~Willow POV~

So after a long week of annoyance I learned I have a brother, my gang annoys me, and oh yes, MY BROTHER IS A WEIRD PSYCOPATH WHO IS NOW ON THE DANG TEAM! My life got so bad. Sighing I walked to the school hoping to get answers on my so called 'older brother' a.k.a Donovan. A.k.a the pain in my- Never mind. As I was saying, I went to the school, yada yada, talked to my other friends and got help. There caught up yet? Do I care? Yup I don't.

So here I am with Jane, who clicked on the first thing that came up on the search engine before moving to the side so I could read it. Mostly I just skimmed over the information reading some of what seemed important. Jane seemed bored. Nika sighed you won't find anything on the guy with a computer. Honestly that's like trying to find a needle in a haystack of needles." I glanced at her, really annoyed and confused "how did that make sense?" Nika only shrugged. After we closed the information down, we left to get them to class and I planned to speak with some old friends. We walked to the classroom with them. Sadly enough the ideas never work well. Jace had absolutely no clue and later on Isis showed up with Mirrissia and Bastian. "Skipping?" I asked and Isis nodded. I didn't pay much note to the conversation, well until the end that is. Isis glared "its not u[ for discussion, I have work to do, " Jace nodded, "Alright well thanks again for bringing them here." Isis nodded and left the room. I blinked, "Now I know why Razor doesn't speak much. HECK I'D BE SILENT IF MY PARENTS WERE DIVORCED AND ARGUING!" "I didn't think we argue, but we were never married. We were dating when Razor showed up, but never married."

Granted my days get worse, nothing else happened until the next day when I got stuck explaining and Donovan currently hates Siege. So taking a walk leads to drama and yeah, Jamie came to bail me out.

"So that's it" I said sighing as I looked at the cookie in my hand, Petal wasn't a bad cook, but honestly I don't know. Petal smiled, "Sounds like a lot of trouble, but you shouldn't just turn against your friends like that." "I know, Still you won't call mom right?" "No I won't, just take care." "I will."

~Logan POV~

Obviously fun was not the biggest option, after Chichi got her mom's permission for me to stay over, she dragged me to her room "Okay stay here I'm gonna get popcorn!" I wasn't about to ask the millions of questions I had so I just mumbled, "ok" and nodded. She looked at me for a moment and smiled "And try to relax a little, got it?" She said before leaving her room without giving me time to answer her question. I took the time to look around and think a little.

AN: Hope you all enjoyed this short chapter, more to come ASAP! So yeah Chichi and Logan had a sleep over! XD Okay so I lost most of it so it's like jumping and well yeah Willow's explaining the last couple days to Petal.