Chapter 20. A Thousand Years

"I have died every day waiting for you. Darling don't be afraid. I have loved you for a thousand years. I'll love you for a thousand more".
-Christina Perri, "A Thousand Years"

Persephone gasped in a breath as her eyes shot open. She immediately sat up, shocked at the sensation of life returning to her. She felt like herself, but yet like someone totally different. She felt…powerful and beautiful. Getting up she looked at the mirror she saw that she was indeed different.

Her hair was longer and glossier, shining naturally. Persephone's skin was paler but also seemed to shine. She looked the same, but her features were more elegant, almost perfected. Her eyes had been ice blue before but were now a deep shade of cobalt.

"What's happened to me?" she wondered aloud.

A whine caught her attention. Turning she saw the red eyed wolf lying on the bed with his head raised. Hades' ears were lowered to his head, his tail down in a submissive way. Curious, the former princess made her way back to the bed where Hades was. She petted his head and he shifted at her touch.

"It worked" he said, "My cure worked".
"Persephone" he took her hands, "You're a goddess now".
"What? How?!" she looked at him incredulously.
"I made a cure to your illness using food from…here. It's not just bounded you here, but…it's made you immortal".

He expected her to be upset, to be angry or sad. But to his surprise, Persephone leaned over and kissed him passionately. Though initially shocked he returned the kiss with just as much love and passion, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. At long last, they pulled apart and Persephone had the most loving smile on her face.

"I love you…so much" she breathed.
"And I love you, dearest" he replied feeling more loved than ever.
"So, does this mean I can be with you forever?"
"Yes love. It does".
"Praise the gods. I was afraid. Afraid I'd never get to see you again. I don't even know where I was".
"You were between worlds. Thanatos takes souls across to get them to mine. And I was afraid too. You have no idea, Persephone. If I'd lost you, I would've lost everything".
"Well now you don't have to. We're together now and nothing, nothing is going to separate us".
"Actually" Hades looked grim, "There is one thing".
"What is it?"
"Zeus and I have an agreement. You're to spend only have the year with me. The other half is with the mortals".
"What?! Why?! They'll never take me back! Hades, they hate me, they fear me because of my association with you".
"But not your sister. I'm doing this to try to be fair to her".
"So if you're doing this…then you've called off-"
"Yes, your people are safe, love, thanks to you".
"Well then" her smile hadn't faded, "Let's not keep Andromeda waiting. It's time to tell her".
"Zeus has already sent a messenger. All of Greece knows now. You aren't princess Persephone anymore. You are Persephone, goddess of spring and nature. And…well…if you want it, Queen of the Underworld".
"Are you asking me to…to marry you?"
"Yes, as a matter of fact I am. My brother thinks we should get it done quickly".
"Of course he does. But yes, I'll have you. I like to think I already agreed to this. I said I wanted you forever and I meant it. Every word of it".
"My love" Hades put a hand on her cheek and she held it there adoringly, "Thank you".
"We were meant. There's nothing to be grateful for".
"Actually there's plenty. You give my life meaning, love. If it weren't for you I'd be trapped in darkness forever. But you, it was you who brought the light back" he smiled, "Just as you said you would".

Persephone smiled back and kissed him again, certain the future would only get better now.

Wedding plans were not easy to make. Most of the gods were hesitant to even attempt to acknowledge this new union. But Hera, as the goddess of marriage, had to do what she was supposed to and in time she grew to like Persephone and often welcomed her as a guest before the wedding. They were going to be sisters in law after all. But it was mostly to discuss plans and she also gave tips on being a goddess, especially when it came to controlling her power. Though it was a little difficult to explain as this hadn't happened before; a mortal being converted to a god.

Eventually it was decided that two weddings would be performed. The first would be on Olympus, where Persephone and Hades would be joined by Zeus in a very sacred ceremony. The other would take place in Argos for the sake of Andromeda, who was more than happy to hear that her sister was returning for a temporary time and was now a very happy bride to be.

At last everything was well prepared and the day had come for the first wedding. Aphrodite and her attendants took care of Persephone's attire, dressing her in a long dress made of red velvet and black lace. Her hair was put in an elegant bun as to show her whole face. Persephone found that a little annoying as she loved her hair to tumble down her back but she let it go. Her arms and shoulders were covered with a silk black scarf which would also go over her head like a veil. The final piece was a simple black pearl necklace. Overall, Persephone was pleased with the look. Hopefully Hades would be too and she smiled at the thought.

"Are you ready?" the goddess of love and beauty asked.
"I think so. Just a little nervous is all".
"You look amazing, trust me. You'll do great".
"Thank you".

With that she was led to the gathering hall which was decorated in the colors of the underworld, red and black with tints of other earth toned colors. At Zeus' side, Hades stood with a light smile on his face. Persephone couldn't help but feel encouraged now. Everything was going to be fine. In just a few steps she was only across from him, looking in his eyes where happiness shone the brightest. They joined hands, performing the rites and saying vows. Nothing could've been more perfect. It flew by quick, despite it taking quite some time.

At long last though, it was over. The next wedding would be in about a week, so now they had all this time for themselves. Exhausted, Persephone laid down on the bed they were now to share. The thought delighted her, as she never thought anything like this would happen. Her husband joined her, wrapping his arms around her and holding her close and tight.

"I never thought I'd see this day" she said sighing happily.
"Neither did I, my sweet. I've waited so long for this. Now I can spend the rest of our lives making you happy".
"We'll make each other happy" she turned in his hold so she was facing him and kissed him with all her love.

This time he wasn't hesitant. He kissed her back with all his love, which rivaled her own. At long last, both had found their place in the world and that was here, in each other's embrace.

Author's note: It is done folks! Finally, second fic I ever got done on this account at least. I know, I didn't detail the wedding too much, but I'm not really into all that not to mention I wanted to post this in time for Christmas. So I'm so glad you guys liked it and I might consider a sequel, might. Thank you to all my reviewers, as you guys kept me motivated when I was absolutely dead on this story. Thanks a ton and I hope to make more fanfiction that you enjoy.