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This is my first attempt at writing a multi chapter story (most if not all of my stories are OneShots). This story introduces my OC, though the story is not in her point of view must of the time. It focuses on the events of Pikmin 2. Well, I hope you like it. ^_^


The planet Adapt glowed hazily in the dark sea of space. It's surface was bright blue. 5 little moons clung to the bright planet's gravitational pull. The whole planet was buzzing busily, some working, other learning and such. Idleness was not a common thing in this planet at this time. Everything that was built was built with pride and care. Nothing was out of order.

"MINA!" A loud male voice barked over a silver intercom.

A figure that was busily typing on a white computer was frightened by the sudden yell and fell on the silver and white tiled floor. It let out a small squeak as it rubbed it's sore bottom.

"Y-yes sir?" it replied dutifully as it sat on the floor.

The voice sighed as if it was answering a small child's repeated question. "Mina, come to my office immediately" it said dryly before signing off.

The worker bit back blowing a raspberry at her boss's way of treating her as she stood. She rubbed her bright neon eyes as she walked into the glass hallway and to a white stained glass door that read in bright neon blue letters: President of AAGRA. Removing her ebony gloves, she placed her hand on a black and silver scanner. The door let out a small chime, opened itself and allowed her to walk in.

Her boss sat on a rich mahogany desk that was beautifully crafted. It contained a computer similar to her own and a levitating cup of coffee. His office was spacious and very tidy. Like the hallway, it's wall where made of white stained glass that was decorated by with an occasional certificate or picture frame that seemingly stuck uniformly to the wall without a nail or any adhesive. Below her feet was a white carpet with the letters AAGRA printed elegantly in blue.

The male look up at her with shiny ebony eyes. His black hair was combed back neatly, though some hints of grey were visible. He wore a smooth white suit with an electric blue tie. He sat with his back straight as a rod in his white levitating chair.

"Why didn't you just teleport here?" he asked using the same tone a parent would use with a small child. "Your strolling takes much too long"

The female looked sourly down at her ebony boots. "Forgive me" she said tartly. Her boss shook his head before taking a gulp of coffee. "I'll be brief. I simply want to inform you that you are to go to the Planet Aeruginosus that is in the galaxy called the Milky Way. A few scanners have returned with great proof that there is much to investigate in that plane. We will provide you with supplies. Go there and research it. Bring back samples of any living organisms and specimens of anything that is not such as technology and the atmosphere's gasses. I suppose you will want to bring your own IRS yes?"

The female worker could hardly contain her joy. She loved to explore and could hardly wait. She had seen the planet Aeruginosus before. It was like the name implied a healthy looking green with large streaks of blue. She was sure that it would be thriving with things to She nodded ecstatically. "Yes, I'll bring Galaxy, sir, if that is allowed."

Her boss nodded, closing his dark eyes. "Yes, you may use your ship. It has been evaluated and approved by the AAGRA and myself. You will launch tomorrow at dawn. Your supplies has been teleported to your home"

She nodded ecstatically, hardly able to keep her excitement in check.

"You are dismissed MINA, rest well" he sighed, seeing her standing in front of him in delighted shock.

"Thank you sir~!" she piped, suddenly jumping into the teleporter. She set the coordinates to her home, for her work day had been shortened to allow her to rest. Little did the Adaptian female know that she would not be the only one on the planet. Somewhere else in another galaxy two others were already on their way in a white and melon cargo ship.

Please tell me what you think. And thank you once more for reading~!