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Thanks to my loyal followers and reviewers of this story. I haven't got many but the ones I have gotten have inspired me to keep writing. This was my first fic and I am sad to see it end but I think this is the best place to stop. I may do a sequel if I can think of a good plot or at least a beginning. I had no plot going into this one and kinda made it up as I went along. I think it turned out okay. I hope you all enjoyed it.

Chapter 38

BPOV 5 years after Romanian battle

"Thanks Peter for the info. We will be down soon to visit. The girls miss Uncle Moron."

"I can't believe you got them to call me that sugar. I expect more class from you."

"Keep hoping Peter. Give Char a kiss from me."

"With tongue or without?"

"With of course."

"Was that Uncle Moron darlin?"

"Yes baby. Still no idea where Jasper is. He said he talked to him and Jasper is very sad but wants to be alone. Rosalie and Emmett are still trying to find him to bring him home but no luck so far. Carlisle continues to reside with the Denalis and he doesn't foresee the remaining members being a problem still. Looks like everyone just wants peace."

The last 5 years have been the best years of my life. My girls had their daddy completely wrapped around their finger. Jason had retired for good from the VH team. The headquarters was still between La Push and Forks. Serenity had gotten out and lived upstairs still. She was good about leaving when me and Jason needed alone time and quite honestly I don't think either of us could let her go. She tried dating Jake for a while but it didn't work out. Jake was still single.

Most of the Wolves were still shifting. Leah gave it up and went to school on the government's dime. She is now a nurse like her mother. Seth also gave it up and went to college. Sam and Emily have had two children since the final battles so Sam quit. No vampires come around the area unless we invite them. Basically Rose, Emmett, Peter and Charlotte. Rose and Emmett are traveling around trying to track Jasper. Peter and Charlotte have moved back to the Texas Hill Country. Peter ships Jason freeze dried barbecue and chili powder.

I have continued writing part time and enjoying my family. Jason still trains and he occasionally trains new Seals joining the VH teams. Animal, Joker, Mikey and Jack are still running things. We still don't know what the Boss looks like.

The girls get more beautiful everyday and have Jason and Dad wrapped around their finger. They started Kindergarten and this cut into their fishing time. I still have my youngest little one at home. Leah Nicole Connolly named after Leah and Jason's mother is now 3 years old. We call her Lele.

Jason still trained with me and Serenity every morning. He cut back on the ten mile run to a nice 5 miler and spends more time meditating and teaching our daughters self defense than he does it himself. My books make more than enough income that he doesn't have to work but he was bored after retirement. Besides occasionally working with the VH team recruits he writes as well. Mostly military history books. He started taking occasional online classes and is considering going for an online degree in history.

I have to say looking back at the past ten years of my life since I walked into that damn biology class, that nothing has ever been normal. But I did grow up. I became stronger. I became the person I truly believe I was meant to be. I was beginning to have a normal life. And it was wonderful.

The twins start soccer next week. Jason will be driving them to practice in the minivan. He will be coaching the team. I will be team mom. It will begin another chapter in my life. Bella Swan, leech lover, Bella Connolly, bad ass vampire killer, and now Bella Connolly bad ass soccer mom.


Again thanks for all the encouragement on this story. I hope you enjoyed it.