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Chapter 35

THERE'S SOMETHING about embarrassing yourself that just makes everything seem to go in slow motion.

Now would be one of those times for Bella.

"Bella, I'd like you to meet my boyfriend," Tanya motions behind Bella's shoulder where said boyfriend stands waiting, then mocks out, "Oh yesssss, Billy."

If she could hide under the table and still keep her dignity she would. Instead, Bella, eyes wide and mouth in the form of an 'o', blows a little breath out, then plasters a smile on her stunned face and turns to greet the man.

Again, no fucking way.

It's Billy-fucking-Zane.

"You're Billy Zane." She blinks, stunned, and whips her head back and forth a few times between her best girlfriend and the actor, Billy Zane, finally stopping on Tanya's highly amused face, "He's Billy Zane."

Tanya clarifies, "William George Zane, Jr."

Bella whips her head back to…Billy Zane. She just stares, stunned, and mumbles, "Uh…um…uh…"

Billy is smiling…that smile of his. You know the one. The wicked sexy one…with those bedroom eyes of his. He reaches his hand out cordially and takes Bella's, helping her to rise from the booth like some sort of princess. Then, he proceeds to raise said taken hand to his lips…his 'Billy Zane' lips…and kisses the back of it, confirming that in this moment she is, indeed, a princess. "The pleasure is all mine, Miss Swan. I have heard so much about you."

Bella gulps, trying to find her voice, and blurts, "But, where's your hat?" God that was so stupid.

He just laughs, and says good-naturedly, "I left it in the car."


Tanya is holding a hand over her mouth trying not to laugh. Then she says, "BB, move out of the way so my man can have a seat by me, okay? He's had a long flight from New York, and then the drive down from Austin just now..."

Bella is just staring at her hand still held in his own. She shakes her head, snapping out of her Billy Zane zone. "Oh, okay."

Moving over, she lets Billy sit by Tanya, then she places her still-stunned self across from them in the other booth…and stares, watching as Tanya puts her hand on Billy's sweater covered chest and leans in to give him a slow sweet kiss.


It's like mouth porn…what with his full lips…and her full lips. It's almost obscene. There wasn't even any tongue.


Billy leans in closer and whispers something private into Tanya's ear, and Tanya giggles. Tanya never giggles. Ever. Not like that.

Oh my God.

Clearing her throat, Bella interrupts their private moment, because shit needs to be said, "So, um…" blink, blink, floppy hand gesture, "…when did all this…" another floppy hand gesture, "…happen?" They stop cuddling and look at her. Bella does that weird head bobbing thing and asks, "I mean, where-"

Billy interrupts with a wink and a grin. Jeez. "We met in Austin three months ago. There was a radio convention and I was there on a contractual-slash-promotional obligation. The lovely Tanya Cole," he lifts his hand and moves Tanya's long dark hair back over her ear and Bella shivers, "was in attendance, and once my eyes found her they never moved away."

Tanya giggles…again.

This is serious.

Bella blinks, addressing Tanya now, "So, um, let me get this straight. This is who you have been texting and taking all of those secret sexy calls from?"

Tanya nods, smiling, looking a tad bit sheepish, "Yeah. I'm sorry for keeping you in the dark for so long, BB. We were trying to keep it on the low down until we knew we were in it for real." Tanya turns her head and gives Billy another full-lipped kiss, then says, "And we are, aren't we, sugar bear?"

They are looking into each other's eyes like Bella isn't even there.

"That we are, honey pie." Another slow mouthed no tongue porn-kiss.

Um…no. That's so not right what they just said there. No.

Bella stammers out, "Oh, um…you guys…I mean, um…that's so cute…what you just did there…um…so…cute…" She shakes her head in denial.

Tanya is the first to crack up. "Oh BB girl, you should see the look on your face, oh lord!" She snickers into Billy's chest.

Billy bursts out, saying to Tanya through his own laugh, "I didn't think it would be that hard, babe. I mean I am an actor after all, and you did warn me she would freak out if we used those nicknames…"


They totally just played her.

That's, um…pretty damn funny.

Played by her best friend and Billy Zane.

She smiles wide and grabs Jane's neatly folded napkin, wadding it up and tossing it across the table at the two players still snickering together.

They are pretty cute.

"Wow, you guys are so funny. I mean, really. Did you honestly think I would fall for that nonsense? Hum." She points accusingly between the pair. "I can see I will need to keep my eyes on you two fools."

Billy answers, still smiling and laughing a little. "She said you are fun to mess with and I believe it. And in my defense, I was trying to draw attention away from my fame in a way. Forgive me, please." He mock bows and Bella is a princess again.

She fumbles out, "No, no…it's fine. Really, psh."

"Order up, Bella!" They can hear River from yell from the kitchen.

Still a little stunned with the presence of one Billy Zane, Bella thumbs over her shoulder stupidly, "Oh, that's mine. I gotta go get that…for, um…um…" she can't think, "...um, the Marcums, ha!" Snort. "Yeah, they are, uh…hungry…"

"Bella," Tanya swats at her, "go back to work so I can have my man to myself. We're gonna stick around for a bit," she side-eyes her man briefly and he turns his lips inward like he's keeping a secret, "and make sure your, ah, morning goes well."

Bella shakes her head, blinking in confusion as she leaves the booth, "Why wouldn't my morning go well?"

Over-exaggerated shrug, "I have no idea!"

Billy just purses his lips and taps his finger on the table top, seeming a little nervous.


Another weird moment.

What is with this morning?

She leaves them with a small, stupid wave, and walks toward the kitchen. Ginger comes out of the swinging doors with a tray loaded with the Marcums' breakfast. "Bella, I got this. Sam wants to see you in his office though."

"Oh, no, he just left with Jane. I saw them."

Ginger freezes, and fumbles, saying, "Oh…yeah, well…look, just go to the office, okay?"

"Okay, jeez, Ginger. You should think about taking a few vacation days. Go somewhere with that bright, sunny attitude of yours and relax."

Ginger starts walking away, mumbling to herself mostly, "Oh, I will. Someone owes me big time and he knows it, too." When she passes by Tanya and Billy's booth, she stops, unfazed, and says matter of fact like, "Now, you don't listen to those awful critics, Mr. Zane. I loved you in Magic Man." Then she leaves the back area to go deliver the Marcums' breakfast, still mumbling to herself all the way.

Bella and Tanya and Billy all exchange amused looks, then Bella turns and pushes through the double doors and in to the kitchen.

She stops dead when river says, "Oh, Bella," he flips his kitchen rag over his broad shoulder, as he moves a pancake from the flat grill to a warm plate, "Sam wants you in his office now."


She can't help it. She yells, exasperated, "He just left!" Then she throws her hands up in the air, "But, I'm going to the office anyway, alright?"

River just grins.

Bella turns and stalks down the hallway toward Sam's office. Things have been so strange this morning. It's all very frustrating and confusing. Like everyone is in on some sort of…thing! Distracted, she reaches for the office door handle, gives it a turn and pushes it open with a whole lot of oomph. It only opens a little and then connects with something on the other side. She shoves harder then, saying, "Look, Sam…"

A male voice sounds at the same time, "Sam, I told you already…just go-oh-oh-oh-"

Something crashes.

The door swings wide.

Some large object is falling, blurry.

Then other, smaller, objects are falling like rain…red cherry sour rain.

A strong flailing hand reaches, blindly searching, then twisting into the front of Bella's diner T-shirt.

It rips a little but the hand doesn't give.

She falls flat out sprawled on top of one Edward Cullen.

There are a few moments of stunned silence as the candy settles around them. Then, "Fuck, baby," with a groan, "that's the third time you've fallen for me…I think. I'm beginning to think it's our thing."

She blinks, then she sits up, straddling him, and then she smacks his chest, accusing, "Edward Cullen! You told me you were on a business trip."

Amused green eyes find hers. He smiles wide and says, "I am, but it's more of a permanent one."

She glares, and says through narrowed eyes, "What the hell does that even mean, Edward?"

Just then, Ginger, River, Tanya and…you guessed it…Billy Zane, appear at the wide open doorway, taking in this mess of a scene. It's like a fucking cartoon. Tanya and Billy just grin at each other while Tanya whips out her cell phone to snap a few pictures, saying, "Oh, this morning did go well, perfect! Jane and your girls are gonna love this!"

Arms crossed over her chest, Ginger pipes in to Edward, "I thought I heard you say you were ready for her!"

Edward glances around the mess like it's obvious, and says, "I said I wasn't ready." His eyes flash to Billy Zane. He says, "Hey man," like he knows him.

Tanya and Bella's jaws drop open as Billy responds, "'Sup man," chin nod, "you doing good down there?"

Edward's hands move to grip one stunned Bella's thighs, squeezing. "I'm right where I want to be. What are you doing in town?"

Billy moves his arm around Tanya's shoulders, "I came down to visit my lady. You?"

Edward's eyebrows raise high at this news. "Your lady, huh? That's good," his hands slide up and down Bella's thighs now as he continues, looking at her, more quiet now, "and I, uh, just moved back here. It's my hometown. I, uh, bought Sam's Diner. Sam retired this morning."

He waits for her reaction.

River barks out a laugh, "Things are gonna be awesome around here, I can tell."

Bella just sits there, straddling Edward, blinking, shifting, blinking some more.

Then she gives a small, "Oh."

He smiles, whispering, "Yeah."

Billy says to Tayna, "I think that's our cue, honey pie." Back to Edward, "Call me when you are back in the Big Apple, man. I want to organize another dinner party like last time at Brazil. Not through Nikki this time. That broad is intimidating. You and Jackson can schmooze again, so long as he doesn't over do it this time around. Remember Ben Stiller? His temper can get pretty bad."

Still looking at Bella, he answers, "Okay, man, I will remember that. And, I'll call you."

The next thing they know, the door is shut and they are alone in the office still sprawled on the floor.

Edward's hands continue to rub Bella's thighs. She stares at his handsome face, and then glances around. "There are cherry sours everywhere."

There must be like fifty or more containers full of her favorite little red cherry sour candies all over the place.

"I was going to surprise you. Make a grand gesture…"

Suspicious, "Did you buy all the cherry sours from Dylan's Candy Store in New York?"

He grins, answering as his hand lifts from her thigh to her pony tail, removing a piece of round red candy and tossing it away, then he moves a fallen strand of her hair back off of her forehead, and says, "I did."



She points over her should, "Um, and you know Billy Zane, too?"

Crooked grin, "Yeah, I know Billy Zane, too. That's just a coincidence."

"Oh." She shifts, and he groans but stays put. "And, you bought the diner as a business investment-"

He stops her with a finger over her lips, "No. I bought the diner for many reasons. The most important one being that I want to be where you are…always. I've been planning this for a while, Bella."

"Oh…um…wow…" she's blushing.

He sits up quickly and wraps his arms around her hips, pulling her chest flush with his and looks into her chocolate brown eyes. He lowers his head closer to hers, and he whispers, "I've missed you, B," and she melts, her hands finding his hair and twisting into the messy strands.

She whispers back, eyes glistening now, "I've missed you too, Edward."

Their faces move closer for a kiss, but Edward stops them, smiling a wicked smile, their lips almost touching. Then he says, "There's one more thing, though. Rosey gave me permission, too, so it's all been decided on as long as we have spaghetti and chocolate ice cream for dinner tonight. June made me compromise with the ice cream choice. She's tough."

He watches and waits.

Bella blinks slowly, taking in his words, his beautiful green eyes twinkling, "I don't underst-"

"I'm moving in with you tonight, B…for good."

He waits again, watching a slow but huge smile spread across her beautiful face, as one tiny tear slides out of her eye and down her cheek.

"What are we gonna do with all this candy, Edward?"

Crooked sexy grin. "We'll think of something, beautiful."

Sniff. "Okay."

Then he kisses her.

He's never gonna stop.

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