The trial didn't last long, it didn't need to. The evidence against us was overwhelming and we didn't deny the crimes they threw at us, why would we, we were proud, I was proud to have done His bidding, I was proud of the things I'd done. No, I wouldn't beg innocence and throw myself at the feet of those who wanted nothing more then to break me and see me crumble. I'd die first.

Narcissa had begged me to lie like most of the others had done, I wouldn't. Neither would Rodolphus nor Rabastian, we would stay loyal till death.

"But they'll lock you up for life, I'll never see you again!" Narcissa had sobbed into my shoulder, her delicate hands clutching at me desperately.

"So be it, sister. I'll not submit to them, I'll not go down without a fight." I had said softly in her ear. I love you my pet, I'll miss you terribly but you have to understand that I can't be anything other then what I am. A Death Eater and his most loyal servant.

Tears brimmed my eyes as I thought of my beloved Cissy, her beautiful smile, her soft and gentle hands. How I'll miss you my love, you'll be forever in my thoughts, please keep me in yours. My thoughts were broken as the carriage we were in came to a halt. I could hear the sea and smell the salt from the ocean in the air, seemed we'd reached our destination. Azkaban, the wizard prison. The Aurors inside the carriage with us watched us all for any sign of fear, I was schooled to show none. My face was a blank mask behind my unruly curls and I stared back at the Aurors with untainted defiance. One laughed and I turned my death glare to him with a haughty and arrogant look on my perfect features.

"The Wardens will have fun breaking this one" He laughed again, a few of his comrades joining in. "Pretty little thing, isn't she? Imagine the screams they'll pull out of those lips when she meets the whip for the first time." His smile turned dirty and his eyes took on a dark glint that made me feel suddenly uncomfortable. "Or when they fuck her so hard she'll wish she'd been granted the Dementors kiss."

Rodolphus was on him so fast, I hadn't time to react, my blood had ran cold and I tugged at the metal shackles holding my wrists to the walls of the carriage. It all happened so fast, shouting, cursing, a stunning spell then silence for the briefest of moments before the doors where pulled open. I looked down at my husband on the floor, he groaned as he was pulled from the carriage and bound with chains, his wrist tied in front of him. He wouldn't let them see him in any form of weakness and he struggled to his feet, blood dripping from a wound above his eye. The Auror he attacked lifted his hand and backhanded him across the face, I winced at the sound, but Rodolphus didn't even flinch. He turned his head back to the Auror and spat blood in his face. I laughed.

My laughter was cut short as I was hurled to the ground and I snarled a warning to the filth that had dared to lay hands on me. It was his turn to laugh and I earned myself a kick in the ribs as I snapped at his hand as he ran it down my cheek. Rodolphus' reaction was instant, he lunged forwards at the assaulting Auror but didn't get far, his chains where tugged, it took four of them to get him down but he fell to the ground like an animal but it didn't stop his rage.

"You dare lay a hand on my wife, I'll kill you!"

I heard the promise in his voice as I struggled to sit up from the sand, the ache in my side told me it was a hard kick, but nothing was broken. I looked at him, my husband. So proud and strong, build for war and battle. He towered over me by almost a foot and out weighed me twice over making me look even smaller than I was when he was next to me. I was pulled to my feet by my hair and I yelped in pain as the grip in my thick curls tightened so hard my eyes watered. Laughter sounded to my right and I caught a few words spoken to Rodolphus through the dark laughter and the crashing of the sea against the rocks.

My eyes connected with his and the fear I was holding so well inside threatened to spill out. I want to go home, Rod. Take me home, I'm cold and tired. Take me home. I was shivering as I was made to walk forwards. The black dress I was wearing did nothing to block out the chill wind from the sea and the light rain that was falling. I desperately tried to resist as the Auror who held my chain pushed into my back, the one on front looking over his shoulder was smiling that dirty smile again and I felt my heart constrict in fear and silent dread. They knew what was waiting for a woman behind the walls of Azkaban and I was starting to get an idea of the fate that awaited me.

I looked up at the huge prison in the middle of the sea, we had to travel to it by boat. Apparation didn't work near Azkaban, only the wardens could Apparate in and out, Aurors didn't have that privilege. I was made to sit and only when I did sit on the small bench did I realize my knees where shaking. I closed my eyes and tried to breathe, the panic that was rising in my chest was making it hard to breathe and I kept them closed as the boat I was sitting in bobbed and rocked as the others where herded in behind me. I felt sick.

"Bella, it's okay, love. Look at me, my dark angel. Be brave, don't show them you're frightened."

I opened my eyes and looked up into my husbands grey ones, he saw sat next to me and I couldn't help it, I broke. Tears fell from my eyes and I lent my weight against him, his bound wrists made it impossible for him to wrap his strong arms around me, so instead, he slipped his arms over my head and I rested against his chest. I felt his hands on the small of my back and he rubbed in gentle circles in an effort to calm me. I closed my eyes again and pretended I was at home in the living room by the fire, that this was a bad dream and I'd wake up at any moment. But it wasn't a dream and the thud of the boat coming to a stop made my breath hitch, my fate was now sealed. There was no going back.

The next few hours passed in a blur of humiliation and unjustified degradation. I was torn away from the others and Rodolphus shouts of protest carried along to the room I was unceremoniously thrown into, I stayed as composed as I could as I was stripped and searched by the less than gentle hands of a female warden who lingered to long in places that only I should give permission to be touched in. My eyes lifted to the male warden who was watching from the doorway, he had a crocked nose and a whip in his hand. I swallowed the building dread as he stepped forwards and ran his eyes over my perfect curves. He was eye fucking me so good I thought he may spill his seed right there. I felt sick again.

The female warden slipped a pair of white cotton knickers up my legs and covered my most intimate area from the eyes of my newly found admirer. Why thank you, bitch. Like you couldn't have put those on me sooner. My poison words where interrupted as my hair was fisted and my head was yanked back. I screeched in pain as I felt what I thought was hot needles going into the skin of my neck. I struggled and tried to get away, a sharp blow to my cheek from the wardens hand stilled my movements for only a moment but it was enough time for them to brand me for life like I was an animal. I was shoved away and I hit the stone floor with a thud. My hand instantly going to the burning on my neck. I ran my fingers over the tattoo. 93. So this was it, I was now marked as nothing but a number.

I covered my bare chest with my arms in an attempted to hide myself from the greedy eyes looking me over, but I kept my chin high and gave them both a look that spoke more than a thousand words. You are nothing, you are filth and I am your superior, one day you will pay for marking me. A silent promise. I had no time to think any more as I was dragged again to my feet and hurled into another room, this one slightly smaller than the other and empty of anything but a dead rat. I was shivering as the door was locked behind me and the tears in my eyes spilled down my cheeks as I looked down at my Dark Mark. My Lord, where are you?

Hours passed and I sat in the corner of the room with my arms wrapped around my knees trying to keep warm. I must have fallen asleep because the sound of the door opening made me jerk awake. I lifted my head off my knees and scrambled to my feet as Rodolphus was thrown into the room with me, I was in his arms in a heart beat. I pressed my face to his chest and his strong arms lifted me from the floor as he held me to him and hushed me gently. I was sobbing onto his neck. He prised me away from him and looked at my tear stained face, his rough thumb brushing over my cheek.

He held my shivering body to him, he had no clothes to drape over me, they'd left him in nothing but underwear too, but his ox like body wasn't shaking like mine was and his skin on mine offered me some warmth. I don't know how long he held me in his arms and whispered sweet things in my ear. He rocked me gently like I was a child, running his fingers through my hair in a gentleness I'd never known from him. It was over to soon and I clutched at him as the door opened and in stepped the wardens. My protests of being pulled away from him grew louder and more desperate as I was dragged one way and he another. I screamed for him, screamed his name over and over and I could hear him calling mine. I felt the little heart I had left, break a little more.

I sharp slap to my cheek hushed me and I felt a wand being pressed to my bare back as I was forced into a tiny cell. My bare feet walked over sharp stones that cut and hurt me as I was pushed inside the dank and dimly lit stone cell.

"Welcome home, 93. This is your new dwelling." The warden laughed as he shoved a prison uniform over my head.

Before I could react, I was pushed into the wall and my wrists where shackled and bound to the wall on chins that hardly gave me enough leverage to move.I struggled against the metal and yelped in pain as they grew hot against my skin. The warden laughed.

"Oh yes, the more you struggle the tighter they get and the hotter they get. Enjoy your stay at Azkaban, Madam Lestrange." He laughed again and gave me a mock bow before leaving the cell and slamming the door behind him.

I dropped my head into my hands and cried. My hell had began.