Mark, Darlene, and DJ are the only three people home. Roseanne and Dan have gone bowling with Crystal and Jackie, and David has gone to pick Becky up from work because Mark had to work late and didn't get off in time to get her himself. DJ is upstairs while Darlene attempts to make dinner and Mark is now home, waiting in the living room for his wife.

Darlene strolls casually into the living room.

"Dinner should be ready in about…" she holds up a brochure for Pizza Palace, "thirty minutes or less."

From the couch, Mark smirks, half-heartedly.

Darlene notices a look of worry on his face.

"What's wrong? Did you forget which way to point the remote again?" she jokes.

"Darlene, Becky and David should've been back by now. Beck works like 10 minutes from here."

"Well yeah, Mark, unless they got lost." Darlene said while shaking her head slowly in mock-sadness, "I knew we should've had them micro chipped."

"Will ya cut it out with the jokes? I'm serious!"

As those words leave his mouth, Becky and David enter through the front door. Mark shoots David an accusing glare, while Darlene looks at Becky the same way. Becky speaks first.

"What?" she asks and motions with one hand grasping a foam coffee cup from Sweet Things Café.

"What's that?" Darlene asks in a casual tone.

"We stopped for a muffin, Darlene. It's no big deal…" David stumbles through his words.

Mark's eyes become angry as his cheeks begin to flush. Seeing this, Becky hurries to him with an embrace.

"Let's go upstairs, hun," she says, taking his hands in hers, "I want out of these work clothes."

Becky kisses her husband on the cheek, then happily bounds upstairs before him. Shortly after, Mark begins up the stairs, but stops at the third step.

"Hey, Darlene?" he begins.

"Yeah?" she asks, half expectantly.

"Let us know when the pizza gets here."

"Will do."

The two of them share a small, joyous gaze for a few fleeting seconds. Time seems to stand still, making Darlene almost anxious. Mark feels like he's back in high school flirting with a pretty girl. He then begins back up the stairs to join Becky in the bedroom.

After witnessing this whole awkward scene, David stands across the room in silence. What could this mean? The events soon to come would surely cause all of them to reevaluate their ideas of what it means to promise someone their unconditional love.