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"Which person are you going to restore their bending now, Korra? Bolin asked. Korra thought for a moment.

"The Wolfbats." Korra answered.

"Why them?" Mako asked.

"It's because I said so." Korra retorted. Mako sighed. They decided to go around the city to look for them. "Do you see them, Asami?" Korra asked.

"No." Asami replied.

"Hey, there they are!" Bolin said pointing over to an alley. Korra and her friends went over there.

"Korra." Tahno greeted her in a curt voice.

"Tahno." Korra replied. "Kneel." She said. Tahno looked at her.

"Why?" Tahno asked.

"I suggest you three kneel, if you want your bending back." Asami said. Mako and Bolin nodded in agreement. The Wolfbats had a surprised look in their eyes. When the three looked back at Korra, her eyes were glowing.

"Kneel." Korra repeated, voices of the past Avatars ringing in her voice. The three kneeled. She gave Tahno back his bending, then Ming, and then Shaozu. Her glowing eyes went back to aqua blue. "Try to bend." Korra ordered. Tahno said a puddle and bent it. The water followed his command then went back to a puddle again. Shaozu had a fire in his palm, and Ming had a rock on his right.

"Thank you." The three said at once.

"You're welcome." Korra said.

"C'mon, Korra, we have other people waiting." Mako said.

"He's right." Bolin said in agreement. Korra nodded.

"Have fun, pretty boy." Korra said. Korra and her friends left to restore other people's bending.