Not The Only Ones Here Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Growing stranger as the days go by….

It had been several days now that Olimar, Louie and the pikmin were hunting for treasure. They had no need to scour for the treasures were many. It was all just a matter of looking around. And even having to face off with a large beast that could very possibly leave them extremely hurt and kill pikmin.

And at that specific moment, the beast was an enraged Fiery Bulborb.

Louie called the Whites away before the infernal bulborb's jaws could clamp down on them. They scurried away with an impressive speed and stopped only after they were behind their second leader.

Olimar quickly ran around and threw red pikmin on. The reds attacked, beating the bulborb with their stems. The bulborb tried to shake them off but the reds held on firmly. After a few moments, the bulborb collapsed. The reds then picked up the beast and began to take the kill back to the Onion, not noticing that Louie was staring at the dead bulborb with considerable interest. Many thoughts ran through his mind as he watched.

Olimar called the rest of the pikmin to help the remaining reds and whites to help break down the earthen gate that blocked them from the yellow pikmin that sat on the branches of an old tree. As they worked, Olimar didn't notice Louie almost hypnotically following the dead bulborb. He was busy thinking of the odd things that he had recently seen the past few days.

Day 4,

As Olimar explored some more of the Awakening Wood, he noticed that in the distance there was a black mass that resembled a ship but as he tried to near the mass, it disappeared completely. Curious still he went closer, and was shoved roughly back by what appeared to be a force field of some kind. Completely baffled he reached a hand out but nothing happened. When he asked the Ship to scan the area, it showed him that nothing was there.

Day 7,

A stray red pikmin that had chased an iridescent flint beetle began to 'levitate' in mid air. When Louie whistled it over the pikmin gently 'floated back down' and blinked up as it heard a female voice whisper seemingly from thin air.

"Perge, properamus parvulus!" (1)

It didn't respond to Louie's whistle for a moment as it stared in confusion at the 'air' before running off to join the other pikmin.

Day 13,

Olimar, Louie and the pikmin returned to the base after discovering the white pikmin in the White Flower Garden. Just as they landed, the heard the roar of an engine of a ship and looked up in time to see the same black ship that Olimar had found several days back streaking above their heads rapidly. It was hard to follow it as the sky was darkening and the ship blended with the sky.

And this morning too, the Ship told him that there was another space craft somewhere near them. It had detected said space craft just after landing.

A chime, made the captain look up to see that the earthen wall had been torn and the pikmin where waiting patiently for his next command. He called them over and walked to the yellows. Not noticing that Louie had followed the reds, he rejoined with the second of his original 3 colored pikmin. The yellows squeaked happily and nuzzled him content; recognizing him from his previous visit. The younger leaf pikmin stared at him from a distance, not quite understanding but soon accepting him as well. All the way at the back was a particular leaf that had a silver earring, it blinked curiously.

The Ship, examined the yellows that sent a crackle of electricity through it. Olimar didn't understand either. The last time he had been on the Distant Planet yellow pikmin did not have any skill when it came to electricity. They used to have the ability to pick up and throw Bomb Rocks. Putting the thoughts aside for the moment, Olimar started to raise the yellow pikmin count when he noticed a yellow pikmin with a small silver earring that hung on its left ear.

When he called the pikmin over, it came obediently to him, blinking it's large ebony eyes. The earring appeared to be made of silver and was polished and very well kept. While examining it, Olimar found some writing on it. Printed in jet black were several shapes and numbers.

"What particular looking pikmin you have there" the ship said as it scanned the yellow pikmin. "It seems that it has an earring. How odd! Hmmm and that earring isn't just made of silver, but I can't' really 'see' what is underneath… It appears to be some type of tracker but I'm not quite sure about that"

Olimar looked bewildered "Could this mean that there others on this planet?"

The Ship bobbed up and down as if nodding. "I suppose, this isn't Hocotatian technology and none of the planets that we've done business lately have this either…"

"…..Louie? What do you think?" Olimar asked without looking up. When he heard no response, he looked up only to find that Louie had disappeared. "Louie?"

Meanwhile back at the base, Louie was busily mumbling to himself about tastes and how spicy the meat was but how all around great it was. The reds that had carried the bulborb to the base sat idly on the grass, playing around with small blades of grass that they plucked from boredom.

"He's back at the base Olimar" the Ship informed.

Olimar stood up and continued to raise the number of yellow pikmin until he had a reasonable amount of pikmin. The rest of the day would go into finding nectar and gathering sprays. As searched for nectar to flower the pikmin, the odd yellow stopped walking and flicked his ears as he searched for something all around him. He wandered off from the rest unnoticed.

"Polaris! Veniread navemcarus!" (2)

The pikmin blinked and ran off into the distance. He ran straight into the stream but was not affected in the least by the water. He was protected by a blue force field that surrounded him. He continued to hop and struggled through the water until he reached the black ship which zapped him in.

-At the end of the day-

Olimar dismissed the pikmin to their respected Onions and the purples and whites to the hull of the ship. Louie, was seemingly very content with something, got into his cockpit. Olimar was about to follow when he noticed that the yellow pikmin with the earring was not in the group of yellows that had gone into their onion. Before he could try to find where it had gone he heard the barks of bulborbs and the squeal of a firey blowhog. Quickly getting into the ship, which took off and was followed by the onions.

Once in the atmosphere, Olimar checked his pikmin chart and found that he indeed had left the yellow pikmin behind.

But how? He thought, they were all with me while we were getting berries and looking for nectar. And it wasn't eaten, drowned or died in battle…. So where could he be?


The yellow with the earring sat contently in a white basket eating what appeared to be a piece of candy as it watched the white creature that had rescued him speak to another being. This one was dressed completely in black, even it's hair was black. It's hands though, were gold as was its feet.

"Qui sunt qui entium?" (3) The black and white female creature asked.

"Nescio praefectum. Dubito haerent istos…" (4) The gold and black creature responded, looking at her.

"Etiam vestimentis suis galeis aura copiam. Sunt Quid hic agis?" (5) she asked, looking down at her black "paws".

"Fortasse missi sunt ex propria planetae ad facere research similis nobis ..."(6) he replied looked back at the white and black creature.

"Etiam, fortasse ... Quid putas Polaris?"(7) she asked the pikmin.

The yellow pikmin or rather Polaris as he was named by the two toned creature, blinked up at her and shrugged. He was much too focused on his treat to really pay attention, She smiled and reached over and rubbed his ears, cooing. He chirped contently, loving all the attention he was getting. He noticed that her eyes began to turn orange, signifying that she was tired.

After rubbing his ears once more, the two toned creature went to rest and the gold and black one disappeared. And after cuddling into the impeccable white blankets in his basket, Polaris went to sleep.

~~~~ Translations~~~~

Go on, hurry little one!

Come to the ship dear!

Who are those beings?

I don't know, Captain. I doubt they're natives.

Yes, they wear helmets and have a supply of their own breathing air. What do you suppose they're doing here?

Perhaps they were sent from their own planet to do research like us...

Yes, perhaps... What do you think Polaris?

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