Total Drama Comes Back

Disclaimer: I do not own the series of Total Drama; this story is just to entertain you only.

Chris: Welcome to the newest season of Total Drama. Last season, we had 17 contestants battle it out for one million dollars. In the end, it was between Cody, Alejandro, and Heather. Alejandro beat Cody in a battle and then he faced Heather in the finals. It seemed that Alejandro could have taken it all but Heather tricked him and kneed him in the crotch and sent him down the volcano and took the million. But Heather had her money taken and destroyed by zombie Ezekiel. This time, we're bringing back all 24 contestants for a shot at half a million dollars. We're back on the island. Welcome to our new season of Total Drama: TOTAL DRAMA COMES BACK! And here is our first boat (The first boat reaches the dock and the door opens, the first person out is Leshawna)

Leshawna: Oh yeah I'm back!

Chris: Hello there Leshawna. It's good to have you. Maybe we will see more of your catfights of beating the crap out of Heather.

Leshawna: Yeah, maybe! When she arrives, let's just say it won't be a warm welcome.

Chris: Alright (The next person who gets out of the boat is Duncan)

Duncan: This is it! I'm going to win my second season

Chris: You seem confident, I'll give you that, but don't be so sure (Duncan snarls at this. Then the next person gets out of the boat, revealing it to be Beth)

Beth: It's good to be back Chris!

Chris: Yeah I know. Whatever!

Beth: This time I'm sure to win the money!

Chris: Maybe you will, maybe you won't, but probably won't. (Beth sighs. The next person who gets out is DJ)

DJ: It feels good to be back. I have a feeling I will get far this season.

Chris: Yeah. If you can go without hurting a poor, innocent animal, then you probably could. (Chris chuckles a bit, but DJ has a worried expression on his face. The next person comes out and it is Eva)

Chris: Good to have you back here Eva! (Eva immediately shoots an angry face at Chris)

Eva: You better not hurt me one bit this season, McClean, or (she makes a slicing motion across her neck)

Chris (Not knowing the threat): You'll slit your throat?

Eva: You're a frickin dumbass! (She walks over to where Leshawna, Duncan, Beth, and DJ are standing)

Chris: Whatever she meant, it'll give me nightmares. (The next person who comes out is Harold)

Harold: I'm definitely going to win this season!

Chris: You mean definitely not! I don't ever see that happening! (Chris laughs receiving a glare from Harold. Harold walks over to where everyone else is standing)

Leshawna: Hey baby!

Harold: Hey! (Leshawna sees he still has an angry expression)

Leshawna: Don't listen to that dick, he knows nothing!

Harold: Never has! (The next person who comes out is Lindsay)

Lindsay: I'm back Wawancockwa!

Duncan: Did she really just get the name wrong with a dirty word? (Harold snickers)

Lindsay: Did I say that right? (She thinks for a moment) Yeah I probably did! (The next person is Geoff)

Geoff: Oh yeah! I'm back! Party time!

Chris: Geoff, it's good to have you here man!

Geoff: Glad to be back! Woo hoo! (He looks around) Where's my girl Bridgette?

Chris: She's on a different boat Geoff.

Geoff: Why?

Chris: You two suck face half the day. We don't want you to disgust the other campers, who are afraid you will do something more disturbing!

Geoff (Not realizing what he meant): What could be more disturbing than making out?

Chris: Doing it, duh!

Geoff (Still not understanding): What's doing it?

Harold: S- (Duncan clamps a hand over his mouth)

Duncan: Don't even think about saying it!

Harold: Why does it matter if I say it? I'm not a little kid anymore and my parents are not here!

Duncan: It only matters because if you tell him, he will get the idea! (The next boat arrives, and the first people out are Katie and Sadie)

Katie: Eeeeeee! It's great to be back here Chris!

Sadie: Yeah, really great!

Chris: Yeah, it's really great! Now go over where everyone else is before I've had it with your eeeeeees!

Katie: Chris, how could you be like that? We've only been here 10 seconds!

Chris: Just get over there!

Sadie: Chri-

Chris: Do it, now!

Katie: Ch-

Chris: DO IT! (They walk over to the other contestants. The next person out is Tyler)

Tyler: Oh yeah! It's game time!

Chris: Oh look, it's the jock that can't play sports worth s**t!

Tyler (looking over at Chris): What was that?

Chris: Nothing! (Tyler walks over to the group of contestants and high-fives Geoff. The next person arrives, and it is Owen)

Owen: Hey guys! How's it goin'?

Geoff: I'm great, thank you for asking!

Tyler: What's up big guy? How are you?

Owen: Feeling like a million bucks!

Chris: Wait until I tell him it's half a million bucks this season! (Owen walks over to Tyler and Geoff and hugs them. Tyler and Geoff suffocate, barely being able to breathe. The next person who shows up is Heather)

Heather (sarcastically): Hooray! I'm back here again! (She then hears someone running quickly, and sees that it is Leshawna)

Leshawna: You're going to die! (Leshawna almost approaches Heather but Chris stops her)

Chris: Whoa, calm down! You have time to do that all season. Just not now! (Leshawna shoots Heather a glare, then returns to where she was standing. The next person that arrives is Justin)

Justin: It's time that I win! Time to beat all these losers!

Chris: Okay it's time you go stand over there. (Chris points to the other campers)

Justin: Hmph! (The next person who comes out is Bridgette)

Bridgette: Ah, it's great to be back!

Geoff: Bridge! (He runs over and hugs Bridgette)

Bridgette: It's good to see you Geoff! (The two then start to make out. The next person shows up and it is Noah)

Noah: (Sighs) Well, here we are again!

Owen: NOAH! (He quickly runs over, Noah's eyes widen, then Owen picks him up and hugs him) It's good to see you little buddy!

Noah: It's good to see you too. But can you please put me down.

Owen: Oh, sure thing! (He puts him down. Next out is Gwen)

Gwen (Sarcastically): Gee, I'd thought I would never come back here!

Duncan: Gwen, hey! (Gwen looks over at him. She doesn't seem too thrilled but manages to have a small smile) Oh, hey!

Duncan: What's wrong babe?

Gwen: Oh nothing! (She walks over to where everyone else is standing)

Duncan: I don't remember doing anything wrong. What's her deal?

Gwen (whispering): Thoughtless bastard! (The next person who shows up is Trent)

Trent: Hello everybody! Hey Gwen!

Gwen: Hey Trent, doing well?

Trent: I feel great, now that I have seen your face! (Gwen puts on a big smile. He walks over to the huge group of campers)

Duncan: I don't get it, how does he get a better greeting from her than me? (A third and final boat shows up and the first person out is Izzy)

Izzy: Boom-boom! Explosivo is here!

Owen: IZZY!

Izzy: Hey big O! (She runs over to Owen and jumps in his arms and they kiss)

Owen: I've missed you Iz!

Izzy: E-scope missed you too!

Chris: Okay can you two stop with the creepy love crap? We've already had enough for a beginning of a season.

Noah: What are you? A love Nazi?

Chris: N-, no!

Noah: So is!

Duncan: Totally is! Not like he will get any sugar! (Chris shoots a glare)

Chris: Not true! Just to let you know that I've had fourteen girlfriends in the past 6 months!

Beth: Fourteen?

Leshawna: You're a sick bastard!

Harold: Did you plow any of them?

Bridgette: Why would you ask that? That's disgusting! This is Chris we're talking about!

Chris: Let's see, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (He keeps counting for a few more seconds, then comes to a conclusion) All of them!

Beth: All of them?

Leshawna: Man whore! (DJ and Tyler turn around and puke while everyone has a shocked expression on their face)

Chris: I'm going to ask Chef to clean that up!

Chef (walking up): No way in hell am I doing that! I've already cleaned up enough puke the last three seasons!

Chris: You hardly clean up any during one season! As a matter of fact, not at all!

Chef: Who gives a s**t!

Chris: Fine, be that way, be a p*ssy! Enough of this conversation. (The next person that comes out is Cody)

Cody: Here is the Codemeister! (He looks over at everyone) Hey Gwen!

Gwen: Hey Cody!

Duncan: What the hell, him too? (He folds his arms angrily. The next contestant is Sierra)

Sierra: CODY! (She runs up to Cody)

Sierra: Oh boy! (She hugs him tightly, suffocating him) It's good to see you Codykins!

Cody (Through a choke): It's, good, to, see, you, too! (The next person that shows up is Alejandro)

Alejandro: I'm back and stronger than ever! (He looks at the crowd. And he is receiving a glare from Bridgette and Leshawna) Hola chicas!

Leshawna: Don't be so sweet on us! We still hate you from manipulating us last season!

Alejandro: Oh come on! I have changed since then, trust me!

Bridgette (Chuckling): Ha ha, right!

Alejandro: You don't believe me now, but la-

Leshawna: Why don't you shut your trap before I take your shirt, tie it around your neck, and hang you from a flagpole until you die! (Alejandro looks shocked, and nervously walks over to the already big group of people when Courtney comes out of the boat)

Courtney: It's about time I win! And this season will be the time it happens!

Chris: Can you shut up before I have Chef tie you up and leave you on the boat and you won't be competing this season!

Courtney: If you do that, I am so calling my lawyers!

Duncan: Is that her solution to everything? (The next and last person is Ezekiel)

Ezekiel: Okay, I'm sure I'm DEFINITELY going to win this season.

Chris: Ezekiel, back to your old self I see!

Ezekiel: Yep, I'm back to noomal again!

Bridgette: Great! Who knows what type of idiotic character he will be this season!

Ezekiel: The Zeke knows he is determined to win, he is determined not to get voted of first, he-

Chris: Can you shut your yapper before I stuff my thong in it?

Noah: Chris, we did not need to hear that!

Leshawna: Yeah that was mentally disturbing!

Tyler: And unsanitary!

Trent: That thing has touched your crotch, why would you stuff it in someone else's mouth?

Chris: I don't care. I'm not the one suffocating from it!

Duncan: We don't need to know you wear woman's underwear. You are a creepy man!

Courtney: That is one more thing that scares us. (Owen farts) And there's another one.

Chris: Like I scare you!

Noah: Just your messed up ways!

Chris: All right then. There you have it. Our twenty four campers! Next time we will form the teams, assign cabin mates, and have our first challenge. Right here on Total Drama Comes Back!

Next time: The teams form and get assigned cabins. After that, the campers do their first challenge. What will the challenge be? What will the teams be? And what drama will stir up? Find out in the next chapter!