This story will involve several characters from me and my friend's role-play. I've gotten the idea from mornings of boredom and some daydreams. You will hear references of Max and her flock, but they won't actually enter the story. You will also hear names that are members of Isis's flock, which is me and my friends characters.

Willow, Mey, Razor, Siege, and Mar I own

Ballad and Nico are credited to Originem Mali

Here is a real quick double time on the characters so you know somewhat about them.


Age 17, powers are healing, she has been known to be able to revive people, she has been having nightmares in which she sees dangers that are meant to happen and they can inflict harm to her, sometimes she sees them through visions or through her drawings, She is the smartest one in flock, DNA-bat, nickname-N/A, status-single, crush-Nico, Parents-Ally and Ciar, siblings-N/A, Best Friend-Mar.

~Mey Mey~

Age 16, powers are Intangibility or phasing, meaning she can phase through solid matter without harm, She is leader of the flock, DNA-bat and Komodo dragon, nickname-Mey, status-taken, boyfriend-Ballad, Parents-N/A, siblings-N/A, Best Friend-Ballad


Age 16, powers are unknown, he is second in command, DNA-eagle, nickname-N/A, status-single, crush-no one, Parents-Isis and Jace, siblings-N/A, Best Friend-N/A


Age 15, powers are he can read people's minds (basically Angels powers), third command, DNA-unknown, status-taken, Girlfriend-Mey Mey, Parents-N/A, siblings-N/A, Best Friend-Mey Mey.


Age 17, powers super speed, Blind, DNA-unknown, status- single, crush- no one, Parents-N/A, siblings-N/A, Best Friend-N/A


Age is unknown; powers are Self-Detonation, meaning he can explode his body mass and reform, DNA-bat, breed-cat, Best Friend-Willow


Age is 17, power is Sublimation, which is the ability to transform into a gaseous, mist, or fog-like form, DNA-unknown, nickname-N/A, status-single, crush-no one, Parents-Ace and Isra, siblings-N/A.

I am accepting others for the story. I can use only four others for the story. If you want to be a part of it let me know and tell me this about your character:





DNA Hybrid

Nickname (if they have one)



I only need three for Siege's team and one for the flock. I'm going to go ahead and post the first chapter because Siege and his team won't enter till the second chapter and the first one is just introduction and you learn a little about the group. So please hurry and list some characters, I lost my creativity a few days ago when I drew a lot and I can't really start the second chapter unless I have the characters. To help out, Siege's group is the enemy side. I will update it with another Author's note when I get the characters so you know all the characters.


Edit: I will be editing a bit from the stories, because a couple days ago my friend blinded Nico in the role-play so I have to re-edit a bit so it makes up for the blind parts, as you probably noticed I already started with that in the third chapter.