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A Pride & Prejudice Variation

The Darcy and Bennet Families have known each other since the patriarchs of sed families were mere boys at Eton and continue their friendship through Cambridge. They even fell in love and married their respective lady love with in months of each other. They were at each other's wedding. George Darcy stood up with Thomas Bennet at his wedding to Francis Gardiner. Likewise Thomas Bennet stood up with George Darcy at his wedding to Lady Anne Fitzwilliam. The Bennets were constant guest at Pemberly, George Darcy's estate, as were the Darcys to Longborn, the Bennet estate.

Within the first year of marriage the Darcys had their first born, a son whom they named Fitzwilliam Alexander Darcy, but Thomas and Francis Bennet had no such luck. They were childless until everything change and in their third year of marriage their first born was born, a healthy baby girl, who they named Jane Marie Bennet. She would be the first out of five daughter for the Bennet Clan. Two years later their second child was born, Elizabeth Rose Bennet, then came Mary Elise Bennet, Catharine Anne, and finally the youngest girl Lydia Francis Bennet. With each daughter born Mrs. Bennet would grow more and more anxious. She had known of the entailment upon Longborn, and wanted to produce an heir to rescue her family from destitution in case Mr. Bennet passed. Finally eleven months after the birth of Lydia the heir to Longborn came into this world. The answer to her prayers was born and named Thomas George Bennet. The same year that Thomas George was born the Darcys also had a birth of a beautiful baby girl who was the image of her mother, her name Georgiana Darcy.

Meanwhile the Bennets passed ever summer at Pemberly and the Darcys would spend autumn at Longborn, excluding confinements. The two families shared their joys and sorrows. Therefore the Darcy and Bennet clans grew up together. Fitzwilliam Darcy, or William as he was called by his parents and close family friends, was about three years of age when Jane Bennet was born. He did not pay much attention upon the child except for that which is natural for curios three year old. He notice the beautiful baby girl with striking blond hair and sapphire eyes so much like her mother. Later when the second Bennet daughter was born the Darcy Family traveled to Longborn for Michealms and to meet the new addition to the Bennet family. William was five years of age. When he first laid eyes on the beautiful baby girls of only a few months of age he was fascinated. Baby Elizabeth, or Lizzie, had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. They were like large emeralds and her hair was a light golden brown which had natural auburn highlights and it was soft as feathers to the touch. William smiled and asked if he could play with the baby. This astonished both sets of parents since all his life the younger Darcy had been a serious child, quiet and mature for his age. William played with the babe and made her smile and laugh. Elizabeth would coo at him with such pleasure that it would make her eyes shine brighter. As the weeks when by William would rarely be away from the nursery and therefore Lily as he would call her. He would grow concern when he would hear her cry and would always try to look after her.

Lady Anne though this was quit adorable and wished she could give him a brother or sister so he would not be so alone, but this had not been possible so far even though she had been with child three more time before she finally gave birth to her beautiful Georgiana when William was eleven years of age.

So it was that William and Elizabeth grew inseparable. William would always make sure Lily had funny without getting hurt and she would always tag along after Wills, as she and only she could call him, and so would Jane for she always went were her sister went. With them there was also George Wickham, the son of Mr. Darcy's steward, he was two years William's junior. George Wickham thought of himself as more then he really was because of his god father's good will towards him. Even though George was not a good egg he acted the grateful and considerate god son in front of Mr. Darcy, always garnering favor with his easy and happy manners that could not be more deceitful. William knew the real George and so did Elizabeth and Jane. The latter were witnesses and victims to many of his wrong doings. Of course when they were the victims they would not reveal it. All the children had knowledge of the love that the senior Darcy had for the young Wickham. Wickham always made sure to not hurt Elizabeth in any way for he knew that William was extremely protective of her.

One summer in which the Bennets were visiting Pemberly and the children had grown quite a bit, William was three and ten and Elizabeth eight, something occurred that made William say enough to all of Wickham's doings. William would tolerate anything that Wickham aimed at him but to toward Elizabeth, that was not acceptable. Not to be tolerable. William found Elizabeth curled up into a ball on the ground on one of the many paths of Pemberly, crying. "Lily, what happened? Why are you crying? Did you get hurt?" Elizabeth raped her arms around Williams neck and in between sniffles she explained that George had found her hiding stop chased her until he knocked her down and kicked her a couple of times. William was so angered that picked Elizabeth up and carried her all the way to the house upon which he was received by both his and Elizabeth's parents; they wanted to know what happened to Elizabeth. He was forthright with his parents and told them everything that George had done. He continued by saying "George did all this and it is not the first time he has mistreated one of the girls but this time he has gone too far. He pushed to the ground and he kicked her. He never before had dare hurt her but this time he physically abused her and is something that I will not tolerate from him or any one. When George is around you he hide his true self behind happy manners and I covered it up all because I knew of the love you have for him. I did not want you to feel disappointment, but I will protect Lily from him at whatever cost. He will not lay another hand on her as long as it is in my power to avoid it."

Mr. Darcy took in his son's visage and every word of his passionate speech and could not doubt any of what was said. "William please laid Lizzy on the sofa. Both her mother and your will take care of her. Thomas, William come it seems we need to talk." Mr. Darcy took both Mr. Bennet and Darcy to his study where he invited them both to take a seat. "Very well, William tell us all that has happened with George" said Mr. Darcy.

"I will father but you will not like it" stated Darcy. Then he proceeds in describing all George Wickham had done to both the girls and others. Darcy also spoke of the trouble the steward's son had caused and how he caused other to take blame for it. "The servants knew it was George causing the problems and that someone else was always to blame but they didn't want to get into trouble themselves by accusing the god son of the master and I didn't want to cause you any pain because I know how much you love him." Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bennet listened intently to all Darcy said and were flabbergasted with all George Wickham had done. When all was said all three sat in silence while both adults processed it all. Mr. Darcy finally spoke "I had not thought one child was capable of so many misdeeds. I will have to investigate the most recent incidents again without Mr. Wickham to find proof of what you have said Fitzwilliam. I cannot act on your word alone, even though I do believe all you have said. Do not worry yourself, son, all will be taken care of.