The next day, Hannah put all the cookies in 2 different baskets and started to head out the door, She yelled to Edna and her father on her way out " I will be out all day!"

Mr. Roberts came out of the hallway " What on earth could you be doing that would last all day?"

Hannah quickly thought of something " I will be with Marie all day". Her father looked at her.

Great, now she had to go to Marie to ask to lie to her father if he asked.

She waved " goodbye" she said and walked out the door.

Just as she walked outside, she bumped into Marie, who was walking up her steps.

Hannah grabbed her hand and walked her away from the house. When they were out of hearing distance, Hannah turned to her " Look Marie, I'm not free today, so can we get together tomorrow?" she whispered.

Marie looked at her " What are you doing?". " It doesn't matter, I'm just not free" she said urgently.

Marie huffed "you tell me what you're doing Hannah Roberts or my voice will get louder"

Hannah rolled her eyes " alright, I am helping out Ernie in the bookshop all day okay".

It scared her sometime how easily he could lie.

Marie looked at her confused " why do you have to whisper that then?" she asked.

Hannah sighed " it was suppose to be a surprise, and I don't want anyone to hear and tell him before I get there"

Marie just stared at her. Hannah turned to go " well goodbye" she said.

" Not so fast!" she heard Marie shout behind her. Hannah turned "What now?" she asked impatiently. Marie slowly walked over to her and looked her up and down suspiciously "Remember when I said I would come over to your house late last night after you were with Hugh?" she asked.

Hannah looked at her confused " What about it?"

Marie shrugged " Well I thought it was quite funny that all the lights in your house were on but yet you didn't seem to be home"

Then it hit her, that's when she and Dodger went to spy on the crowd. " I just fell asleep Marie" she said. Marie shook her head "You can't sleep with lights on, you hate it"

She continued "I also heard that there was a boy and girl spying on the town meeting last night, and when they were caught they ran to your neighborhood and mysteriously disappeared"

Hannah didn't like where this was going.

Marie looked at her right in the eye " Was it you?" she said. "No it wasn't" Hannah insisted.

Marie looked at her, and her voice got louder "Look me straight in the eye and tell me it wasn't you last night" she said.

Hannah looked around nervously, then she dragged Marie behind the carriage " Alright, alright, it was me last night okay!"

Marie gasped

"I knew it! But who was the boy you were with?" she whispered. Hannah rolled her eyes " it doesn't matter, now I really have to go"

Marie grabbed her wrist " Hannah Roberts you tell me what's going on right now, you have been acting so strange lately, was it Hugh you were with last night? Are you having another affair with a boy?"

Hannah shook her head " No, its none of those things" she said.

"then tell me! I am your best friend, we promised that we would tell each other everything" Marie pleaded

Hannah looked at her " I just can't okay, I have to go"

Then she turned before Marie could say anything else and walked briskly away to Ernie's bookshop.

The bell rang when she opened the door. Ernie turned to her " Hannah! Its good to see you dear"

Hannah smiled at him " its good to see you too! But I'm afraid I don't have much time, I just came to deliver the cookies I promised you" she smiled.

Ernie took one of the baskets from her hand " Thank you dear, my wife will appreciate it"

Hannah waved as she walked out the door " Goodbye Ernie"

She headed onto the busy street to the painting shop, when she got there, she quickly looked around to make sure no one was looking, then she walked briskly into the alley where she got lost.

She desperately hoped that she wouldn't get lost again, she made her way by memory until finally something looked familiar.

She found the staircase that led up their rooms. She quickly ran up the stairs until she reached the door, instead of knocking, knowing that she would be face to face with Charlie, she just walked in.

She could hear the yelling and shouting all the way up the stairs, they wouldn't of heard her knock even if she did.

She walked slowly up the staircase and stood at the top of the steps. A group of the boys were playing cards and a couple of them were shouting at each other, she saw Fagin at the stove cooking sausages and saw Oliver off to the side timidly watching the boy play. Nancy and Dodger were no where in sight and neither was Charlie.

She waited at the top steps until they noticed her. Finally one of the boys looked up. His eyes went wide and the pipe that he was smoking dropped to the floor, he stood on his feet " Oi! Hannah is here!" he shouted and ran to give her a hug. The group of boys looked up and ran to her, a couple trying to look in her basket.

Hannah laughed and she smacked a boy across the head that tried to get in the basket " Enough or I will have to hang all of you" she said.

They backed off and she walked over to Oliver and gave him a hug, he returned it happily.

" Hannah my dear how nice to see you" Fagin said and walked over.

Hannah smiled " Its good to see you too, I brought you something in thanks for letting me stay here over night"

Fagin raised an eyebrow and Hannah walked over to a table and opened the basket. One of the younger boys cried out " Cookies!"

Hannah laughed and dumped them out on the table " Make sure you save some for Dodger and Nancy"

The boys ignored her and grabbed at some of the cookies. Luckily she made a lot so there would be some left over for people who didn't get one

Oliver's eyes went wide when he bit into one "these have to be the best tasting cookies I have ever had!" he exclaimed. The rest of the boys agreed and continued to gobble them down.

Hannah chuckled "I am known for my cookies" she said.

Fagin called Hannah over. She walked over to the stove where Fagin was cooking sausages.

" Thank you my dear for bringing those to the boys, they haven't had good food in a while" he smiled

Hannah grinned "Anytime, I love giving things to people"

"What smells delicious?" Said a voice behind her "Fagin you never cooked so well before" Dodger said at the top of the stairs.

"Watch it Dodger" Fagin said and turned back to the sausages. Dodger caught Hannah's eye and winked. She blushed and pretended to be interested in the cooking sausages.

She heard Dodger walk over to table. She glanced at him as he bit into one of her cookies. She couldn't read the expression on his face as he finished it.

Finally he sighed and picked up another one "Yep these are famous alright" he said. Hannah grinned.

He sat down and gestured Hannah over to him. She obliged and sat across from him.

" Were you caught?" he asked. Hannah shook her head "Just seconds from being caught but I wasn't, I appreciate what you did for me last night, I didn't think you could be so nice" she said.

He shrugged "It happens, but no problem, picking a window or a door lock is what I do best"

She snorted at him "Not very surprising"

He smirked and took another cookie. She looked at him, wondering if he was mad "Are you angry with me?" she asked.

He looked at her and raised and eyebrow

"I mean with blowing our cover, you were almost caught because of me"

Immediately Dodger burst out laughing. Hannah looked at him confused "What's so funny?"

"Never in all my life, have a met someone so terrible at sneaking around as you are, it really was quite amusing" he said and laughed again.

Hannah blushed "Well I'm not a criminal like you are"

He stopped laughing and glared at her "I wish you would stop saying that" he said.

She looked at him "Stop saying what? Criminal? Its what you are Jack, what do you want me to refer you as? A priest?"

She saw his mouth slightly curve, like he wanted to smile. But he still glared at her. Its not what you say, it's the way you say it, like I'm the worst person in the world"

She sighed "I don't mean it like you're the worst person in the world, there are defiantly more worse people out there, but what you do it pretty bad Jack, its not good to steal stuff that rightfully belong to other people"

He shrugged "Their rich, they have plenty other stuff"

She stared at him "No they don't, not all are as rich as they seem to be, and some of the things they have are very important to them, like my mothers hanky for example, I would have be broken if it was lost for good"

Dodger stared at her "That's why you don't bring important things with you to town, it might get stolen"

She looked at him "you don't care that the things you take may be so important to people that it puts their life at risk? What if it was something you loved?"

"If it was something I cared about then I wouldn't bring it with me, and I don't care how important it would be to the person cause its my job, I do it to live"

"Its not a occupation" she said quietly. "Stealing is not a job"

He glared at her "Well its what I want to be , Fagin says I will become a regular Bill Sykes when I am older"

She raised an eyebrow "Bill Sykes?"

"He is only one of the best and most dangerous criminals anyone has ever heard of, and never gets caught, I am quite proud to be told that I am next in line"

"Yes being hated and feared by the whole world is defiantly something to be proud of" she said sarcastically

He glared at her, his ears becoming red "I am not afraid of being feared of or hated, I just want to be know as something to the whole world, so everyone knows who I am"

She shook her head "I can honestly see you becoming a better person then that Dodger, you have good inside you, I can tell. I don't think you would be able to be dangerous toward anyone"

He looked very angry "I am guessing you don't remember the alleyway then?" he asked.

"Oh I remember that alright, but I also remember you not hurting me and taking me to your home where I was taken care of, I also remember the way you treated my friend when she showed up at the park. You actually have respect for women, something I never would of thought you would have, So where did you learn your manners from then? Cause it defiantly wasn't from this group of boys" she said, it sounded harsher then she meant it to be.

His cheeks went red and he stood up from the table, grabbed her wrist and dragged her into the other room, away from everyone. No one seemed to notice them leave and his grip on her wrist was very tight, there were most likely going to be bruises.

They entered the room where she last slept and he pinned her against the wall. "You are lucky no one heard what you said back there, I could have got kicked out"

She glared at him

"Do you know why I didn't hurt you that night in the alley? Because you were crying like a baby and you defiantly weren't worth getting my butt kicked for" he said harshly

Hannah couldn't believe he said that, she let her hurt show and right away she saw guilt in his eyes "I know you don't mean that" she whispered, she noticed that his face was rather close to hers.

"You just never know when to keep your mouth shut do you? I am starting to get sick of hearing you talk" he said.

She noticed that his face was getting even closer to hers, her heart was racing.

Suddenly she heard a door bang and a scream from the next room. Dodger pulled away from her and let her wrists go. Hannah glared at him and turned to run out to the other room to see what was happening.

What she found in the other room was the last thing she expected. There was Charlie, standing above a girl who was on the ground swearing at him. But it just wasn't any girl, it was Marie. And what shocked Hannah was that she was swearing. Right up at Charlie.

"You Bastard! What makes you think that you could go ahead and drag me here like this, why don't you take your fat head and shove it up your tiny ass!" she yelled. Charlie looked at her with shock and amusement. Hannah stood there staring at her. Marie finally looked up and her eyes went wide when she saw Hannah. She tried to stand up but Charlie walked towards her as if to push her back down, Marie snarled at him "Don't even think of touching me" she said.

"Charlie let her go" Hannah heard Dodger behind her. Hannah turned to Dodger who was just stared at the scene with amusement on his face. He recognized Marie. His eyes met Hannah's who turned quickly away to go help her friend up.

Marie stared at Hannah. Fagin walked over, looking angry. "Charlie, what the hell is this? You can't just go picking up young ladies on the street and bringing them here"

Charlie stared at Marie "I didn't just drag her here Fagin, I caught her trying to get in our place and then she punched me when I wouldn't tell her where Hannah was" he said and glared at Marie. Hannah noticed his eye was becoming black and he rubbed his jaw. Fagin looked at Marie "so your Hannah's friend?" he asked curiously

Marie stood up tall "Yes I am" she said. Fagin looked between Hannah and Marie "How did you find her here?" he asked and stared at Hannah. Hannah's heart fell, he thought that she told Marie.

Marie looked at Hannah "Well after you clearly lied to me, I could tell something was up so I followed you here, I thought you were having an affair with another boy so I wanted to see for myself, but now I can see it wasn't just one boy, but seven others" she said harshly and glared at Hannah.

Hannah felt her face grow red from embarrassment. She saw Charlie smirk and heard Dodger snicker behind her. Hannah glared at her twice as hard. She turned to everyone "Everyone, I would like to introduce you to my dear, lovely and sincere friend Marie, if you all don't mind I would like to have a word with her, we will be back shortly" she said and pulled her towards the room that she and Dodger were just in. Dodger moved out of the doorway so they could go in.

Hannah slammed the door shut behind them, she turned angrily to Marie "What the hell is your problem? Are you crazy!" she was surprised at herself that she swore. Marie glared at her "What? So I don't get any credit for caring about you?"

Hannah shook her head "I told you that I was perfectly fine! And of course you have to go and butt your nose in again"

Marie's face turned red with anger "all I ever do is care about you Hannah, you always have to make everything harder for everyone, and make everyone worry about you! If you just told me right away then everything would have been fine"

Hannah glared "No Marie, everything wouldn't of been fine, you would of gone and tattled to my father and then he would arrest them thinking they kidnapped me when really they helped me when I was in need of help! And now that you know, you are most likely going to the police aren't you?"

Marie didn't say anything.

Hannah had tears in her eyes "I can't believe you, I don't think I would ever want to speak to you again if you told the police"

Now Marie had tears in her eyes

Hannah turned to leave, but Marie grabbed her hands "Please Hannah, I wouldn't be able to live if you weren't my best friend, I wasn't going to tell, I promise. I jut wanted to make sure that you weren't going to put yourself in any danger. If they helped you out and if they are nice people then I won't tell anyone, it can be our secret"

Hannah smiled and hugged her "I shouldn't of threatened our friendship Marie, but you don't know how important this is, they don't deserve to be hanged, they are good people, you will see once you get to know them" she said.

Marie hugged her back and Hannah dried her tears. Come on, let's go back. They grabbed hands and as they opened the door, Charlie and a couple of other boys tumbled into the room.

Marie and Hannah looked at each other and snickered "Been eavesdropping have you?" Marie said to Charlie.

Charlie blushed "No, I was just cleaning the door" and with that he grabbed a hanky from his jacket and polished the door handle.

Marie laughed and pushed him on the floor, "Don't be an idiot" she said. He glared at her "Just watch who your talking to, or I might just have to put a mouse in your dress"

Marie shrieked.

Hannah turned to Dodger who was leaning against the table, he looked back and forth between Hannah and Marie, how a few minutes ago they were fighting and now were smiling and holding hands as if nothing happened. "Girls" he said to himself and shook his head

Hannah stuck her tongue out at him.

Suddenly Nancy and another women walked in. As soon as Nancy laid eyes on Hannah she grinned and walked over to give her a hug "Its great to see you!"

Hannah smiled and hugged her back "Nancy this is my friend Marie" she said. Marie and Nancy smiled at one another. Then Nancy turned to her friend "and this is my friend Bet"

Bet smiled and waved at them.

Nancy and Bet walked over to a table where Dodger and Charlie were waiting.

Nancy turned around "Come on you two, I will teach you how to play cards, its kind of like gambling"

Hannah and Marie sat down, and watched as Nancy explained the whole game to them.

Through out the game. Hannah noticed Marie smiling and even laughing. Hannah was happy she was enjoying herself. Hannah kept beating Dodger each round.

Dodger threw his cards down "Ah! Not again!" he said, as Hannah showed him her cards. She laughed and patted his arm "Don't be a bad sport, just accept that I am better at this than you" she said and laughed.

"Now who's being a bad sport" he said and laughed. Hannah smiled and got up from her seat. Dodger raised an eyebrow "and where do you think your going?" he asked.

"too visit Oliver" she said. "he is much more interesting than me kicking your but 20 times"

Dodger sneered and went back to his game.

Oliver was sitting in a corner all by himself. Hannah sat beside him. "What's wrong Oliver? You should come join us" she said with a gentle smile.

Oliver shook his head "No thank you Miss Hannah, I am comfortable here"

Hannah stared at him and then she lowered her voice to a whisper. "Do you like being here Oliver?"

He looked around to make sure anyone was listening "They are very kind people and they have taken good care of me and gave me new clothes and such, but I just don't feel like I belong. They steal, I don't like to steal from anyone unless I have too, and I have been kept inside the whole time, I am not allowed to leave until I learn how to take someone's hanky, so I don't get caught by the police"

Hannah frowned "well the last part is unfair, you can still learn and wander the streets looking at the same time, if you want I will have a word with Dodger"

Oliver smiled gratefully, Hannah hugged him "You are a good boy Oliver, I know that one day you will live in a place where you belong and you will be the happiest boy alive"

His eyes twinkled up at her. Hannah looked out the window, it was starting to get dark, she looked at Marie who was laughing and smiling. Hannah didn't want to ruin her fun, but if they didn't leave soon both their parents would murder them.

Hannah turned to Oliver one last time "I will come back soon Oliver, goodnight"

She got up and tapped Marie "Sorry to spoil the fun, but it is time for us to go"

The whole table groaned, including Marie. "some fun you are" Charlie exclaimed.

Hannah glared at him "If we don't leave soon, we will be killed by our very own parents, now lets go" She said, grabbing Marie's hand. "Will you see us out Dodger?" she said. Dodger looked surprised, but reluctantly stood up and led them out. A chorus of good-byes followed them out the door and they waved back.

Dodger led them down the stairs and onto the streets "I suppose you know your way from here?" he asked. Marie nodded "thank you very much" and began to walk down the street. Hannah though stayed behind

"I will need to talk to you later" she whispered. Dodger looked surprised and smirked. Hannah slapped his top hat off his head "Don't you smirk at me, its not what your thinking if I know what your thinking"

Dodger bent down to pick up his hat but continued to smirk "Goodbye then" he said, then he turned and disappeared into the crowd of people. Hannah sighed and ran to catch up with Marie.

Hannah smiled as she linked her arm through hers "I knew you would like those people, you were having the time of your life" she said.

Marie smiled "they are so kind, Will we go back again?"

Hannah laughed "yes, they are our friends, we can visit them anytime we want"

Marie smiled "Good, lets go tomorrow then"

Hannah laughed again

"You know, Charlie really isn't all that bad looking"

Hannah stopped laughing "You can't be serious, he stole my hanky, kidnapped you and you tell me he is good looking? Were you dropped on your head as a baby?"

Marie glared at her and flushed "as a matter of fact I didn't say he was good looking, I just said he wasn't bad looking, and yes he did do all those bad things, but he was very kind to me afterwards, he helped me win the card game"

Hannah snorted "Charlie being nice? That's a new one"

Marie continued to glare at her, even when they reached Hannah's house.

"Meet me in front of the paint shop, tomorrow at 2 O'clock" Hannnah said.

Maire stopped glaring and grinned "I will be there" then she took of toward her own house.

Hannah sighed and walked inside. Edna greeted her at the door "Did you have a good time today?" she asked with a smile.

Hannah grinned and nodded "a very good time, thank you Edna, is father home yet?"

Edna shook her head "Another town meeting, he will be back when you're asleep, now off to bed with you" she said

Hannah grabbed 4 cookies from the kitchen counter and raced up the stairs.

She shut her window and curtains and got changed in her nightclothes, Hannah sighed and sat on her comfy bed to read some of Jane Eyre when she heard a tap on her window.

Hannah stared at it "must be a bug" she said to herself. Suddenly there was another tap, a bigger one this time and it made her jump.

"What on earth?"

She slowly walked over to her window and peeked out of her curtains, she didn't see anything. She opened her curtains and unlocked her window and stared down at the street. She sighed in frustration thinking it was some kids playing a joke on her, Hannah turned to go back inside when she heard a whistle

"Oi! Hannah!"

Hannah jumped and looked down her window again, Dodger was grinning up from streets at her

"What on earth are you doing?" She called down a softly as she could.

Dodger didn't answer her question, "Move out of the way, I am coming up" he called back

Before Hannah could stop him, he ran at the wall and began climbing vines that were sprawled across the walls of her house.

Hannah backed away as he tumbled onto her bedroom floor, she chuckled "very graceful" she said. He looked up at her "I got in didn't I?" he said. She crossed her arms "about that" she said. "You know that if you get caught, you will go to jail and get killed, what are you doing here?" she said.

He looked around her room "You asked to talk to me later, now is later. Nice place you got here, a little too fancy for my taste" he said. Hannah sighed "me too"

He stared at her in surprise "You don't like your home?"

"Not that I don't like it, it's just to breakable and fancy, I enjoy more cottage, smaller homes, not so much pressure to live under"

He smiled at her. She turned away "So about you coming in my room?"

He shrugged and sat on her bed "You said you wanted to talk, and I wanted to see your palace" he smirked

"Yes as a matter of fact I did want to talk, about Oliver"

Dodger groaned "Why is everyone so obsessed with him?

Hannah ignored him and continued "Why do you guys keep him inside? He is depressed, all he wants to do is go out for a little while, he won't steal anything or get caught"

He crossed his arms "We can't risk it, if he does anything too rash, we all will be in trouble, we are just waiting a little longer so we can trust him"

Hannah huffed "He won't do anything wrong, not if you keep an eye out for him, if you leave him inside any longer he could be forced to do something rash like try to escape and that could lead to something bad"

Dodger glared at her "I will think about it"

Hannah sighed "Well I guess that is better than a no"

Hannah walked over to her nightstand and threw 2 of the cookies at Dodger who caught them.

He stared at her and the 2 cookies in his hand and on the nightstand "4? If I didn't come you were going to eat 4 cookies?"

Hannah blushed and shrugged "I tend to eat like a pig when I am by myself"

Dodger grinned and took a bite out of one of the cookies "I'm impressed, I always liked a girl with a good appetite"

Hannah turned away "Well too bad that I am a crybaby"


"Look Hannah, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it" he said.

"Well you convinced me" she said. She heard him sigh "You aren't a cry baby, honestly you are quite the opposite, I was just angry that you confronted me that's all"

she sighed softly "well I will think about forgiving you, but for now you are still on my bad side"

"Even when I saved you from that mob?"

"That's why I am thinking about it"

She heard him chuckle quietly behind her.

"You are defiantly not like other girls, I like how you're not always stuffy and polite"

She couldn't agree with him more "Polite and stuffy or two different things, its nice to be polite, people appreciate it, but stuffy is just awful, that's the way my grandmother tried to teach me to live"

He looked at her curiously "tried? So you told her off?"

She sighed, wishing that he were far from right "yes I told her off, and because I did, she refuses to speak to my family anymore"

Hannah looked down at her hands, trying to erase the memory. She heard Dodger stand up and walk over to her. He grabbed her hands.

"She doesn't realize that you're a good person, maybe if she saw how kind you were to other people, she would ease up?"

Hannah shook her head "No, she wouldn't care, and I don't either, its her choice if she doesn't want to talk to me over a stupid reason, I am not changing who I am for anyone"

Suddenly Dodger stepped close to her, their faces were only inches apart. Though Hannah didn't feel threatened "I agree with you one hundred percent, never change who you are" He whispered in her ear

Hannah's heart fluttered and she felt a blush creep up her cheeks "Thank you"

He smirked down at her, then he slowly leaned in.

She felt like her heart was beating a mile a minute

Suddenly there was a knock on her door.

Hannah whipped around. Someone was outside her bedroom. "Hannah? May I come in?"

It was her father. Hannah looked at Dodger, his eyes were wide. If her father caught him they would both be dead, it was no use using the window, he would hear him climbing down.

"No I am not decent yet! I am getting changed!" she called out. "One minute!"

she ran to her dresser and pulled out her nightgown, then she ran to Dodger and pushed him on the floor

"Stay under the bed and be as still as possible! And Don't you dare look or I will have your head!"

He merely nodded and ducked under the bed.

Hannah quickly took off her day clothes to change into her nightclothes, while carefully watching the bed to make sure Dodger wouldn't sneak a peek

It took a few minutes to untie the corset and another few to get out of her itchy stockings and dress. She quickly hung them up and threw her nightgown over her head, she walked briskly to the door and opened it.

Her father stood, waiting patiently, hands behind his back. "May I come in?" he asked.

Hannah nodded quickly and moved to let him inside. She watched her nervously as he paced around her room, and she couldn't stop herself from occasionally glancing toward the bed, hopefully he didn't notice.

Finally he turned around and sat on her bed. " I just came to see how you are doing?"

Hannah raised her eyebrows "I am doing wonderful father, why do you ask?"

"Well I have noticed that you go out a lot, hardly at home anymore, we don't have much time to talk" he said, slightly embarrassed.

Hannah grinned, pleased that her father wants her around more "I'm sorry, I didn't notice I have been gone a lot lately, how about we go out for lunch tomorrow?"

His face immediately relaxed, and he smiled "Yes that does sound nice, I will take you out to lunch tomorrow"

Hannah smiled "is that all?"

Suddenly he frowned "No that's not all, I have some news that I think you have the right to hear"

Hannah frowned as well, he did not look happy "What is it?"

He looked around the room, as if he wanted to talk about something else

" I think it would be best if you start to come home a little earlier than usual, maybe around 4:30, 5, and I don't think it would be best to go out as much anymore"

Hannah looked at him, shocked. "Why? What did I do wrong?"

"Nothing dear, of course you did nothing, but its not just me that is setting this rule, many families are making their children come home earlier"

Hannah huffed frustrated "but why? Why do they want us to come home early?"

He scratched the back of his neck

"Its not been very safe lately, a dangerous man that we thought was gone came back, and we don't want anyone hurt again" he said.

Hannah stared at him "hurt again? Who is this man?"

His eyes widened as he realized his mistake, then he groaned inwardly "It's the same man that killed your mother Hannah, we thought he was in jail, or that he left for good, but recently a young women was murdered near here and someone said they spotted the same man"

Hannah paled, she didn't know what to say, the man that killed her mother was back "How did I not know about this, why have I not heard about the lady?"

"We wanted to keep it a secret, so we wouldn't alarm people, but we now need to take precautions, I don't want you out after dark and I want you home 2 hours before it gets dark, and don't go out as much anymore, I don't want you to get hurt"

and with that he stood up and left the room before Hannah could say anything, tears filled her eyes. She stood staring at the door for a long time, she even forgot that Dodger was under the bed and she didn't even hear when he came out.

She felt a hand touch her wrist softly, she turned around, Dodger was looking at her, sadness in his eyes. Hannah did everything she could to stop the tears from running down her face.

"I'm sorry" he said softly, she could tell he felt sorry for her, and that he truly was sorry, but she could also tell he felt awkward, he didn't know what to do in a situation like this, he was just a boy, boys didn't know how to comfort girls in grief.

She took a big breath and tried to smile "Its alright, I'm not that worried"

He looked at her curiously " your really not?"

She smiled "I'm not worried, or upset"

He stared at her, he knew she was lying. But what else was he suppose to do, he didn't know how to handle girls like this.

"Alright" he said. "Your father seems like a nice guy"

Hannah smiled "he is wonderful"

Dodger played with a loose string from the comforter on her bed "he seems to care about you a lot"

Hannah watched him carefully "He does"


"You know Jack, I think your lying"

He looked up at her and raised his eyebrows "What?"

She placed her hands on her hips "Don't even try to fool me, you lied when you said you hated parents and your glad you don't have any, but I know your lying, you wish you had parents"

He stood up then, face red "you have no clue what your talking about, I told you once that I don't want or need them and that's the truth, now stop being an idiot and move on"

"No, we are not moving on" Hannah said.

Jack closed in "What do you want from me?" he growled in her face

Hannah shuddered a bit but kept her stance "I want you to cave in, to admit that want them so bad that it hurts"

Now his ears went red " you always have to put her nose in other peoples business don't you? you think your so brave, chasing after Charlie in a dark alleyway, confronting me in your own home, well your not brave Hannah, your just an idiot, a stupid idiot. You think you have the power to confront me just because were in your home where your safe and can call your dad when you need him, well think again, I am able to break your neck before you can even call to him. I can hurt you and he won't know a thing until the next morning. You have no idea who you are dealing with Hannah"

Hannah started to shake, would he really hurt her if she went further? She decided to be an idiot and take the chance.

She stopped shaking and looked him straight in the eye "Oh I know exactly who I am dealing with. I know you are easily capable of hurting me or killing me, but I know you won't. You aren't that type of person, maybe no one else can see it, but I can. You would never hurt anyone. Why do you hide who you really are to other people? Man up and show your feelings for once!"

From the minute she stopped talking she knew she hit the mark. She saw his jaw clench, his fists were balled up. He pushed her against the wall, Hannah hit the back of the wall, hard. "you need to shutup… you have pissed me off to the top" he looked at her with hate in his eyes, but there was something else that she saw in his eyes that she couldn't describe. Hannah closed her eyes and waited for him to punch, maybe she was wrong, maybe he was going to hurt her.

After a few minutes when the punch didn't come, she felt him move away from her, she opened her eyes, He stood standing by the window, still looking angry, and his ears where red. He opened his mouth like he wanted to say something, but instead he climbed out the window and ran into the night.

Hannah grabbed her heart, she was so overwhelmed by what just happened, but the thought of the man who murdered her mother came back and she fell on her bed and cried.