-2 Hours Later-

Everyone is in the living room waiting for David and Becky to arrive. Dan is furious.

"Dammit, where the hell are they?"

"I don't know, Dan. Come to think of it, does anyone remember seeing them come back after the soda incident?" Roseanne turns to Darlene.

Everyone says "No," almost in unison.

A few seconds go by in silence. Suddenly, the front door swings open and in walk David and Becky. Becky is holding a cup of coffee and David seems nervous. Nobody speaks at first. After a few moments, Darlene leaves the room and goes down to the basement. Dan and Roseanne head to bed, too tired to argue or blame anyone. They are just glad that everyone is home now. DJ is tired and goes to his room. Mark is noticeably angry, stomping up the stairs as he makes his way to the upstairs bedroom. Becky tells David good night before joining her husband.

Later in the night (around midnight), Darlene goes up to the kitchen for a snack. Everyone else is asleep except for Mark, who she finds rustling through the refrigerator.

"Hey, Mark."

He jumps, almost hitting his head on the freezer door.

"What, that's it? I'm just "Mark" now? Not "Jug head", "Tweedle Dumb" or "Ol' Stupid" tonight? Man, stuff around here's getting' weirder and weirder."

He sits at the table and Darlene joins him.

"Eh- I'm just out of it, I guess. I've been saving all my best insults for Becky."

Mark snickers and gives her a sweet little smile.

"Yeah... Her and David seem to really be hittin' it off, huh?"

"Tell me about it…" Darlene agrees with a quiver in her voice.

Tears begin to form in her soft, dark eyes. Without thinking, Mark reaches forward. Tenderly, he wipes a drop from below her left eye, just as it reaches her cheek.

"Hey, hey," Mark says in a soft voice, trying to comfort her.

"Sorry. I just hate how my boyfriend's fallen for the biggest idiot I know… except for you, of course." she winks.

"Well, at least you always got me." he smiles, unaffected by her joke.

Suddenly, the room is bright. Mark turns his head and Darlene whirls around to see Roseanne standing in the doorway with her hand on the light switch, looking suspicious.

"Hey, Mom." Darlene says in a sort of daze while wiping her eyes.

"Hey, Darlene, Mark…" she replies, with accusing emphasis on the name "Mark", "What're you guys doing?"

Mark seems unmoved by his mother-in-law's unusual tone toward him. He keeps his eyes fixated on the young woman across from him.

"We were just sayin' goodnight. G'nite, Darlene."

Darlene closes her eyes and nods.

"G'night, Mark."

Somehow, feeling his name on her lips made her heart tremble. When did he go from "Ol' Stupid" to something more? Mark sweeps through the living room and up the stairs. Darlene has no time to think as her mother's sharp tone jolts her back to reality.

"I saw you two tonight. I saw how you looked at him and let me just tell you that you're playin' with fire, Darlene, and-"

"Oh, come on…"

Darlene grumbles and stand up to leave, but her mom continues as she steps toward her daughter and leans on the counter.

"Look, I know as well as any woman that we cannot always control how we feel. But you gotta think about someone besides yourself, Darlene."


"No! I'm not done!" she interrupts.

As she continues, her voice gets less angry and more loving, yet sad.

"You've gotta think about all the people you'd be hurting. You've gotta think…"

With this final statement, Roseanne exits the kitchen and heads back to bed, leaving Darlene alone to reflect.