Summary: after their run in with Jesse at the school formal, Benny feels terrible about not protecting him. How will Ethan convince him it's not his fault?

OK well, this is one of my first stories about this couple, and I just finished watching season one for the 3rd time xD so go a little easy on me if I mess anything up? And my grammar might not be too well due to the of spell check on my iPod touch:3


Ethan laid in his bed, watching as Benny's grandmother, Jane and Benny, all stood around him. All with concern written a crossed their faces. Ethan was about to ask when -

"Don't worry honey, Sarah got all the venom out. You're heart is still beating." His grandmas said, concern wiped clean from her face.

"Here honey," she said while handing Ethan an ice pack

"I feel terrible Benny," Ethan started as they continued to talk...


A few minutes passed, and soon Ethan and Benny were alone. Benny's grandma taking Jane to their house for protection. Benny noticed Ethan's reaction that was plastered on his face.

"Ethan, talk to me man. Are you honestly okay?" Benny asked, concern in his voice as he turned and faced him.

"besides the fact that I ruined Sarah's life by being an idiot who doesn't know how to fight, just peachy. " Ethan said as he rubbed the ice pack on his head. Trying to dull the pain from his headache.

"Ethan, don't worry about it. It's not like she's alone anymore. Her and Erica, god. Even Rory is there for her. Even If we don't get her cured, or changed back, they still have each other. It will be okay. Also, I had ment your physical okay-ness" he said as he grabbed Ethan's hand, turning his arm so the bite was facing him.

"Ah..." Ethan shimmered as he twitched at the pressure Benny was placing on his cut, "I'm fine Benny."

"You don't sound okay," Benny said as he rubbing his thumb into the cut lightly.

"Ah, Benny stop it...please." Ethan pleaded as he looked at Benny with questionable eyes.

Then, Benny took his arm and kissed the bandage, covering the bite. Benny murmured something into his arm.

"I didn't hear you Benny..." Ethan said, looking at his friend with worry filled eyes.

"I could have protected you." Benny says.


"If I didn't try and pull a joke every 10 seconds, you wouldn't have had to suffer like that. If I didn't get thrown into the bathroom..." Benny said, closing his eyes and putting his forehead to the bite. "I can't get the sound of you screaming out of my head..." he whispered while moved his head to Ethan's forehead.

"Uh...Benny?" Ethan asked.


"I'm okay you know..." Ethan said, "I'm not going anywhere." He looked at Benny, a big smile on his face.

"That's what I like to see." Benny said, Ruffling Ethan's hair in the process, avoiding the sore part.

"Benny!" Ethan shout playfully "Stop it!" he wined trying to grab Benny's hand.

Benny stopped and sat on the edge of Ethan's bed, looking at Ethan with concern as Ethan continued to laugh.

I swear to god, I will protect you.

Benny needed to cool down, he was loosing his self control.


Benny stood and walked over the Ethan's desk, grabbing his clothes from earlier and heading to the bathroom.

Benny walked over to Ethan's bed and kneeling in front of it, watching the boy sleep.

He's honestly a peaceful sleeper, isn't he? He thought to himself.

"Hey...E," Benny shook the boy lightly, "Ethan, I'm going to grab a shower." all he got was a Moan for a response.

why is this so hard for me now? Benny thought to himself. I'm used to being around him with his guard down bunch of times.

Benny walked into Ethan's bathroom, soon shedding his tux and jumping into the shower. Glad to have the water rub over his heated skin.


Ethan woke up to the sound of water running, and the shower curtain being moved back and forth.

"Benny?" Ethan asked out, looking around his now empty bedroom, /since no ones here , I guess it's Benny In the shower,/ Ethan thought, he couldn't help but feel a connection between Benny and himself. Not after what Benny did earlier.

when Benny looked at me... A giant smile on his face...Ethan thought, laying back onto his firm bed, I felt like I should gave kissed...WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH ME.

I hate to admit it...

I'm loosing control. They both thought.


Ethan laid in bed, rubbing the melted ice pack to his sore, aching head. He looked at his clock, 11:46 he said to himself. Benny's been in there for about 30 minutes. He's usually quick when it comes to showering. Hope everything's okay. Maybe I should check on him.

"Ahh," he hissed sitting up. Staggering to his now closed door.


Benny stood in the shower, cool water running down his light stomach muscles.

I'm slowly loosing it. I'm so madly in-love with him. But, I need to either forget it or act on it... Benny's thoughts were cut short when-


Benny burst through Ethan's bedroom door, only wearing a towel around his waist.

"Ethan!" Benny shouted as he looked down to see Ethan collapse onto his own bedroom floor.

"Ethan, come on buddy! You got to wake up!" Benny yelled.

Ethan slowly opened his eyes and met Benny's worried filled stare.

"Ethan...what happened?" Benny asked, holding Ethan's back up with his left arm, having Ethan slump against his chest.

"I..." He stared, closing his eyes "I... Was worried that something happens in the I went to check on you, then I got really dizzy..." Ethan said, opening his eyes wide looking up at Benny, looking as if he was about to cry.

"Hold on," Benny said, lifting Ethan bridal style and laying him on his bed. Benny, still in a towel, laid next to Ethan as best as he could. Benny was on his side and pulled Ethan so he was facing him and flesh up against Benny's chest. The boys sat in a comfortable silence.

"...Benny?" Ethan asked breaking the quietness that surrounded them.

"Just a minute." Ethan just nodded as Benny tightened his grip on his back.

"I honestly thought I was going to loose you today. Seeing you on the school floor like's so hard to remember. Forgive me after this Ethan, but I can't live my life in fear anymore. Life's too short." Benny confessed, grabbing Ethan's chin with his index finger and centering his chin with his own thumb. Benny sat there, starring into Ethan's confused deep brown eyes. He then inched forward, and closer until he kissed Ethan gently. There lips moving gently against one another.

Benny Thought to himself

I'm kissing Ethan... Shit, I lost control. Now he's going to-

Wait... He thought into the kiss.

is he kissing me back?