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Elena paced the carpark, scattering small pebbles around the road with her toes. She could still hear off in the distance the crowds of teenagers shouting and laughing over music coming from trucks that some of the older seniors had inherited from their parents. The smell of smoke from the bonfire was still reeking from her clothes, and the musk of Matt's cologne still lingered on her hair.

She checked her phone again, hoping maybe Aunt Jenna would send her a reassuring message that her father was not freaking out over the fact that she had been drinking in the woods and lied about it. Instead a call from Matt patched through again and she declined as she heard the sounds of her parents car approach the parking lot.

"Elena honey" her moms reassuring voice called from the small distance between them, and she smiled knowing her mother would try to mediate the conversation she would be having with her father in a few seconds.

After shutting the door and adjusting her seatbelt the silence between the three of them was deafening and uncomfortable.

"Dad" she started but he quickly interrupted

"Elena, what were you thinking huh?" his voice raised and concerned, she had never lied to him before, but ever since her relationship with Matt, Grayson had become more aware of her growing up. Being 17 didn't mean that she could drink let alone stay out all night with her boyfriend.

"Elena you can't lie to us like that what if something happened to you and we couldn't find you?" Elena nodded, knowing this conversation was far from over. Greyson continued to preach his disappointment in her, missing family night as well as lying about where she was going was something that needed to be nipped in the bud.

"Grayson" Miranda interrupted, but he continued, looking in the rear view mirror so he could see Elena.

"You are grounded for a month and I mean it" he continued

"But dad the dance is-"

"No" he insisted again, but Elena knew she more than deserved it, perhaps when matt found out he would break up with her, that would make things so much easier. She didn't know how to do it for herself.

"And you're to come straight home after school"

"Grayson!" Miranda warned again, her voice becoming anxious as grayson stepped on the gas and sped through the old windy roads outside mystic falls.

"Caroline Forbes can find someone else to help with-"

"GREYSON" Miranda screamed and his concentration returned to the road, the car coming dangerously close to the bend near Wickery bridge.

"Shit" Grayson hissed under his breath as he tried to correct the turn but the car was losing control fast, he had just made the bend by the skin of his teeth, hitting the chippings near the side of the road, the car began to fish tail uncontrollably near the bridge where the wet wood edges were fatal to cars. The car was now swinging violently from side to side.

"DAD!" Elena screamed, Miranda's grasp tightening on the dashboard, the most horrible screeching sound of wood and rubber from the friction of the wheels deafened them all as the car started to verge off the bridge.

Miranda screamed in horror and Elena braced herself for what looked like the inevitable, coming off the bridge like so many others had before. But suddenly something collided with the car, a tall figure that seemed to leap in front infront of the unguarded bridge colliding like a wall, and it caused the car to flip, tumble and roll over , landing on the bonnet, grinding for a few seconds before coming to a halting stop.

Stefan's body lay in a heap of broken glass and bent metal that had hit his body with force. His consciousness returning, he rubbed his head trying to remember what had happened. In the distance, blood, he could smell it, so pungent and fresh, it was close, he turned his head to see one of his gashes was healing slowly. He snapped his leg back into place and lifted himself to the ground and limped to the smoking car that was meters away.

"Heeelp, help us" he could hear a man's voice coming from the driver side. As Stefan approached, he could see Miranda unconscious in the passenger seat, and he reached to free the door for the man that was trapped.

"No, no I'm fine, my daughter first, please" he begged, and Stefan nodded pulling the back door roughly off its hinges making sure the broken glass flew away with it, and then he saw her.

"Katherine?" he gasped, his feet planted and motionless he stared at her, she looked exactly like her, it must have been her. But how?

Elena's eye's fluttered open, she strained to see who was standing in front of her.

"Dad" she tried with a croaky voice and a weak neck that restricted her from moving further than where she was hanging, her seat belt trapping her in her seat as she winced in pain.

"it's okay sweetie, that man will help you, hold on" Grayson replied trying to extend his hand to her's.

Stefan hesitated for a moment, unsure of what to do but when he bent down and reached for her face, he could feel the warm blood trickling on to his fingers, making him thirst and then he knew. Human. It was ridiculous, it looked exactly like her.

"Don't move, it's okay" he said softly, still mesmerized by her beauty , his skin tingled from her his contact with her face on his finger tips. Elena tried to register but she was falling in and out of consciousness quickly, he snapped the belt off and held her head in his hands, before biting his wrist and feeding her his blood.

"Drink" he said softly, and the cool, salty blood ran down her throat soothing her of the pain in her lower back and neck, before he lifted her out of the wreck and placed her on the grass. She panicked, on seeing the wreck and her parents still trapped "oh god" she whimpered as his hands left her body.

"Shhh, close your eyes" he asked her quietly, she looked up in his eyes, for the first time, green beautiful pools stared back, reassuring and trusting all at once, she calmed and lay her head, fading away slowly into slumber.

Elena woke slowly; bright beams of light pierced her eyes as she tried to open them slowly. Her body felt stiff, like she had been sleeping for a week. She sighed rubbing her eyes; something was on her finger, as she tried to fix her hair from her face.

"What" she whispered, her voice hoarse from something, she didn't know. A heart monitor, what the hell? She looked around the room, and saw her father asleep in the chair, it was a hospital room. Oh my god. It all came back to her, the bonfire, the crash, the man who saved her.

"Dad!" she cried, and he woke suddenly, his eyes too trying to adjust to the sunlight that beamed into the room.

"Honey" he walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her.

"Where's mom?" she cried fearing the worst.

"Shhh she's absolutely fine, she's next door, just a few bumps and bruises" he sighed deeply into her hair.

"Were all okay honey" he rocked her until her breathing settled, the shock leaving her body.

"That boy...he...who was he?" Grayson lifted her chin with his fingers.

"We were very lucky honey, that man pulled us from the wreck"

"oh my god" Elena could remember him, his green eyes, his face staring deeply into her's as she lay on the grass beside the creek, his wrist moving to her mouth as she sucked on his skin. A shiver went down her spine, did that really happen? Or id she dream it when they drugged her up in the emergency room.

"I want to see mom"

"No no sweetie" Grayson answered rubbing her back

"You rest, mom will be up soon and we can all go home" she nodded, still unsettled about some of the memories in her mind.

"Who was the boy?"

"Stefan Salvatore, he was walking near the creek and heard the crash, he really is a hero." Grayson stated as he left her bed.

"He promised he would come to visit when we made it home, I think your mother wants to have him for dinner" Elena smiled as Grayson left the room. Those green eyes, that olive skin, those strong arms. She tried to let them drift out of her mind but she couldn't.

A few hours later, Elena was flicking through the channels on the TV

"Oh my god Elena" matt walked in coming to the side of her bed and hugging her closely

"I'm fine matt" she smiled at his concern, feeling like she needed to reassure him, she took his hand and kissed him on the cheek.

"God if anything had happened to you I don't know what I would have done" he was nearly in tears, and Elena squeezed his hand again.

"Im fine Matty, I'm a tough cookie" she joked and he smiled.

"I'm so sorry about the bonfire Elena, I shouldn't have pushed you into making any decisions about senior year, I was just drinking and Tyler was wailing on me-"

"It's ok" she confirmed, slightly relieved that he had apologised, but still feeling awkwardly distant from him, as she had been recently. Maybe they could start fresh after the crash, maybe he wouldn't pressure her into the future, and maybe she could learn to love him. She loved his company, trusted him, not to mention he was cute and a catch, most of the girls swooned over him, but lately there was something missing. Maybe in light of what happened last night, things would change for her, she should cease the day. Live in the moment.

"I love you" he whispered before leaning in and kissing her on the lips, he lingered for a few moments. Elena reciprocated, but, nothing, nada, zip. That familiar frustration coursed through her once again and she wanted him to leave instantly, she felt smothered and trapped without even knowing why. When he pulled away, he smiled and she knew for a fact that he had enjoyed the kiss on a whole other level than she had, guilt overpowered her.

"Call me when you get home? I have to get to school, everyone's so worried about you" he tilted his head to try and catch her eyes that had inadvertently moved to the bed linen at her knee's.

"Will do" she replied with fake enthusiasm.

Matt left blowing her a kiss before turning the corner at the door. What was wrong with her, Matt was perfect, what was stopping her from loving him?

Elena stepped out of the shower and examined her body, not a scratch or a bruise anywhere. It was very peculiar, she remembered her head hurting, and she remembered seeing blood. Could it have been possible that it was her mother's blood, she had a number of bruises around her shoulders and cuts near her head. How had she gotten so lucky? It seemed from the way of the collision that her side of the car had stuck the object first by the bridge first, taking the brunt of the had she escaped that with not even one scratch?

Although the memory of the crash had traumatized her, she couldn't shrug the thought of the man who had helped her from the wreck, his voice, his arms and then...his wrist in her mouth, it was absurd. She threw her pyjamas on and dried her hair, feeling relaxed now that she was at home.

"Elena" she could hear her mom from downstairs.

"Coming" she replied as she threw on her dressing gown and made her way down the stairs.

"Hello Elena" she looked down and saw him, the man from the bridge that pulled her to safety.

"Hi" her voice broke, she simply couldn't take him all in at once, his broad shoulders and taught chest under a navy v neck, his arms were behind his back, standing tall beside her father who had his hand on his shoulder. His sandy hair was rustled, but perfectly sculpted around his face, those eyes, they pierced her again, he wasn't looking away, oh god!

She hadn't noticed she was still walking down the stairs until she realized there were no more steps left to go down and she clumsily tripped forward.

"I'm Stefan Salvatore" he held his hand out to her, as she regained her balance and tried to shake off the embarrassment with a small giggle.

"Hi I'm Elena" when their hands touched, they stared again, locked together and he smiled. A perfect smile showing all his teeth and squinting his eyes, she giggled again. Seriously what was wrong with her, her parents were right there, how embarrassing.

"Ahem" Grayson interrupted their handshake that had lasted at least 30 seconds at this stage, Stefan tore his eyes from Elena's and followed Grayson to the kitchen.

"Stefan do you want to stay for dinner" Miranda asked.

"No, I better not, my uncle is expecting me" he smiled

"But thank you, i was just calling in to make sure you all made it in safely"

"Well Stefan, we cant thank you enough for what you did, I hope you will come for dinner with us so we can thank you properly for your help"

Elena had followed them into the kitchen, still watching him, his neck, jaw line, his back, what was it about him?

"Yes that would be lovely" he turned to face Elena and she blushed, averting her eyes.

"I better go home, I have my first day tomorrow in mystic falls high"

"Ah first day?" Miranda asked, and Stefan bowed his head.

"Well maybe Elena could show you around Stefan?" She turned to Elena, who was still red from his eyes on her a few moments ago. Miranda could read her daughter like a book, Elena was quiet but not that quiet, and Stefan was more than a sight for sore eyes.

"Sure, I can meet you at the lot before school, say 8:45?" Elena replied, trying to sound cool and not too enthused.

"Perfect" he smiled, his brows still furrowed though, he seemed deep in thought, did he not want her to show him around? Maybe he knew about Matt?

"Great" Grayson walked Stefan to the door and Miranda raised her eyebrows at Elena in an appraising fashion, Elena was more than embarrassed. What was worse, the fact that the hunk who just saved her life had seen her in her pink robe with the little sheep on them, or the fact that her parents were there to witness her go all timid and shy in front of a boy.

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