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Requiem for the Dead


            Only in dreams that he was able to say those words…those simple syllables could have saved a life…yet he didn't. And it killed him that he was to blame. Now that life had been twisted into something more grotesque…he wondered how humans could get into such impossible situations. Incredibly complicated ones in fact.

            Mito Youhei could have prevented it all. He could have told Hanamichi of a secret only known to him and Sakuragi-san along with his wife…his best friend's oyaji was sick. If not for the heart attack he would have died a more painful death. The sad thing about it was that he chose to put that burden of knowing upon a young boy's shoulders, who wasn't even related to him by a single drop of blood. Of course, he knew that they all came from the same 'family' but still…what business had he to tell his son's bestfriend? While his own offspring knew nothing, the other spent more thoughts on the afterlife. Youhei's young mind had been plagued with questions like 'Would it hurt?' or  'Is there really heaven out there?'

            At an early age, Youhei had come to accept life for what it is. A fleeting moment wherein humans chose to move instead of drinking it all in. He started getting visions of people just going about life as if it were ordinary. He knew that every second was precious for the brunette old man whom his best friend lovingly called 'oyaji'. With eyes that seemed to pierce the jaded human perception of time, he watched every rise and fall of the old man's chest. At any moment, that rhythmic movement could cease, and his friend's world could do so too.

            He chose to remain silent, to watch it all. It was sometimes amusing to think of the whole routine as a soap opera wherein the heroes always found a strength to move on, or to find strength even in the most draining situations. Youhei simply knew that we are who we are, not fabricated characters of endless luck or joy. We find a way uphill, and of course, we reluctantly go downhill, trying to claw our way back up. Yet some people just remained there at the bottom. No way to climb up, no one to help them ascend, they either stayed there and made the best out of it or they longed to go back up, despaired for it with such thirst that they extinguished their own lives.

            Which is why he was fascinated with Hanamichi. The redhead simply did not belong anywhere in that…he had a world of his own, a world of utter freedom. The youth was not tied down by human conventions. If he wished to laugh, he did so. If he wanted to cry, he shed the tears. Youhei loved that he could stay with him and bask in his warmth.

            The heart attack had been an unexpected curse. Maybe he would have taken it in better if he had known that his father would have died later, a week maybe. His family was ripped from him in a single stroke, wordlessly, effortlessly. There was no time to say goodbye. His father had planned on telling him to at least prepare him for what was coming, that life is a big joke and the only way to survive is to laugh along. Yes, his mother was alive and well, yet they did not share the same bond. Maybe he just loved his father too much. Or maybe his mother had never really been around anyway. The end result was two deaths…a life, and innocence.

            Perhaps, Youhei often thought, that Hanamichi had not lost his innocence after all. He did find his way through the world by himself, navigating with his own rules and sometimes rules that he applied from others. Yes, the darker side surfaced, which made Youhei think that we were all created to have one anyway. We were not angels. We are humans.

            Now Youhei fought to stay away from his best friend. He knew that he brought memories of a strange past, and those bits and pieces of time immortalized by the human mind carried lethal knives poised to strike Hanamichi the moment he decides to recognize them. He loved Hanamichi and would do anything to give him what he deserves.

            "Make him forget."

            His own voice sounded strange, detached from him at the least. To forget would be to lose everything…and gain everything…he wanted Hanamichi to live by living a lie. A lie it was, true, but one that came with good intent. He smiled at the thought that he was somehow playing God, but it was turned upside-down as he realized he had nothing else to live for anymore.

            He screamed inwardly, hoping that someone would hear him. Hoping that it would be Hanamichi himself to break him out, to find him in the swirling blackness eating him away.


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