Battlefield 3 FanFiction: The Attack on Donya Fortress,

SGT. Joseph "Joey" Mitchell USMC

Age: 21 Height 6,1"

Rank: Sergeant

Prologue: Bad Descisions

I went down hard. A mortar Shell stomped its way into the drivers compartment of our APC on our way to the already underway siege of Donya Fortress. We were forced to bail, but not after another Mortar went right through the back of the APC. I dove for cover, not knowing or caring that I almost dove onto a mine.

After regaining some of my motor skills, I decided to make my way on foot, vehicles were too big of a Target for me now anyways and the so proclaimed "Fortress" was only a quarter click south of me.

I seemed not to care that all around me there lay charred remains of my companions and Squad Mates. I fully came to my senses when I tripped over the ripped in half body of SGT. Mayweather. I couldn't bring myself to look at him for more than a second, it made my stomach churn.

Before I knew it, my bowels were right in front of me and saying hi to me in a greenish yellow glow.

"Fuck, shouldn't have had that soup before leaving." I thought to myself when suddenly I heard a sound that restored Hope into my soul for the time being.

I quickly turned around to see that my best friend, David had survived the initial bombardment of our APC.

"Barton" I said with a warm smile. "Joey, you look like shit, take a shower man." he said while trying to look serious. "yes sir right away." I managed to spurt out before tripping over Mayweathers remains again, landing face first on his ripped up chest.

David got me up and looked at me sternly "We need to advance, or we wont see any of the action". He said, while looking at me with an Expression I couldn't quite understand. It was a mix among thirst for action and Panic. I silently complied as we made our way to the Fortress. We didn't say a Word until we got to the Main Outpost which to me, looked like a scene from SAW. There was nothing appealing here. Everywhere I looked, People lay dying infront of me, I didn't even want to take a look at the Medical Tent, it probably would've been worse. I can't even begin to think what the Medics were feeling right now. What is going through their head when they realize a man is beyond saving? Do they tell him it's going to be okay? Do they tell him the truth? I guess i'll not know until I'm the one being operated on myself if things take a turn for the worse during the siege. Which I hope will not happen, at least not to me.

"Barton, Mitchell!, get your lazy asses over here!" a low voice bellowed out of the Command Tent. We both knew who it was already. It was Captain Bridges, the hardest of all the hardasses I have ever seen. He was about 6 foot 3 and was made out of a bulky build. Before joining the USMC, he was an MMA fighter, so you know where youd land when you talk back, on the ground with a broken back. Trust me, he wasn't very likeable but the most important thing you can ever do to him, is respect him. If he notices, after a while he will give you his respect in return and I trust you with my life on this, is what keeps me going sometimes. For example, I was lying face first in a Foxhole covering my head scared to death while we were taking Damavand Peak back in January. I couldn't move until the all to familiar voice shot through my head. "Mitchell you scared piece of Dog Shit! You took an oath to serve and protect your Country and you're relaxing in a fucking ditch? get up Soldier before I lose my respect for my best fighting man in my platoon!". Hell of a way to motivate right? Well, it worked. I got up and ran my ass into combat.

But back to now. We entered the Tent silently. "Siddown" He said in a half hearted command. I knew at this very moment that the news was not going to be good. "We are losing a lot of men, and we can't just send in more, that'd be suicide for the Soldiers. So we are going to pull back to a click west of the Fortress and send in 2 squads of our best men. I take it you now know why you are here?". We silently nodded and looked at one another. "S-sir?" David stammered, not knowing what to think of at first. "Why can't Delta Force take care of it? We're not trained for covert Missions.". "Well, theres the problem Barton, Delta force is too caught up helping liberate the Tehran Highway so out heavy Armor can roll in and..." Bridges eyes glazed over. I've never seen him this way before, whatever he was going to tell us, was tearing him apart from the inside. "Whats wrong cap?" I managed to say before he spoke up again.

"When you're inside, you will be by yourselves, there will be no reinforcements, no air support, no artillery." "What?" David spurted. "It has to be this way, the russians need to think they've won, that's why we are sending you in, You weaken them from the inside and then we can launch our attack at them." He hated every minute of this and he knew that we saw it. "This is a suicide mission! You can't be Serious. Bridges plea-." He said before being interrupted by the visibly distraught Captain. "I know this is very dangerous, but it's the only way. We haven't been able to get in a single man into that damned fortress, I need you to do this, you are the best of the Platoon and you plus the people I've selected are the only people that I can trust on this Mission. Now pack up and be ready by nightfall, move out."

We headed straight towards the Supply Tent before David stopped me. "This is batshit insane man." He bluttered out nervously. "How can he send us into the most heavily fortified Russian position in Iran?". "Did you see the look on his face? Whatever he told us to do, it wasn't him who decided on it, it was probably those High Class Generals with an O-10 Pay Grade." I told him, reassuring him that Bridges had nothing to do with it.

"Yeah you're probably right" He said with reason in his voice. "Come on, let's go see who else was enlisted into this suicide mission." I said with a stiff looking smile covering my face. "I hope it's not those stuck up assholes from Echo Squad" which caused me to spurt out laughing. "Let's hope so" I said while laughing. That was the last time we managed to actually laugh. I was surprised at who was picked for the mission. Heres who got Enlisted:

Alpha Squad:

- SSGT. Summers: One hell of a man, hes seen things I wish I hadn't. He's a Natural Born leader and I wonder to this day, Why he hasn't been promoted yet.

- PFC. Aarons: He doesn't talk much but hes one hell of a fighter. I'm glad hes on this Mission.

- Cpl. Stallard: Explosives Expert, but he talks like hes got a stick up his ass when not in Combat.

- LCpl. Feany: Of Irish descent. CQC skills are outstanding, I guess hes been in one too many Bar Fights over the years.

Then there's my Squad Aside from me there is:

- Lt. Barton: My best friend David. He's got the best shot that I have ever seen. I wonder why he didn't sign up for Recon.

- Pvt. Delouise: The most inexperienced of all. But hes not afraid to get his hands dirty.

- Cpl. Tracey: Hes Fluent in Russian. So he is needed direly for this Mission.

We exchanged Formalities and headed to the Briefing Room. Bridges was waiting for us, visibly thinking about the things we were going to experience. Beside him was General Hayzelden. He looked completely unphased at what was going to happen in the next few days. I wanted to choke the mans grin off his face. Did he not care for us? "If anything happens, I will personally find this man, and put a bullet through his mouth" I thought to myself while I tried to get in Control of my pent up Rage.

"Greetings soldiers." he said in a monotone voice void of all Emotion. He really didn't care, he showed no signs of either regret or nervousness on his "Too pretty for Combat" Face.

"We have selected you for this Mission, because we know you are some of the best Marines that have ever lived in your Generation." I felt honored, but at the same time i thought of how noone would ever say that again, as this was a Classified Mission.

"What I have here is a Blueprint of the Fortress." he said with his signautre shit eating grin on his face. "Alpha Squad, you will take care of the covert part of this Mission, you will be disguised as Iranian Prisoners, and you will be guided in by Beta Squad, led by Lieutenant Barton.".

"Um sir?" Feany said, "Why as Irani Prisoners?". "Because you don't want to know what they do to americans.". Whatever they did to americans, it was probably not very tasteful. Feany gulped, trying to keep his Dinner inside him.

"Anyways, Beta Squad will be disguised as Russian special Forces who have taken them in for "Questioning" as they are supposed Allies of our Army. "Tracey, you will take on the role of the Russian Squad Leader as you are fluent in Russian.".

"Yes sir" He replied nervously.

"You will enter here." as he pointed to a side entrance of the fortress. It was barely visible considering it was covered with dense rubble and foliage. I doubt the Russians even know it exists, which could help us in our favor.

"It will be less guarded, if Guards are stationed there anyways, than the rest of the Entrances, as thats the only side we are not stationed on.". That comment made me wince. "He doesn't even know if its guarded and hes sending us face first through that door." I angrily thought to myself. Iclenched my fist but managed to calm myself down.

"Once you are in, you will put C4 on each heavy gun, supply cache, radi equipment and anything that looks useful that you can find."

He pointed at Stallard. "That's where you come in." he said and Stallard nodded quietly.

"Once that is done, you will exit the same way you came, telling the any Russian that wants to know that these prisoners are being transferred to another spot, as they have Vital information and need to be interrogated.".

"Then you'll be back here to report to me." he said while attempting to look intimidating. It didn't work.

I shifted over to David and whispered "Something tells me this isn't going to be as easy as hes making it out to be." and David silently agreed.

"You have 2 hours to gear up Beta Squad, move out.".

"What about us?" Aarons blurted out. "You're prisoners, remember? You'll find weapons when you're inside.". Aarons, visibly scared, just walked away.

I knew that not everyone was going to make it back as Hayzelden made it seem. Theres always a chink in every generals so called "Master Plans to end the War". With uncertainty in my Heart, I walked into the Supply Tent and geared up for the upcoming Mission.

We waited for what seemed like and Eternity. 2 hours seemed like 15 years, but we were mentally ready.

The driver arrived in a battered Russian Vodnik. The drive took us longer as we had to drive away from the Fortress first and the take a bend to a passage where we hadn't set up our troops yet.

The Vodnik screeched to a halt and we dismounted about a click west of the Fortress.

We went over all our plans again so nothing would go horribly wrong.

Just as we got into sights range of the Fortress, fog rolled over the Land.

"We're in luck fellas!" Aarons exclaimed happily. But every sign of hope and happines faded when we set our eyes upon the Fortress. All our Hearts sank into our boots.

*This is what I would call the Warm up to the Story, I hope you enjoyed it and will read on when I've updated it.*