Sora ran up the pathway, trying to make it to the top of the tower where he knew Xehanort had to be hiding. He had to beat him, he had to defeat Xehanort. If he didn't then all the worlds would fall to darkness, he would not be able to live on Riku, Kairi, and everyone else's legacies, this was about to happen, and Sora was ready.

Sora then made it to the top of the paths, which only lead to a flight of stairs which Sora of course followed. Sora knew that this area would have been the alter of naught if they were in the real Castle that Never Was. It all looked so much like that area, no roof, showing the sky, the flight of stairs, it was identical, except for the fact it was completely made out of plateaus of course. And as soon as Sora made it to the top of those stairs, a force field appeared around the area instantly.

"So, you have finally come to face your fate." The old man who was standing in the middle of the area said, turning around as soon as he heard Sora enter the area. "And I see you brought the last heart I need to complete my X-Blade."

Sora then placed his hand over his heart, almost like he was trying to protect his and Kairi's, which he was. "I am never going to let you get her heart Xehanort; I will never let you have your way!" Sora tried to say calmly.

(Black Powder, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep) "Well if you won't let me have her heart, then I am afraid I will have to take it from you by force!" Xehanort said as he prepared for battle. Sora stood on the high ground in his battle stance as a force field appeared around the place where he and Xehanort stood. Sora knew that he was in for the battle of his life. He had to defeat Xehanort. If he didn't than that could risk him getting to Kairi's heart inside him and completing the X-Blade that would not only cause the worlds to fall into darkness but would also risk his friends getting killed in the process. And that was not an option for Sora

Sora made the first move to attack Xehanort with his keyblade aiming it at the old man's chest hoping for a combo attack. But unfortunately Xehanort was able to block every blow Sora threw at him and caused Sora to go backwards by pushing the broken x-blade against his. Sora then came up for another attack but before he could even do anything Xehanort made three large black orbs of darkness appear over his head, aiming them at Sora. Sora then used reflect and was able to make the orbs to toward Xehanort who managed to block every one with his Keyblade. "Do you really want to fight a battle you know you are going to lose Sora?" Xehanort said.

"I will NOT lose to a coward like you!" Sora screamed at him as he charged at him with everything he had and managed to hit Xehanort twice before he made Sora fly up into the air by making a huge rock come out of the ground and hit him. Sora made an aerial recovery and came down from the dark grey sky trying to get a hit on Xehanort but that attempt failed when he blocked the attacks with the X-blade. Sora then hit the ground and jumped up into the air again and fired a light cannon at him. This time Xehanort was not able to block the attack but seemed to not harm Xehanort at all.

"See? Even the light cannot defeat me as long as I have the X-blade!" Xehanort yelled as he aimed the X-blade at Sora and tried to fire a dark cannon at him but Sora managed to dodge roll the attack.

"You won't have the X-blade for long once I'm through with it!" Sora yelled back at him as he ran up on Xehanort full speed and was able to hit him several times. Xehanort then pointed the X-blade into the air and a large portal of darkness appears over them. Xehanort went inside it and came out of another portal behind Sora hitting him several times smaller to how Vanitas attacked Ven, Aqua, and Terra over twelve years ago. Xehanort might have been old but when he had the X-blade, even if it was broken, he seemed unstoppable.

Sora then went down on one knee in pain. Xehanort was obviously winning this battle so far. Sora then pulled out a small white orb in his pocket and held it close. He hasn't used it in so long but he could never forget how to. "Give me strength!" He said as an everlasting light appeared around him knocking Xehanort on his back. When the light disappeared it revealed that Sora's armor has turned pure white and the kingdom key was gone and replaced by two become one and the ultima weapon. He was also floating in midair and was pointing the ultima weapon straight at Xehanort. Sora has entered Final Form.

Xehanort, now looking a little worried, got up and took a few steps back. Sora than charged at Xehanort and hit him with multiple combos with the two keyblades. All Xehanort could do was stay there and be a victim because even though the X-blade could probably take out Sora in final form in a minute, Xehanort was older and could not get his hand up to attack him. Xehanort finally got his hand up to block a few of the blows but was unable to block the aerial attack Sora performed that came smashing down on him. Xehanort then flew back words and ran into the force field keeping them both locked in.

It did not take Xehanort long to recover from the massive attack Sora just made upon him, despite the fact that it could of killed him if the force field was not there. However Sora was right there to give him more combo attacks when he got up. Sora did make a few more attacks before another bright light appeared around him. As the light went down it revealed that his armor turned back to its regular color and two become one and the ultima weapon were gone and the kingdom key was back in Sora's hands. Xehanort could only smile at this as he got up again after the multiple blows Sora had done to him. "What are you going to do now that you're not in final form anymore?" He said.

"THIS!" Sora exclaimed as he used his kingdom key and made Xehanort fly up into the air. Sora jumped into the air after him and used his Keyblade against Xehanort's back smaller to how he did with the Xemnas battle only he did not have path to dawn in his other hand. He after he had Xehanort high up in the air he jumped above him and came down on his body for a short period of time before he stopped after he saw the X-blade fly out of his old battered hands. (End Black Powder) "No!" Xehanort screamed as he saw Sora take the X-blade in his hand with the kingdom key in the opposite hand. Xehanort fell onto the ground and could nearly get back up on one knee as he saw Sora dismiss his helmet and kingdom key. The force field then disappeared and Sora looked at the broken X-blade curiously before he pointed it at Xehanort.

"NO! Please! Do not harm me!" He pleaded.

"Xehanort... You tried to form the X-blade to make another Keyblade War; you nearly killed Ven and kept Terra's body captive for years. Your heartless made my best friend a puppet and your nobody almost got us locked in the Realm of Darkness for the rest of our lives. You tried to use me as your last thirteenth darkness and you locked me in that virtual prison! You also killed the seven princess and all the worlds could fall into darkness if that happens! And let's not forget you are the reason my friends are hurt right now and your stupid replica made Kairi lose her heart again and you were just trying to kill me for it so you can complete this stupid X-blade! And you know what Xehanort?!" Sora exclaimed as he had the X-blade over his head as Xehanort coward in fear below him. Sora then calmed down and lowered the X-blade. He did not have to end Xehanort's life, he could save the worlds without killing him, all Sora had to do was unlock his heart to free Kairi and the worlds would be safe. Even though Sora knew Xehanort desirved to die, Sora was not about to go to his level. "I'm going to let you go."

Xehanort began to rest on his knee and looked up at Sora shocked. "Thank you Sora! Thank you!"

"If..." Sora said as Xehanort paid close attention to him. "If you heal my friends with you magic right now and I want to see you do it!"

"Of course, Sora of course." Xehanort said as he held out his hand and that showed a picture of Riku lying on the ground with Xion over him. He then snapped his fingers and a cure flower appeared over his head and Xion's. It then quickly showed everyone else healing as he snapped them again.

"Anything else?" Xehanort added.

"I want you to make the heartless, nobodies, unversed, and nightmares stop coming." Sora said.

"That can be done." Xehanort said as he snapped his fingers again. Sora then looked over his shoulder to see most of the heartless, nobodies, unversed, and nightmares were gone.

"Was that the last thing?" Xehanort asked.

"No, I have one more task for you." Sora said.

"Name it. For sparing my life I would do anything." He said as he looked straight at the X-blade, still pointed at him as he swallowed hard.

"I want you to leave." Sora said. "I want you to leave this world and go to another one so that me and my friends may never see you again."

Xehanort looked shocked upon this request. But he did as he was told and began walking to the side of Sora. "Yes. Of course... it is the least I could do for you." He then got behind Sora and made it seem like he was walking off. He then stopped as Sora took his eyes off him for a second.

"But now it is time to end your life!" He said. Sora then turned around to see Xehanort; he was gone, out of sight. But then Xehanort reappeared in front of Sora with his old keyblade in his hands. Xehanort then shot a beam of darkness at Sora's chest, which made him cry out in pain as Sora began to levitate in the air. "Can you spear a heart?" Xehanort said, and at that moment, Sora knew what he was doing. He was performing that attack Xemnas had performed on him on his second journey, Xehanort was trying to take Kairi's heart and kill Sora at the same time. Sora never did get to find out what happened if Xemnas succeeded in taking his heart, since Riku saved him, but Sora guessed he was about to find out.

So Sora continued to cry out in pain as he looked at his chest and saw that one bright light come out of his body and into the X-Blade as Xehanort let out an evil laugh. Sora and Xehanort where then trapped in a huge red light that covered them, showing that the X-Blade was complete. Sora knew Xehanort now that the heart that just came out of his body was Kairi's. Xehanort then made the beam of darkness more powerful, making Sora scream out in pain before Xehanort let Sora go, falling to the ground lifeless. That beam of darkness had basically destroyed Sora's heart.

"Such a foolish boy." He said as the completed X-blade shined in his hands. The heart that went inside it was Kairi's. With the princess now gone into the blade, the world's began to fade into darkness faster, her heart completed the X-Blade. He then looked over to see Sora's body lifeless and could only laugh. "I told you, you would never win." He spook to the body as he rose the X-Blade over his head and was covered in a thick layer of darkness. As soon as that darkness faded, it showed Xehanort was now in a complete suit of armor, much like Xemnas's was when Sora and Riku fought him on their second journey. Xehanort then brought the X-Blade up into the air, and out of the tip of it came a beam of dark light, which fired right into the sky, making the clouds vanish and it showed what was hiding behind them: Kingdom Hearts.

As Xehanort began to walk towards the center of the area, trying to get a better look at the heart shaped moon, Sora's lifeless body lied on the ground, not being able to move a single muscle as his life events flashed before his eyes. He saw letting Ven into his heart, unlocking his heart to free Kairi, and coming back, making that promise to Namine, waking from the pod, reuniting with Riku and Kairi after a year, defeating Xemnas, his Mark of Mastery exam, finding Aqua, saving Terra and Ven, living in that virtual prison and escaping, and the last memories he had with Kairi, Riku, Roxas, and everyone else. And after all that, everything he was ever told went through his head...

Come on Sora, I thought you were stronger than that.

I've got a better weapon. My heart.

We may never meet again, but we'll never forget each other.

The darkness may destroy my body, but it can't touch my heart.

I looked everywhere for you!

I wish I could meet him too.

The realm of light is safe now.

We'll go together.

You make me feel like life is so simple- simple and clean.

You have to defeat him now, not just for the worlds, but for me.

At that very moment, Sora's eyes shot open. He knew at that moment he needed to keep fighting, and he could not back down. Too many worlds and lives were at stake! His friends were in trouble and he was not going to let his friends get hurt any longer! He was not going to let Xehanort take Kairi's heart and get away with it, as a matter of fact, he was going to get her heart back. Sora then noticed he began to glow in a thick layer of light that completely surrounded his body, like an aurora. Sora knew what that light meant, and used his keyblade to a rise from the ground as a force field surrounded the area.

"What?" Master Xehanort said. He then turned around to see Sora glowing with a huge bright light around him with his kingdom key in front of him like how Terra's lingering will was when it and Xehanort thought all those years ago.

(Link to All, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drip Distance) "I can't believe this..." Sora said. "I can't believe that even after I spare your life, you still try to form this STUPID key!" He said as he began to get up using his keyblade, and the light surrounding him grew greater.

"What? What are you doing you should be dead! Get back down!" Xehanort said as Sora only began to glow brighter. Sora's light was becoming brighter than ever. He had all the light of his friends come within him.

"Don't you remember what I said before? Light will ALWAYS overcome the darkness!" Sora exclaimed as he formed his armor and went into his battle stance. "You have been treating the light like it is nothing, and that darkness is the source of all power, but it's not! The light is what rests in my friends, what they are giving me right now so that I can defeat you once and for all. My friends, they are my power, and I am theirs!" (End Link to All)

Xehanort only looked at Sora in shock, but that soon changed into anger. "Fine if you want to die again so be it!" Xehanort exclaimed as he began to glow with pure darkness.

The final battle between light and darkness was about to take place.

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