The Letter

Written by: Rasei

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A/N: Bikky's letter is exactly 594 words long. That is on purpose.

Dear Teach,

Asking to write a letter to you for an assignment is a very cruel thing. Not everyone can write nonsense for six hundred words. Plus you stated you will only read the letters if we didn't write private on them. You are a weird teacher. Really weird.

If you ask me when the best moment of my life was, I would say it was when my dad was murdered. No, not the guy that comes to my parent teacher meetings. My biological dad. He was a drug dealer. Dad was a good guy when he wasn't drunk. Even when he drank, he was nice. He kept food on the table for the most part and he kept a roof over my head. My mom died shortly after I was born. He kept an eye on me and made sure I behave.

So Dad was an okay dad. When he died, my whole world felt like it was ending. I thought I was going to get pushed into child services. There are horror stories about child services that every kid on the street hears. Like how this kid was taken from her parents and was sold to some fat pervo. Then Ryo came into my life.

So I'm guess meeting Ryo was the best thing in my life. While my dad was okay, Ryo was better. Dad never cared about what I did as long as I didn't do something horrible. Ryo keeps a close eye on me and helps me to understand right from wrong. Ryo taught me how to behave. I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for Ryo.

Dad like I said was a drug dealer. If he hadn't died, then I most likely would have ended up a druggie and a dealer as well. Most likely I would be going to jail or juvie, like a lot of kids I knew back then. I wouldn't be here in this class right now.

Ryo was the opposite. Have I mentioned that Ryo was the opposite of a drug dealer? He is a cop. Yep, I went from living in a life of crime to being into a cop's house. I lost a lot of friends that way though I wouldn't allow Ryo to know that. He was stricter then my father and no way could I do some of the stuff I used to do. Ryo made sure I respect people and our country's laws.

I had a friend. A very good friend, whose father was very sick. She tried to pay for his medical bills by pick pocking wallets and using the money. She was good at her job. Ryo found out about her and paid for the bills himself. Ryo had no reason to do it but she needed the help. My dad would have never done such a thing.

Dee also came into my life when Dad died. Dee is Ryo's partner. He grew up on the streets like I did. He understood how hard it was for me at the time. He caught me doing things that were alright when Dad was alive and gave me a warning. He keeps me on the toes and help when I couldn't go to Ryo. Deeā€¦ Dee was a good influence on me. Dee and Ryo both were.

Because of those two, I decide what I wanted to do in my life. I want to grow up to be like them. I want to do what they do. I want to be a cop.

Bikky Goldman