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As I stand in the dressing room, getting ready to make Bella Swan my bride, I can't help but to reminisce about what all has changed over the past two years.

After my murder conviction was overturned, Charlie told Bella they'd drop all potential charges against me – from my prison escape on - if I was willing to let the little incident with Jake slide. I didn't really care for the idea of letting him get off the hook for his behavior, but I knew I didn't want to spend any more time away from my Bella than I had to, so I relented.

My Bella…

I fell in love with Bella the moment I laid my eyes on her in the diner on that fateful night…I just didn't know it then. She proved to me over the following couple of weeks that she was the one meant for me. Each and every thing about her impressed me, amazed me, and inspired me. She was exactly what I had always wanted in my other half; I just couldn't believe that I had gotten so lucky to find it after all I'd been through.

We moved in together about three weeks after my trial. To most that might seem rather fast, but Bella and I both knew we had found something truly special in one another and didn't want to take the risk of letting anyone or anything get in between us.

About six months later, we got the surprise of our lives: Bella was expecting! And after we got over the initial shock and what ifs and let the idea sink in a bit, we were both extremely excited about the fact that we were going to become parents.

When Benjamin Edward Cullen was born on July 13th, I was ecstatic. I had been by Bella's side for all fourteen hours of labor and subsequent C-section delivery, and had been blessed to watch the miracle of my son being born. When they laid him on Bella's chest for the first time, she began to cry and I couldn't hold back any longer. The sight of my soon to be wife and newborn son together for the first time was overwhelming. We were a family.

Bella and I hadn't planned to put the buggy before the horse, per say, but sometimes things just don't work out as planned. Which pretty much sums up my life. But I can't complain about any of it.

"Daaa daaa," Ben babbles from in his car seat, breaking me away from my thoughts. I pick him up and hold him to my chest, making sure not to get anything on either of our suits; Bella would not be too pleased about that!

"Shhh," I whisper to him, "We're about to go marry Mummy. How does that sound?" Ben coos and babbles a bit more, smiling like the happy baby that he is.

"Mr. Cullen, we're ready to start," the preacher interrupts, peeking his head through the doorway.

"Okay," I say, beginning to place Ben back in his car seat.

"Oh no, you don't," Alice sings from behind me. "I need the ring bearer so I can get him put in his wagon. Come on." I smile and hand my son over to Alice and watch as she makes him laugh in a matter of seconds. I'm so happy to have her in our lives now.

"He's perfect, Edward. Really perfect." She smiles and gives me a small hug before leaving me alone to fiddle with the Windsor knot in my tie.

The wedding is a complete blur. From the moment the bridal march begins to play, and I see Bella in her gown for the first time, I'm completely immobilized by her beauty and rendered useless for the remainder of the ceremony.

After countless photographs with the wedding party, we all head to the reception where the day flows effortlessly into the evening. There is a lot of laughter, tears, and congratulations, and Bella and I are constantly reminded by just how many people love us.

"Can I have your attention please?" Emmett booms out over the chatter in the room, heavily banging his dinner fork against the side of his wine glass to gather everyone's attention. Once everyone has taken to their seats, he continues.

"Bella and Edward. Bella and Edward," he reiterates. "I guess you're kind of like the real life version of Beauty and the Beast meets Bonnie and Clyde." Everyone laughs and Bella blushes. I clasp her hand under the table and place it on the inside of my thigh. She was never one for much attention.

"I can honestly say that I've never met a couple more made for each other than the two of you. I mean, if a man can hold a salmon knife to a woman's neck and drag her out of a rundown diner in the middle of the night, covered in fire retardant foam, and still manage to weasel his way into her life and into her pants," he pauses while everyone laughs, "well…if that doesn't prove these two were destiny, I'm not sure what would."

Bella sighs and I take a look at Charlie, who is suddenly very interested in the tablecloth. I bite my lip to keep from laughing and shoot Emmett a warning glance. He just smiles and continues on teasing and telling stories. After Bella and her father are thoroughly embarrassed, Emmett wishes us good luck before retaking his seat.

Next, my friend Seth Clearwater from Texas, aka Jasper Whitlock, gives his speech. Jasper, of course, is much more appropriate and kid friendly with his choice of words, which Bella greatly appreciates.

The reception begins to wind down around eleven, and Charlie catches up to Bella and I just before we make our exit.

"Your friend Seth reminds me of that Jasper guy who was supposedly killed when his girlfriend's van plummeted off the Grand Canyon last year," he states, squinting his eyes and giving us an all-knowing look.

With Jasper's new hair color, colored contacts and a tiny bit of facial reconstruction from a friend of Emmett's, he is almost unrecognizable to the average civilian. But Chief Swan is not your average anything.

"I'm not sure what you're talking about, Daddy," Bella says sweetly, throwing her arm around his neck. "But let's not ruin my day and discuss this any more, okay?" Charlie grunts in agreement, before giving Bella a kiss on the cheek.

"Congratulations, you two. I better go find that grandson of mine; I've been looking forward to some bonding time between just us men," he says before excusing himself, leaving Bella and I alone for the first time that evening.

I slide my arm around her waist and hold her body flush to mine. Bella leans into me and I kiss her gently on her forehead.

"Hi," I sigh and whisper quietly to her. It seems like ages have passed since I've been able to hold her, even though it hasn't been long at all. This day is finally taking a toll on me and I can see Bella is pretty exhausted as well.

"Care for one last dance, Mrs. Cullen?" I ask her, taking her tiny hand in mine and leading her to the pagoda. "Then we can say our goodbyes to the guests."

Bella nods in agreement and as we dance under the stars, she rests her head on my chest. We savor the moment together as we listen to the crickets and bullfrogs sing around us, twinkly lights lighting up the night.

Luckily, we won't have far to go for our first night as a married couple. We were able to book our wedding reception and honeymoon night all in this marvelous location: The View Point Inn.

The song ends and we say goodbye to Charlie and little Ben; Bella scooping him up in her arms and peppering kisses all over his face. This will be the first time we leave Ben for more than just one night. But we both know Charlie will take extra good care of him while we are in London.

Yes, I'm finally going to be able to show Bella my hometown. I cannot wait to take her to my childhood stomping grounds and some of my favorite places. It will only be for a week, but I plan on returning again and again. Next time we'll bring Ben with us.

I lean in and kiss the top of Ben's head. "Take care of Grandpa, little man. Mummy and I will be back very soon. We love you."

The rest of our friends and family hug and kiss us congratulations and goodbyes as we make our way inside the Inn. Of course, the catcalls and whistles are from Emmett. I turn to look at him and see Rosalie jabbing him in the ribs.

Those two are perfect for each other. I'd eat my hat if we don't attend another wedding or two in the near future. Our epic road trip, as we now call it, really brought us all together and gave all of us a much brighter future.

With a smirk on my lips, I grab hold of Bella's waist and hoist her into my arms and over the threshold of our room.

Bella giggles and slaps me playfully across the chest. "I think we are passed the formalities here, Mister Cullen."

"I'm nothing if not traditional, Mrs. Cullen," I say with a wink, loving the way my name fits her perfectly. "It's about time I make a respectable woman out of you."

I place her gently on the king size bed and look longingly at her as I take off my tuxedo jacket, throwing it on a nearby chair and then loosen the tie and cummerbund. Just watching her lying there; her chest heaving in desire, her body wiggling in anticipation, I thank my lucky stars once again that fate has brought us together.

Slowly I step closer to her, my stance one of dominance and my eyes filled with predatory desire as I lean down to remove her heels. I slide my hands torturously slow up the sides of her legs, leaving soft kisses as I go. I gradually move her wedding dress up over every tiny bit of exposed stocking, my erection growing harder with every inch.

When I reach the garter holding her stockings up, I kiss and lick the bit of teasing flesh that I find. Bella writhes at the contact and bucks her hips closer to my face and hands.

"Mmmm, Edward," she moans, my name on her lips is pure desire. It fuels me to quicken my pace and bury myself inside her. But I want to be meticulous tonight and show her how thankful I am that she said yes to me.

Unclasping the stockings, I languidly unroll them down her legs. First one, then the other, teasing her with my lips, tongue and fingers as I go.

Reaching her bare toes, I kiss them and grab onto her ankles, suddenly pulling Bella to the edge of the bed with me. She shrieks in surprise and before I make my way to where we both want to be, Bella grabs hold of my face, bringing it to hers, our lips crashing in passion and need.

"I love you," she whispers to me when we break away. "Thank you for giving me this wonderful life. For everything I ever wanted and more. I love you so much."

I kiss her back but quickly return the sentiments. "No Bella, you are the one that needs the thanks. You have always supported me since the very beginning. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined having you and Ben in my life. But more precisely, actually living."

Bella knows where this is going; we've had this conversation many times. I know I wasn't living any semblance of a real life before I met her. But we also know the truth is I may not even be breathing if it wasn't for her and the belief she had for me.

"Don't," she starts, stroking my face and jaw with her soft fingertips. "We are not going to keep bringing this up. You have been given a second chance on life and we are going to live it to its fullest. Drudging it up repeatedly is not the answer."

Resting my forehead on hers, I whisper fervently, "I love you so very much."

And at that, we both start to frantically shed the other items of our clothes. Me, reaching for Bella's zipper in the back of her dress and her, scrambling to unbutton both my pants and shirt at the same time.

It would most likely look very comical to an onlooker, but both Bella and I can only see need and the craving to be even closer; it fuels us on. I take over my shirt buttons when Bella's silk wedding dress falls to the floor, leaving me staring agape at my beautiful wife.

The white satin panties that rest dangerously low on her hips, and the matching satin bra, pushing her beautiful breasts up and exposing her magnificent stomach to me. My dick twitches in my boxers and I step lovingly to her.

I reach my hand out and place it around her neck, kissing her deeply and seductively, all the while loving the moan that is trying to escape from her lips. Her hands grasp onto my hair and she tugs in pleasure making me even harder.

I trace my fingers along her collarbone and shower her with kisses as I move around her body. I slide one finger and then the next under her bra straps, sliding them down her arms and I quickly make work of the clasp on the back. I show each breast their due attention when they fall out, a glorious sight.

I make my way down her body and I kneel before her, kissing the scar on her stomach that brought our boy to us. My hands slide farther down, and I take her panties with me, teasing her extremely wet center by skimming lightly over her.

Bella's hands are in my hair once again as she guides me closer to her. "I can't wait anymore Edward, I need you," she practically begs. And who am I to deny her?

We both spend the time worshipping each other's bodies for the rest of the night. Sometimes with quick, hard thrusts and others with slow, sensual, love. She strokes me with her soft, tiny hands and I use my guitar calloused fingers to play her like the beautiful instrument she is.

After we are physically sated and lying in bed together, relaxed like never before, I surprise her with a final gift.

"Edward, there is nothing more you can give me," she giggles as she speaks, but I can see the seriousness there as well. "Having you and Ben in my life is all I'll ever need."

I place a quick peck on her forehead and reach under the bed.

"What are you doing?" She laughs and I know that my naked bum is on display. "Not that I mind the view, of course."

I return to the bed with my guitar in hand and her laugh is stifled immediately. I know she has heard the soft strums that have come out of our extra room at night but she hasn't questioned them. I spend a lot of my time these days writing music. But this, she hasn't heard.

As I play my Love Song for Bella, I can see the tears welling up in her eyes. I have had so many emotions coursing through me since I met her and this is the easiest way for me to show her. Well, without touching her, that is.

I strum the guitar, getting lost again in my feelings for her and singing the words that are meant only for her.

As I play the final chord, I look up and smile shyly. Bella claps her hands and throws her arms around my neck, crushing the guitar between us. Deftly, I remove the guitar and wrap my arms around her tiny body again.

Now, this is the life. And I have never felt freer than I do at this very moment.

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