(The Thirteenth Anthology, Kingdom Hearts 2) Kairi and Sora soon separated after she knew Sora was okay to fight on his own, and she went to go and fight someone on her own. She continued to run through the battle field until she felt a dark presence behind her. She turned around and brought her keyblade up just in time to block the blow: it was Dilan, who was using a keyblade that greatly represented his lances. "It's good to see you princess." Dilan said as Kairi pushed him back.

"When is everyone going to stop calling me a princess?" Kairi said, getting a little annoyed with this as she charged at Dilan, who then summoned his lances to surround himself. Thankfully, Kairi stopped herself just in the nick of time before she ran right into those lances. "What, afraid to use your keyblade?" Kairi mocked, which made Dilan grow with anger. He then began to walk up to Kairi slowly, trying to hit her with the lances that surrounded him. Kairi then remembered when she fought this guy with Lea, remembering there was an opening to hit Dilan at the top of the lances. So she ran towards the darkness as fast as she could, kicking up enough speed to jump above him. Kairi then brought her keyblade down on Dilan, who then made the lances surrounding him disappear and then quickly hit Kairi with his keyblade, which sent her flying backwards. Luckily for Kairi though, she landed on her feet and then prepared for the next attack Dilan was about to make on her.

Just as Kairi suspected, Dilan came running towards her, with his keyblade out in full force. Kairi brought her keyblade out to block the blow though, meeting Dilan face to face as he then quickly took a step back. Dilan then held his keyblade over his head and pointed it right at Kairi, who was confused by this, but then when she saw the lances appear out of nowhere, she knew what Dilan was doing. So she quickly avoided Dilan's lances by jumping into the air, but she knew Dilan was not going to let her get away that easily, so she did a double jump in the air and the lances missed her once again. The lances then plummeted to the ground, right towards Dilan, and he was hit with his own attack. Dilan was taken back by this, and then when Kairi got an aerial attack on the darkness from above, he knew he was in a bad spot right now.

As soon as Kairi did that attack on him, Dilan jumped back, proving to himself how strong he was since the lances did much damage to himself. Kairi was about to run in to get another attack on Dilan, but the replica then brought his keyblade out in front of himself to block the blow. The two then had a heated battle, seeing which one could push back the other, but Dilan came out victorious in this move, and he then quickly summoned his lances to surround him again. Kairi then gave Dilan a death glare as she used reflect on herself and ran towards Dilan, making sure the reflect around her would keep up. She then ran right into Dilan's lances, making them go flying everywhere as she unsummoned reflect and got another combo hit on Dilan. Kairi then looked at Dilan one last time in the eyes, as she fired a blast of light at him, ending this fight. Dilan only looked at himself as he began to fade, and his scream echoed as the darkness took him.

Ventus was looking around the area, mostly looking for Vanitas since he had a score to settle with him and all for what he did. But as Ven continued to look around, he could have sworn he smelled roses, in the middle of this barren land. Ven knew what it was, and quickly held his keyblade out, looking for the graceful assassin himself. But when Ven felt the powerful force that hit him from behind, he knew he had found the source of the smell. Ven landed on his feet thankfully when he was sent back by the force, and the turned to see the man with the light pink hair and the keyblade that looked a lot like the

Scythe he used before: it was Lumaria. "Oh great, out of all the people, why did I have to fight the one that looked like the former member I could not stand?" Lumaria commented, as Ventus gave him a death glare.

"Shut up!" Ven said as he ran towards Lumaria, trying to jump and get an aerial attack on him but when Ven brought his keyblade down on the darkness, Lumaria disappeared in a flash of flowers. Ven then looked around, searching for the pink headed member until he looked out a few yards in front of him and saw the member. Ven ran towards him at full speed as Lumaria did the same and ran towards him, soon meeting in the middle with both their keyblades making sparks with the met. The two then tried to push each other back, that was until Lumaria saw no one was going to win this part of the fight since they were evenly matched, so he once again vanished in the flowers, making Ven grow angry. "Stop running and fight like a man!" Ventus exclaimed as he turned around to see the assassin trying to bring his keyblade down on the blonde.

As soon as Ven saw this, he quickly ducked and sliced his keyblade at Lumaria's ankles, making the replica fall to the ground. Ventus then used a blast of blizzard right on the member, making him freeze to the ground as Ven pointed his keyblade right at Lumaria's face. Lumaria only laughed at this however, and then vanished once again in a splash of petals, which melted the ice holding the darkness down in an instant. Ven was completely shocked by this, but was even more shocked when he felt something cut his armor from behind, sending him to the ground an knocking his helmet off. Ven then met the ground and shook his head, letting his blonde hair wave out as he looked at whatever it was that Lumaria fired at him. He then looked down to see that Lumaria fired countless petals at him, which were sharper than any knife Arlene used.

Ventus then prepared for the next attack he thought Lumaria would throw at him, and as Ven suspected, Lumaria tried to bring his keyblade down on Ven while he was on the ground. But Ven quickly dodged this and then shot up, hitting Lumaria with a good combo hit and sending the darkness to the ground. Lumaria then slowly began to get back up, but then was shot right back down when Ventus fired a blast of light at him. Ven then looked closely at Lumaria, seeing a burn mark right where the blast of light hit him, and he was holding it in pain. Ventus knew this was his chance to win this battle, and then fired another blast of darkness at Lumaria, which ended him on the spot and he faded into darkness. "Maybe if you didn't use flowers to attack your foes you could have had a chance," where Ven's last words to the pink haired assassin as he faded.

Terra was looking around the area, seeing if anyone of his friends needed help in fighting a battle, since he knew some of them had to be getting weak by now. But then Terra heard the noise of a corridor of darkness appear behind him, and turned around to see young Xehanort, stepping out of it with his keyblade in hand. "So you're the one that my older self possessed." Young Xehanort said, angering Terra. "Some light you are for giving into the darkness like that."

"You asked for it!" Terra said as he ran for young Xehanort, who as soon as Terra approached him, disappeared out of now where. Terra then looked around to see that he appeared again more towards the middle of where they were fighting. Terra then ran towards young Xehanort again, this time as he prepared to attack the light, Terra jumped up into the air, bringing his keyblade down on the younger version of his arch nemesis. Terra then got a good combo hit on the younger version of Xehanort, but then when young Xehanort froze in midair, Terra was confused by this. Terra was then not expecting a powerful force of darkness to come and hit him from behind, sending him to the ground. Terra quickly got back up though, looking at young Xehanort who was laughing under his breath as soon as Terra fell.

This time, instead of Terra running for young Xehanort, young Xehanort ran to him, lifting his keyblade high into the air as a blue whip like object came out of the tip of the keyblade. Terra only looked at this and made a grin under his helmet as the whip came straight towards him, hitting him dead on and making him go flying backwards. Terra quickly did an aerial recovery however and dodged the next few attacks young Xehanort tried to make on him with his whip by sliding through the air. But Terra could not avoid the whip for coming right at him, heading right for his face, but he could stop it. So Terra then held his keyblade out in front of him to block the blow, the whip circling around the keyblade, and young Xehanort pulled the whip back, taking Terra's keyblade with him. Even though young Xehanort laughed at this, Terra only smiled and jumped right at young Xehanort, summoning his keyblade once again and hitting young Xehanort dead on with an excellent combo and a few blasts of light.

It was clear to Terra that this single attack that he just did harmed young Xehanort greatly, especially with the light attacks. But then young Xehanort disappeared and reappeared more in the center of the area once again, this time, sticking his keyblade into the ground and firing a few bright lights from the tip of it. Terra knew what these where, Riku had told him about it countless times before this battle, they were lights that slowed you down, made time not on your side. As soon as Terra saw these, he tried to avoid them, but the lights followed him everywhere he traveled, and they eventually hit him. Terra then kept his keyblade in hand, expecting young Xehanort to come running at him trying to harm him, but that did not happen. Instead, young Xehanort summoned a corridor of darkness, only it was different, it had more of a dark blue look to it and young Xehanort looked to be walking inside it. "This battle is over for me," Young Xehanort said, "I will leave the rest to my older self."

Young Xehanort then walked through the portal, vanishing out of sight. At first Terra was confused by this, but then he knew what was happening, young Xehanort was going back to his own time so he could not get killed, because if he was killed, then that would mean Xehanort wouldn't even be existing right now. Terra knew that when young Xehanort went back to his own time, he would forget everything that has happened and live the life that he has in store. Terra knew young Xehanort was smart for leaving, but only wished that he could have stayed, so Terra could have ended him, and this fight would have never started.

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