Chapter one

Elisabeth's POV

I glanced at the clock. The sooner I left the sooner I could get ready for the school dance that Hailey was NOT going to ruin. Still one minute to go. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Hailey smirking at me. No she is NOT going to ruin this for once. No, no, and no. DDDRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRING! The bell rang, bringing me back to class. Everyone grabs their books and runs toward the door. I gather up my things and race out of class.

I dig around my locker. I want that picture of great grandpa Bruce at home tonight. It's his school picture when he was about my age. In the right hand corner there are two boys that seem to be laughing at him. So I guess he was made fun of when he was in school. I find the picture and breathe a sigh of relief. I cannot live without it. I see Hailey whispering to Courtney and Nicole. I'm sick of their little pranks. Or should I say physically hurting me and some other kids. I walk toward the door. Maybe I could wear great grandpa Bruce's old bowler hat. Grandma says I'm a lot like him… I exit the school out the main door. I see a strange guy on the sidewalk. He's dressed like he's from at least a hundred years ago. He smiles at me like I'm some 2-year-old. I decide to smile back. I see him glare at Hailey, Who is walking across the street from me. He walks over to her and starts to beat her with his cane. Wasn't this Illegal? No one else seems to notice. I Watched, in complete astonishment, As his cane actually went though Hailey. And she didn't notice the man! It was like he wasn't there! I was thinking about it all the way home.

I adjust my bowler hat. I look pretty good and it goes with my black dress. Maybe I should wear old hats every day. I run downstairs. " Beth, are you sure you want to walk to school at night?" Asks my mom. I roll my eyes. My parents are much too protective of me sometimes! "Mom, I walk to school every day! I'll be fine." I grab my black purse and walk out the door. "Bye!" I call.

When I arrive at the school dance, Everyone is there. The terror trio (that's what I like to call Hailey, Courtney, and Nicole) are dancing with cute boys. I walk over to a table with food and I try some punch. Mmm! Good! I chug down the punch and pour myself another glass. Why isn't anyone else drinking it? That's just a waste of good punch! Very good punch! I keep drinking and drinking until I feel sick. I leave the dance. When I'm like halfway home, I collapse on the sidewalk and throw up. I keep puking and puking until I'm just gagging, my stomach trying to lose more acid. All of a sudden, everything's blurry. That was when I blacked out.