"Okay, Naga…" Korra said as they rounded a corner. "I think we're lost…"

Tenzin had told her not to go out without someone to guide her. Of course, being her, she didn't listen. So now they were lost in the city and Naga couldn't follow her scent trail back because the scent of car exhaust was too strong.

"Dangit…maybe we can ask someone," Korra said, patting Naga's neck as they walked. The Avatar wasn't quite sure who she could ask without having to stop and answer questions in return.

Both her and Naga began looking around, Korra for someone to ask, and Naga for a hint of something familiar. Because of this, neither of them were paying attention when they rounded another corner and Naga bumped into someone. Korra looked forward again when she felt Naga stop abruptly.

They had run into two brothers. The taller of the two was the one Naga ran into and he jumped back a second later when he registered that a polar bear-dog had run into him, bumping the other boy.

"Sorry!" Korra gasped, backing Naga up.

The boys looked at her for a moment before one spoke.

"Don't worry about it." It was the shorter one. "You're new here?"

"Uh, er…yes. And I'm a little lost," Korra answered. Naga whined and scratched the ground with her paw. "Okay…perhaps a lot lost."

The boys looked at each other, then turned back to her. "Want us to help?" the taller one asked.

"As long as I don't have to answer a bunch of questions," Korra told them.

"No worries," the shorter said. "Where are you headed?"

"Air Temple Island," she said. "If I'm not back soon, I'll get in trouble."

"Okay. Just follow us and you'll be back in no time," the shorter one said as he walked off, the other following. Korra turned Naga and walked beside them.

After a few minutes, Korra broke the silence and asked, "So, how long have you guys lived here?"

"We grew up here," the shorter one answered. "So we know all the best routes."

"Yeah. It comes in handy a lot," the other said.

Silence fell once more. And again, Korra was the one who broke it.

"Do you guys watch pro-bending?" she asked.

"Actually, we're in it," the shorter told her.

"Cool! I want to watch a match, but I'm not allowed to go to the arena," Korra said with a grumble.

"That's too bad. But hey, there's always the radio, right?" he said.

"Nope," she sighed. "Can't listen to it either. It'll interfere with my training."

"Hey, we're almost at the ferry," the taller boy said.

Korra looked ahead of them and saw the ferry. "Oh, cool! Thank you so much," she said. "I'll be off then. Again, thanks so much for the help. And, good luck in the games."

That said, she waved a farewell and hurried off to the ferry. "Thanks," the boys called after her before turning around to go home.

None of them recognized each other when Korra showed up at the arena. They hadn't exchanged names, and their voices weren't any clue since they didn't talk all that much. So, Mako just thought she was just another fan girl that Bolin found wandering around.