Right, Iron Man 3 is about to come out soon and naturally I plan to write a story about it :P some time ago i went back and read all my stories again and I have to say, i cringed a lot about the things I wrote.

So i decided to rewrite few stuff, like changing dialogues, added more few stuff, deleted some other things, and also added some scenes outside the movie plot line that will be important for when iron man 3 and thor 2 comes out :D

l'll just replace the old chapters with the new one. idk if people will notice the changes, but yeah... :P

Thanks to Laurafxox for beta reading it for me :)

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Chapter I

In Which I Didn't Get to Watch the Avengers

Entry #1

You know those moments when you wake up on your first day of your summer holiday, remembering that you can still continue sleeping because you don't have to go to school for the next two months? A great feeling, isn't it?

And then you open the curtains, hoping to see the blue sky, with the sun shining brightly. But instead, all you get to see are dark grey clouds and heavy raindrops pounding against the window.

Not the best start of a summer vacation, huh?

Signed Jackie Walker


Three days since the summer holiday had started.

Three days since it had started to rain heavily.

Three days of thunder and lightning.

Three days of not a single person coming up with the idea to leave their comfy warm home and take a walk outside with an umbrella, knowing it won't keep you dry because the rain would come from every side anyways.

And yet, New York City's streets were filled with people and cars. They were barely visable due the downpour of rain, but you could still hear the deafening noise of loud traffic. The scenery had a touch of gray with colorful umbrellas bringing some life into the picture.

If you thought about it, it was actually the perfect weather to go to the theater. And the perfect time to finally get my lazy butt out of my apartment and watch MARVEL's Avengers in 3D, with my friends.

Unfortunately all of them had left the States to go to who-knows-where. Their parents had planned lots of trips for their vacation. Of course, I had been left behind.

Abandoned, alone to suffer in this cruel world.

Okay, I was being a bit overdramatic. But that's what happens when you're most likely the only person in the whole world who hasn't seen Avengers yet.

Awkward, I know. And when you think about all the people who have watched the movie more than once…

Curse you, people on Tumblr, who kept blogging about how awesome the movie was and spoiling everything for me.

I didn't really feel like watching the Avengers alone. It looked stupid when you're sitting in the theater, alone in your corner, eating popcorn and silently giving some of your unnecessary comments. What's even worse was that whenever I decide to watch a movie alone in the theatre, there are always those awkward couples having a hot make-out session, And you just have the sudden urge to throw popcorn at them and tell them to go and get the hell a room.

Or perhaps it was just me and my laziness. I mean, who in their right mind would walk through the pouring rain to the theater and then sit there for two and half hours, completely soaked, just to watch a movie?

Guess I'd just have to wait, even thought I wasn't a patient person at all. I could wait until it stopped to rain, wait until my friends returned and went with me to watch the Avengers, or simply just wait until the DVD would come out.

Letting out a sigh, I hugged my pillow and stared out of the window - which was pretty pointless because I couldn't really see a thing through the rain - except for some blurry yellow dots. There was a thin layer of haze on my window pane. Slowly I lifted up a hand and started to doodle something with my index finger.

A line here and a quick stroke there, and the doodle was finalized in no time. I took a step back and looked at what I have drawn on the shrouded window.

A cube.

From all the things I could have doodled, I drew a small cube. I didn't know why though. I knitted my eyebrows in confusion and made some disturbing thinking noises along with it.

Somehow, the sight of the cube imprinted on the window made me feel uncomfortable. And it was just a simple cube.

Still, quickly I used the pillow to wipe the doodle away and continued using my laptop to surf the Internet. My Tumblr dashboard was filled with posts and photos about Loki. The more I scrolled through the dashboard, the more I wanted to watch the movie. After a while I shut down my laptop, frustrated.

Taking a deep breath, I promised myself that I was going to watch the movie tomorrow. Whether it was raining or not.


"Sir, the Tesseract, it's acting up again. And we are receiving some strange signals."

"Try to detect where those signals come from."

"Understood, Sir!"

"Doctor Selvig, how is the research going on?"

"We are making progresses, but we do have problems sometimes…"

"Such as?"

"The Tesseract has its own… Mood swings. At one time it is acting up just like now and some other time it's doing nothing. A bit hard to do further research when the cube is not cooperating."

"I see. Please do continue your work and we'll see."

"Director, I have found the source of the strange signals. It's coming from New York City. It's a perfect match to the gamma signatures of the Tesseract."

"Good. I'll send out some agents to check if there is something out of place."


"… What do you mean you don't have the movie Avengers?"

"Miss, I'm telling you, there is no such movie called Avengers running in this theater, or anywhere else!"

"Bullshit!" I huffed and crossed my arms.

Yep, that was me, arguing with a really annoyed ticket seller. I bet he was tired of sitting in that small room, locked up like a cage animal, doing the same things daily: Selling tickets to movies I'm sure he'd also like to watch, but can't because he's got work to do.

That's why you shouldn't work in a place where you like to be. Just like you shouldn't work where you like to eat.

It was probably not helping with me being a real bitch right now.

"Look, dude. I know you're in a shitty mood because of various reasons, but you can't expect me to believe that an awesome movie like Avengers isn't RUNNING ANYMORE OR NEVER EXISTED?!"

At this point I had already attracted lots of attention from passers by. But I could care less. All I wanted to do was to buy my ticket, sit in my seat and finally watch the damn movie. Alas, I was having a small dilemma with getting my freaking ticket.

I knew I should have made an online reservation yesterday. But then again, I didn't know that the sun would shine today. Funny how the weather can change from a downpour of rain and thunderstorms to summer heat over a single night.

"Miss," the ticket seller called out "If you're just here to make fun of me, then I highly suggest you leave now. You're blocking the waiting line." He pointed at the crowd behind me. I turned around and true enough; the people in the line were throwing dirty looks at me.

I was ready to rip off his head. Good for the ticket seller that I was not in the mood to get arrested for illegally ripping off a ticket seller's head.

I sighed in annoyance and ran a hand through my hair. "Fine, okay! I'll leave now! Because there isn't a movie called Avengers and I totally made it up since I had absolutely nothing better to do!" I exclaimed sarcastically and stomped off angrily. Pretty sure it had left some foot prints on the pavement.

This was going to be the worst summer vacation holiday ever. First my friends were abroad, leaving me behind (not that I blame them) and now THIS? Sure, Avengers had been running in theaterS for quite some time now, but it's a popular movie, so I thought it should still be running!"

Although I had to say, the guy acted pretty clueless. And honestly, I didn't see any Avengers posters hanging anywhere, too. Usually every wall was just full of them.

… Eh, I was probably just making things up and over analyzing everything. Like always.

I thought of just going home and making an online reservation for the next day. A shame I couldn't watch it today though.

What did the time say? … Half past two. Hm, I didn't really want to go home now and there was nothing to do there, so I decided on taking a small walk.

Considering that yesterday there was a shit storm with badass thunder and lightning, today was a pretty nice day and the streets weren't as crowded as usual. A nice change. I wasn't fond of crowded places; I got easily annoyed when there were lots of strangers around me. What could I say; I'm not really a people person.

While walking I looked at the shop windows and at the stuff they were selling - easily getting distracted by the smell of freshly baked cakes, coffee and tea. Turning my head to the right, I looked through the next window to see what was inside. Chairs and tables could be made out, few people sitting inside and a person standing behind the counter, making coffee. There was also a staircase that lead up, which meant the café had two floors. Automatically I looked up. Over the door hung a sign: A coffee cup, where three wisps of steam were going up. The cup itself was located on a book instead of a plate. Under the logo was neatly oriented in cursive Café Mischief.

Café Mischief, I repeated silently to myself in my head and then grinned slightly. I liked that name. Maybe I should come here some time; it looked like a really comfy place. And I didn't believe it to be too crowded. Starbucks was a nice place for a cup of coffee too, but there were too many people hanging around, and sometimes it's just too much for me.

Funny how I've never noticed this café before.

I started to walk away, but before I could even pass the café I bumped into someone and landed flat on the concrete pavement. My butt didn't hurt that much, but my nose felt like I just ran into a brick wall.

"I'm sorry, Miss! I wasn't watching where I was going!" that person, definitely a male, apologized and stretched out a hand for me.

Clutching my nose in pain I took the man's hand. He had a strong grip and lifted me up with ease. The man even handed me a tissue even though my nose wasn't bleeding

"Don't worry." I forgave him "It's not your-" fault. That's what I wanted to say, but somehow the sight of the man made me swallow up my words.

I admit that my eyesight wasn't the best (I was supposed to wear glasses), but it wasn't as bad that I couldn't recognize the person who was standing in front of me.

I opened my mouth, trying to say something but no words came out. I must have looked very stupid.

The guy standing before me knitted his eyebrows in worry and inquired: "Miss, is everything alright?"

A big smile plastered over my face, roller coaster feelings replaced the disappointment from earlier. I couldn't contain my… Fangirl feelings anymore. But still, just to make sure that I was correct and not making a fool out of myself, I asked: "Are you Chris Evans?"

'Chris Evans' stared at me confused and then responded: "You must be mistaken me for someone else. My name is Steve Rogers."

I raised an eyebrow. Steve Rogers? Taking a step back I looked at him with a criticizing look from head to toe. He was wearing a brown leather jacket, old fashioned looking shoes and a green-blue shirt. It really made him look like Steve Rogers. Maybe he just got really deep into his role as Steve Rogers/Captain America and that's why he was running around like this and well, pretending to be Steve Rogers.

I looked around myself. Not many people were here, and those who were just passing by ignored us, much to my surprise, since I thought at least one person would recognize Chris Evans.

Ah well, I didn't get to see Avengers, so I'd just have a small chat with one of the main actors instead. It's not like you get to meet one every day.

"So, judging from your appearance," I pointed at his clothes "you must really like your role as Steve Rogers."

"I'm… Not exactly sure if I follow…" Chris Evans said, looking really confused now. "What do you mean 'role'?"

"Y'know, Captain America," I explained and ignored how he narrowed his eyes slightly "the first Avenger, fought in World War II against the Nazis, seventy years asleep in the ice, did everything just so they won't get their hands on the Tesseract? The main ro-"

He interrupted me quickly and took a step closer. "Where did you get all this information?" Out of reflex I took a step back, sensing that something was not quite right.

"Uh, I watched the movie?" I replied like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"That is all classified."

"No, it is not." I began to protest, annoyance welling up inside me "Every fan who has watched the movie knows about it."

"What movie?" he asked dangerously. Boy, did he look serious about this whole situation. Well, he was an actor after all. Was this some prank he's trying to pull? Pretending to be Captain America just to mess with his fans? Whatever it was, I didn't like it one bit.

"I- I think I should go now…" I muttered under my breath, turned around and quickly run away.

When I heard footsteps behind me, I picked up my pace and started to sprint, not stopping until I saw my apartment building coming into my view, and then slowed down a bit. Carefully, I looked back to see if he was still behind me.

He wasn't. Phew.

I sighed in relied and stepped into my home.

Yup, that was definitely the weirdest encounter in my life.


"Sir, please put down the spear!"

"You have heart… Please don't, I still need that."

"This doesn't have to get any messier."

"Of course it does. I've come too far for anything less. I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose."

"We have no quarrel with you're people."

"An ant has no quarrel with a boot."

"You're planning on stepping on us?"

"I come with glad tidings, of a world made free."

"Free from what?"

"Freedom. Freedom is life's great lie. Once you all accept that, in your heart… You will know peace."

"Yeah, you say peace, I kind of think you mean the other piece."


Entry #2

Officially the weirdest and worst day in my life. I couldn't find anything about the Avengers on the Internet. Same goes for googling the other movies, like Iron Man, Captain America or The Incredible Hulk. I just get some outdated articles how 'Multibillionaire Anthony Stark is Iron Man' or 'Captain America- Forever remaining in our hearts', or another article about Bruce Banner. Like they are really existing and living among us… And when I try to google the Tesseract or about the Norse myth, I just get some stupid results about treacherous software companies, or how in New Mexico there was a hammer stuck in the desert. Same problem for fanfictions. No result, and the MARVEL section wasn't even there anymore.

If I didn't know better, I would say that something happened during and/or after the thunderstorm. But that's just me and my wild imagination.

Isn't it?

Signed Jackie Walker