt and Uncle. At age 11 you were sent to a boarding school in Scotland were you graduated at eighteen. You gained control of your father's wealth and stayed in Britain for only one more year before leaving, travelling around the world until you ended up in India."

"…is there a reason you're telling me my own life-story?"

"Oh, I'm just curious…" the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D answered, with no hint of curiosity in his voice or stance whatsoever, "how does a man, as filthy rich as Stark, end up in the middle of nowhere co-incidentally befriending someone like Dr. Banner?"

"There's nothing wrong with being filthy rich." Tony Stark couldn't help but comment, shooting a smirk at the annoyed Fury.

The man in question ignored him, though, and turned his gaze back to the unexpected complication in front of him.

"Who I befriend isn't really any of your business..." was all the wizard had to say about that, a small frown on his face.

"It is when said friend can turn into a creature with the destructive force of a dirty bomb." His eye narrowed in suspicion at the seemingly unsurprised person in front of him "…but then you already knew that, didn't you?"

"We travelled together for three months…" Harry shrugged "and what with your people trailing us everywhere and the stress of moving immediately at the drop of a hat, it was bound to happen sometime."

"And that doesn't bother you?" Fury probed, mockingly "It doesn't bother you that Dr. Banner, your friend, turns into a large green monster when he gets angry, attacking anything and anyone around him?"

"Hey, now that's not really fair." Tony exclaimed "The man can't help it!"

Fury shot him a sharp glance to shut him up.

"It's not like he purposefully destroys everything around him. There are plenty of people who do. If you're really such a hot-shot super spy, you should know that. Shouldn't you be bothering them instead?"

"Stark, if you don't shut up right now I will make you." The Director's growled threat succeeded where his glare failed and the billionaire shut his mouth with one last sarcastic remark: "Shutting up now."

Fury sighed and Harry absently wondered if the man thought he had made a mistake in allowing Tony present at this meeting so that Bruce would stop insisting to be here himself. Bruce had become rather good at reigning in his temper after all, and Tony Stark seemed to annoy the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. a lot. Maybe it would have been better for the guy's blood pressure to just have Bruce present instead of Tony? Harry considered the possible consequences of Bruce turning into 'the other guy' on a flying muggle airship and decided that perhaps Fury was onto something here after all.

"Not really." he answered the man's earlier question, drawing both of their attention back to him. "But if it bothers you we could just leave…?"

"Funny." Fury answered with a glare that signified it was anything but. "Since you refused to remain behind in India you are with us now." his expression showed just how pleased the man was about this.

"You will stay out of the way. You will not go anywhere alone. You will stay here, by your friend's side at all times and keep him calm." The Director firmly laid down his law, his tone brooking no argument. After a moments pause, Harry just shrugged and silently nodded his agreement. He was planning on sticking by Bruce anyway.

"Congratulations Potter, you have won yourself a stay on my Helicarrier as a constant companion to a ticking time-bomb. Enjoy." With that last dig, the Director resolutely stood and his guard opened the door.

"Well… I think that worked out well." Tony cheerfully commented before standing up to leave as well.

Harry sighed as he followed the two out of the room, and resigned himself to spending the rest of this conflict on board of a humongous muggle airship.

From what he could pick up, something very dangerous was going on and it was a danger to a lot of people, not just this organisation. As much as he wanted to help, though, the laws on revealing magic to muggles were very strict. Sure, Harry wouldn't really be bothered to uphold those laws when a friend was in danger, but that wasn't quite the case here.

He wasn't exactly sure about what was going on, but for now Bruce seemed to be content enough to go along with S.H.I.E.L.D. and help them with whatever they needed his help for on the condition that they let him go afterwards.

Harry just hoped that the Director would keep his word. If necessary, the wizard would interfere but if it did come to that he would have to be careful. The Gryffindor may not be a stickler when it came to the rules, but he had no desire to expose them all to a branch of the muggle military.

He followed Fury and Stark into a larger conference room where, beside Bruce, a few other people were present. There was a tall, muscular blond with blue eyes and the posture of a soldier – he practically came to attention when Fury entered the room – and the beautiful but deadly looking redhead that had come to find Bruce in Calcutta.

Harry shot Bruce a reassuring smile and nodded politely to the two others as Fury (re-)introduced him as a friend of Dr. Banner.

When Bruce and Tony were sent to the lab, he had no problem keeping them company, even if the science talk went straight over his head. Tony was blunt and sarcastic but honest and Harry found that he liked the man well enough. He was the perfect counter to Bruce's quiet, somewhat skittish and generally laid-back behaviour.

Things seemed to be going well enough until Tony, Agent Romanov and Captain Rogers returned from their little trip to Stuttgart with their prisoner in tow.

Because, along with the strangely dressed dark-haired man, they also brought with them another man. This muscled blond wore an honest to god armour and a red cape over it and carried a very large hammer with him. He was loud, spoke a rather archaic sentences and strode with an overwhelming force of confidence. All in all, the man stood out more than a pure-blood wizard amongst muggles and that was saying something.

Of course, none of this actually fazed him at all.

No, it was the man's reaction after Harry was introduced that threw him completely for a loop.

The wizard had been careful not to draw any attention to himself. He had tried so hard not to raise the slightest suspicion of Fury or anyone. He didn't want to let anyone know that he wasn't exactly as he seemed.

But apparently the man, Thor, didn't quite get the memo about the Statute of Secrecy.

Because upon being introduced Harry found himself drawn into a rough embrace and greeted heartily: "Ah! I have heard of you, my fellow warrior! And I commend you on your defeat of the wizard known as Voldemort. You have truly deserved your title as Saviour of the Wizarding World."

… well, bugger that.

Seriously, how does he keep ending up in these sort of situations?

A.N.: Inspired by stories such as hctiB-notsoB's 'I See The Moon'. The idea of a Bruce/Harry friendship is very appealing, somehow. Also, a conversation between Harry and Fury just tickles at me.

P.S. I feel like I'm spamming the Avengers/HP crossover section with one-shots... O.o