My first Fallen fanfic. Go easy on me?

Well, here goes nothing.

There were nine of them.

Nine of them seated on a circular table.

One minute ago, Luce had been sitting on her bed, reading her favorite book, and the next she was sitting with eight other people with her. All nine of them were sitting in a room, nothing else visible except white. They had the same bewildered look she had. Confused glances as all of them searched their surroundings. One of them had even tried to get up her chair, to only find that she couldn't.

"What the hell?" she shouted, "Is this some kind of joke?"

"Calm down, Arriane," a boy said. His dreads are all over his face, which made Luce want to lean in and uncover them from his face. "Obviously, we're here for a reason."

Suddenly, a booming voice echoed. "Unfortunately, Mr Sparks is right."

All jumps suddenly, surprised at the voice. Recognition dawned on most of their faces, except another girl and Luce. The girl, she realized, had layers of clothing on; more than necessary. What is going on? Luce thought.

The voice continued, "Most of you already know who I am, and are familiar with my presence. To those who don't, I am the Spirit. And you shall know me as the Throne."

The mighty words echoed throughout the room. Excited looks form on the others' faces, some, though, have worry flashed in it. A boy -he had bright blond hair and gray eyes, strangely tinted with violet- gasped at the sight of her. He did a double take. Why would he do that? We don't know each other... Luce shrugged the feeling off.

"All of you are probably wondering what you are doing here. One of our transeternals has intercepted a book; a book that united all of you here now." The voice paused. "Containing this book is vital information. It holds what will happen in the future. It is important that you do not share this information with others; for it is important that whatever the information that book withholds should stay here. Good luck," the voice says.

Suddenly, there is a flash of light, so bright that Luce has to cover her eyes. She looks at the others, and see that they are doing the same. Then the flash withdraws and it is gone.

There is a collective awkward silence from the group. No one speaks. Then the girl -Arriane, she remembered- breaks the silence.

"Well, let's get started, shall we?"

The other girl, the one with many layers of clothing, speaks. "Just a question, but what exactly are transeternals? And what the heck are we doing here?" she asks Arriane.

A boy -he had dark brown hair, and the most mesmerizing green eyes- spoke for Arriane. "Transeternals. They're practically mortals, but somehow their look alikes," he says, casually. He looks at her. "And that's why we're here, isn't it? To find out what that," he gestures to the book, "Contains." He shrugs. "Whatever it contains must be so important."

The girl scowls at him, but doesn't say anything. She rolls her eyes, instead.

Another girl speaks, to break the tension. "Well, hiya guys. I'm Gabbe," she says with a Southern accent; that Luce couldn't help but admire. She had bright blond hair, too, and perfectly manicured pink nails. She envied this girl.

Beside her, a girl with pink hair spoke. "Annabelle," she said, and waved her hand to her seatmate, who looked like she could kill somebody. If looks could kill, Luce thought.

"Molly," the glaring girl spoke.

"Roland," the boy with the dreads said.

"Daniel," the boy with blond hair -who was so surprised to see her- said. His face gave no sign of emotion, though Luce could've sworn that he looked her way just for a minute.

Arriane yelled. "Well you already know my name! But anyway, I'm Arriane!" She waved. Annabelle and Roland slapped her, playfully, and she pouted. Molly rolled her eyes.

The girl beside her said, "Pennyweather Van-Syckle Lockwood. But you can call me Penn." She grins triumphantly. Everyone looks at her blankly.

"Did you have to mention your full name?" Molly asked. Penn's face drops, and Luce immediately decided that she did not like Molly.

Daniel scowls. "Molly," he says in a dangerous tone.

Molly huffs and rolls her eyes again. Once everyone's attention is directed to me, I say my name.

"Lucinda," I say uneasily, "Luce."

The last boy. He grins, which makes him look cuter than normal. Luce blushes, embarassed by her thoughts, and feels something flutter inside her. "Cam," he says. He turns to Luce and winks, which makes her blush even more.

Daniel, however, is glaring daggers at Cam. Woah. And I thought it was only Molly's looks that could kill.

It is Annabelle breaks the tension. "Well, let's get started, shall we?"

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