This story (in my perspective) is not that good. It was my first Rango fanfic. I have changed it countless times, but it still just doesnt seem to work. This is the first chapter, so please tell me what you think.

I was in the middle of the desert, thirsty, tired, and close to dying. I had no idea why or how I got here…on top of all that, I had no idea who I was either. I didn't have a mirror or anything that could reflect what I looked like. I seemed to be a strange bird…without any feathers. My wings were furry and were a light brown color. I wore a sleeveless grey shirt with a strange red symbol on the front. I also wore black jeans and black and white sneakers. I stared down at my winged hands. They were leathery. Like a…bat.

Bat? Was that what I was? I guess it would make sense. I couldn't remember my past, nothing looked familiar at all, but I guess it didn't really matter right? I was going to die in a couple minutes, because the sun was killing me. I kept walking. I used my wings to shield my face from the harsh sun. The desert stretched on. Of course, any minute now, I was going to pass out and die…but, when was that going to be?

My question was answered as a huge shadow loomed over me. I heard loud panting. The hot, sick breath rolling down my grey sleeveless shirt. I stiffened. Then I gathered up my courage to meet my fate and turned my head slowly. A huge coyote loomed over me, its' lips curled back into a snarl. Its' back fur sticking up. Then it reared back, ready to lunge.

I screamed and ran for dear life as the huge, three story tall coyote chased me through the endless desert. My instincts instantly kicked in. My wings fanned out. I flapped my wings like a mad person and took off. I gasped as I flew over the desert ground. I didn't have time to get overexcited over my ability to fly when I heard the coyotes' teeth snap close to my kicking legs. I could hear the coyote still gaining on me as I kept going the same direction I was heading. I flapped my wings harder from the running coyote.

I flew over dead animals, skulls, and small cacti. My eyes stared straight ahead. My heat skipped a beat. It was very faint but I could see it. A town. I flapped my wings harder, not caring that they felt like they were on fire. Someone in the town could help me and try to stop the coyote.

The Town:

I finally arrived in the town. I made quite a scene as I came flying in. The coyote's head went just above the buildings as it chased me down the one street in the town. The coyote snapped it s teeth at me and rubbed up against the buildings, making parts of the building buckle and break. Chunks of wood and other materials went flying. The townspeople ran screaming. They scattered in all directions and ran inside the nearby buildings. When they were inside, they watched the coyote chase me through the dirty, cracked windows.

I was getting tired fast. There had to be a person in charge in this town who could help me. A mayor? a sheriff? a deputy? Anyone? I quickly went down and hid behind a broken building. My heart thumped loudly. My sides were very sore, and my head was throbbing with pain, I couldn't take it anymore. I peaked behind the corner. The coyote stopped and was sniffing around the buildings.

The coyote sniffed the ground, and then went behind a building. I sighed with relief. I hoped that coyote would leave soon. I looked up. The citizens of the town were staring at me through the windows. It's not everyday you see a female bat flying into town, with a towering wild dog right behind her.

Suddenly I heard a low spine twisting growl behind me. I felt heavy panting on my back. I froze in fear. Slowly and cautiously, I turned my head. It found me. I quickly bolted out into the dusty street. I flapped my wings to get away, but the coyote pounced on me. I felt the air escape from my lungs. The huge, wild dog growled and breathed hot, foul breaths on my face. I struggled but it was no use. My wings screamed in pain.

All of the sudden, I heard a loud whistle. The coyote and I looked up. Standing about twenty feet away from us, was a green lizard in a cowboy getup. He was a chameleon. I saw the silver star on the right side of his shirt. He was the sheriff.

I could hear the townspeople cheering and chanting his name from the buildings. I couldn't quite catch the name, but I didn't care at the moment. The coyote growled at the sheriff. The predator got off me and charged the sheriff. The chameleon screamed and ran. I slowly got up. I was breathing heavily as I watched the sheriff get chased by the huge wild predator. My legs felt wobbly as I steadied myself to stay up. I took a quick look around the town.

The town was strange looking. For one thing, the saloon was a huge gas can. And the town seemed to be falling apart. I guessed because of the harsh hot winds, and on top of all that, a coyote was destroying most of them right now. Right when I thought that, the sheriff came running back down the street with the coyote at his heels.

They were coming right toward me. I started running as well. The sheriff ran right past me as if his tail was on fire. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my left wing. I quickly turned around and saw that the coyote's jaws were snapped tightly on my wing. Blood was seeping out. I screamed in pain.

Suddenly, something strange happened. One moment I was about to get eaten, the next thing I saw was the coyote sprawled on the dirt road with blood on its' muzzle. I stared at the coyote in shock. I swivelled my head around to see if anyone came out and shot it. No one was around…strange. Then I collapsed down on the ground and everything went black…

I woke up to a banging pain in my head. I groaned and reached up with my left wing to rub my head to calm it down. Pain shot up and down my wing. I winced at the pain and slowly set my wing down. I took my time opening my eyes. I blinked to get rid of the blurry surface. My eyes focused.

I was in a room. How did I get here? I asked myself in my head. Then I remembered the coyote, and the town. I was in the town. I looked around the room. It creaked and sighed. I laid on a cot bed with scratchy white sheets and a pillow filled with feathers. Right next to me was a small dresser and an oil lamp. Across from me was the wall which was splintered and falling apart. A cracked window was open to let the somewhat cool morning breeze in.

I winced at the morning light as it came in. I don't remember the sun being so blinding, I thought to myself as I used my good wing to shield my face from the light. Then something caught my eye. I looked to the left of me where the small dresser was. Right there on the surface, was a pair of sunglasses. I looked at them for a minute. Where those mine? They had to be, why else would they be there? I reached over and grabbed them off the dresser and placed them on. The sun seemed less threatening.

Suddenly a door to my left opened and a female light brown lizard came in. She wore a nice blue dress with black boots. Her hair was dark brown and came down in thick curls. "Oh! You're awake, how are you feelin'?" she asked me. She had a western accent. "Ok… I guess," I said.

"You're lucky to have survived. How come that coyote was chasin' you in the first place?" she asked me. I stared at her blankly, I had no idea why the coyote was chasing me in the first place. Mostly as all predators go, it was looking for food, and then found me and decided that I was its' next meal. "I was its' dinner, I think," I said finally.

The lizard placed a washcloth into a bowl of water, ringed it out, and then placed it on top of my forehead. "Well, you're lucky to have lived to tell the tale," she said smiling a bit. Then she stopped smiling and then looked at me for a minute. "Who are you? And where are you from?" she asked. I blinked at her.

"I…I don't know, I have no idea who I am or where I came from," I said. The lizard nodded. "I see, well, I might as well tell you who I am, my name's Beans," she said. "That's an interesting name," I said, hoping it wouldn't insult her. Beans just shrugged. "My daddy named me, he loved beans," she said. I nodded. "Oh, well, it's a fine name… at least you have a name," I said.

Beans looked at me sternly. She put her hands on her hips. "Now don't go all hurtin' yourself. You'll remember your name, or at least try to before the town thinks one up for you," she said. I shrugged my shoulders. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. "Come in," said Beans.

The door opened. It was the sheriff that helped me get away from the coyote. I now had a good look at him. He wore a white shirt under a black vest and wore dirty blue jeans and brown boots with spurs at the heels. He had a red bandana tied around his neck and wore a brown cowboy hat. His chameleon eyes moved around a bit looking at Beans and me at the same time.

"Hello, Beans, hello…um, you," he said to us in a cheery voice. Beans smiled. "Hello, Sheriff Rango," she said. I turned my focus to the chameleon. Rango, so that's what the townspeople were saying when he appeared on the street, and tried to lure the coyote away.

"How are you feelin' there, missy?" Rango asked me. "Fine" I said. Rango smiled and nodded. "Well that's good, I'm surprised you survived, not a lot of strangers survive here," he said. My stomach twisted. Rango continued, "Me and the townsfolk were also surprised when you came flyin' into the town with that coyote right behind you, and you taking it down like that! you should join my posse," he said smiling. "Wait, what?" I asked.

"My posse, I think you should join, not a lot of folks can join it," he said.

"No, that's not what I meant, you said I took the coyote down?" I asked him, slowly sitting up with my back leaning against the pillow. Rango nodded. "Yeah, everyone saw it, it was amazing. You sort of screamed at it, and it was sent flying through the air and landed a good distance away from you," said Rango, using his hands with dramatic waves and gestures. I did? What? No that's not possible, how could I do that? "What do you call yourself?" asked Rango. Beans spoke for me. "She doesn't remember, she also has no idea where she's from," she said. Rango looked at Beans and then back at me. "Ah, I see, well, you'll remember it, or if you can't, the town will name you something," said Rango reassuringly. Then he grabbed my wing.

"Come on, lets show you to the folks, shall we?" he asked smiling. I looked at Beans. She sighed. "I think you're ok, just don't go flyin' anywhere, you're gonna be in those bandages fer a while," she said to me as she took the damp washcloth off my forehead.

Then I was dragged through the door, down the stairs, and out into the open. When I was being dragged, I felt something brush up against my ankles. I looked down and almost fell. I was wearing a dress, instead of my normal grey sleeveless shirt and black pants.