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Chapter 10

Side Note: In this chapter, there is another girl named Satsuki, and she is one of the Kimono Girls. The entire chapter is a flashback.

A couple of days ago while Mika was training for her rematch

For once, Chiharu woke up to find her friend still snoozing. Mika was usually the early riser. Not today.

Chiharu quickly brushed her teeth and took a quick shower. She dried her hair and quickly brushed her dark blue hair. She tied her hair into its usual loose ponytail, where the tail hung loosely around her shoulders.

The trainer threw a black shirt over her head. Chiharu grabbed her pair of jean shorts and put them on. She then wore a white short sleeved hoodie over her shirt. It had pokeball designs as the pockets; the insides of the jacket were red. As she rushed out of the bathroom, she shoved her feet into her hiking shoes. She took a post it note out of her backpack, wrote a short note to Mika to tell her where she would be, and left the room.

If everything went right, she could save Satsuki.

"I will trade you my Haunter," Matsuba replied to her invitation that morning in front of the Pokemon Center. "Under one condition."

"What is it?" Chiharu asked.

"You must defeat me in a gym battle."

"Gengar is unable to battle! The winner goes to Chiharu of Sacred Heart Village!" The referee's voice boomed later that day.

Chiharu's Croconaw stood besides its trainer. It looked half wore out and beat from the battle, but it held its head up with pride.

"Amazing," the gym leader commented. "As promised, we will trade our pokemon."

"Wait!" the referee shouted. "Croconaw is evolving!"

Light surrounded the blue alligator.

"Croconaw evolved into Feraligatr!"

Chiharu and Matsuba were now at the Pokemon Center again. Chiharu checked to make sure that Mika was out. If Mika was to find her meeting up with Matsuba, it would be safe to say that she was toast. Chiharu woke up in the middle of the night hearing her mumble in her sleep, "Die, Matsuki!" Chiharu sweat dropped.

"So I'll be trading my Haunter for your Dusclops?" Matsuba interrupted the girl's thoughts.

"Oh, yeah!" Chiharu said. She took out the pokeball to show it to him. "This Dusclops is carrying the item Reaper Cloth. It will evolve into a Dusknoir"

"Are you okay with giving me a pokemon that may make your friend lose again?" Matsuba seemed to have read her mind.

Chiharu blinked and blushed. "She'll find a way to win," She was sure of it. "She always does."

"I see."

"I have some some conditions too," the blue haired trainer had a determined look in her eye. "One, you must trade back that Dusknoir before I let you have it." Of course. "And two, tell me more about Ho-Oh."

The gym leader looked surprised by her second request. "Why are you interested in Ho-Oh?" he asked. "Your friend on the other hand, didn't seem to take my warning very seriously..." He was referring to Mika's outburst yesterday.

"Well..." she looked unsure. Whether or not she should tell him this. "There's someone I know. I saw that person ride on a brown beast, chasing a blue and violet pokemon of equal size."

"You mean Entei and Suicune?" Matsuba suddenly looked at her with interest.

"It must be," Chiharu said. "No other pokemon in the world looks like them."

"This person..." he trailed off.

"I think that person might have some connection to your prediction!" Chiharu exclaimed. "If that person is linked to two legendary pokemon, then Ho-Oh must have some connection with it. Wasn't it Ho-Oh who created the three legendary beasts?"

"Yes," Matsuba said. "But I'm not too sure if that will help you for what you're after for." Chiharu looked at him puzzled. "You're looking for a friend of yours, aren't you?"

Chiharu laughed lightly. "I guess they didn't call you the seer of the future for nothing."

"Yes," Matsuba gave a grim smile. "That sort of reputation may get me into trouble one day," he then said, "Yes, I will agree to the conditions. Let's trade."

The two trainers each took a pokeball and placed it underneath a machine. The machine beeped as energy focused onto the respective pokeballs to begin the trade.

"What happened to Ho-Oh?" Chiharu asked as the pokeballs began to glow.

"Like I said," Matsuba said. He looked at the machine's screen flash. The screen displayed the two pokemon switching places. "A young boy who defeated me in a gym battle met the rainbow hued pokemon."

"What happened when they met?"

"I'm actually not too sure," he said. "There was a rumor that the two fought, but as for the outcome, I don't know."

The machine gave a small beep. The two pokemon dropped out of the machine. Matsuba and Chiharu took out their pokemon at once. Dusclops and Haunter both came out; the two ghosts looked at each other curiously. The two began to glow.

"They're evolving," Chiharu sighed.

Dusclops grew bigger in size. It lost its legs and was replaced with a ghost's wisping tail. Its belly changed to have orange markings on it; the markings resembled an angry expression. Dusclops evolved into Dusknoir!

Haunter solidified and gained legs; its paws connected to its body. The new pokemon wore a mischievous grin. Haunter evolved into a Gengar!

"If you want to know more about Ho-Oh," the gym leader said as they recalled their pokemon quickly exchanged them again. "I suggest that you go talk to the Kimono Girls. They were there when that young trainer met Ho-Oh."

"Kimono Girls?"

"Yes," he nodded. "They're located on the left hand side of Pokemart in the Kimono Dance Theater." The machine beeped again. Once again, they traded them back. As ridiculous as the process was, Chiharu wanted Dusknoir to be in her possession for a very brief moment. Just brief enough that she could count it under her ownership.

"Here's your Dusknoir," Chiharu handed him the pokemon. "Take care of him."

"I will. Thank you," he gave her a slight bow. "I hope you take good care of Gengar too. He was a dear friend of mine."

"Don't worry," she said. "He's in good hands."

"Take care."

"You too!"

Kimono Dance Theater

The Kimono Dance Theater was a small building. Inside, the building had a small wooden stage at the front. Wooden benches were set up behind the stage; there were several people seated. At the moment, the Kimono girls were not performing. The women were practicing, dancing in a synchronized formation. They were all attired in bright colored kimonos. The women stopped dancing when they saw Chiharu approach them.

"Yes?" one of them asked.

"I-I'm here to ask you a question," she was nervous. The crowd looked at her curiously. "About the rainbow hued pokemon."

One of the kimono girls, Tamao, glared at the audience. "Everyone, you're dismissed." The crowd murmured in response.

"We're done practicing for today," another kimono girl added. "We're closed for today."

"Thanks for supporting us today!" Sakura beamed earnestly at the crowd. "We're sorry to say good bye!"

The crowd slowly excused themselves to leave the room; Chiharu dodged a couple of people who were in a rush.

"Excuse me," a short old man squeaked when he bumped into her.

With a big thump, the door slammed shut with the last person, leaving the room empty. Only Chiharu and the kimono girls were left.

"You want to know about the legendary pokemon, Ho-Oh?" Tamao looked at Chiharu with interest.

"Yes," Chiharu played with her ponytail restlessly. She struggled to form eye contact with them. "Matsuba sent me here."

"Hm," the other kimono girl said. "What do you want to know?"

"Where is Ho-Oh?" the trainer asked. "What happened to it five years ago?"

"That is a question," Sakura said seriously. "That we cannot give to you easily. We don't give that type of information to anyone. What is it that you seek?"

"I'm looking for a friend," Chiharu said honestly. "She's been missing for the last five years. I think she has some sort of connection with Ho-Oh. I last saw her running after Suicune."

"Sorry, but-" before Tamao could continue, she was interrupted by the girl beside her.

"Well," she smiled slowly. "If Matsuba trusts you, that's enough for me."

"Koume!" Tamao looked at her sternly. "You must not be so trusting!"

Koume ignored the older woman. "Matsuba wouldn't be foolish enough to trust just anyone. Let her ask her questions. Someone needs to learn the truth."

"If you insist..."

"We'll tell you what we know," Koume said to Chiharu gently. "Only if you can defeat all of us in a pokemon battle. We will test you to see how strong your bond is with your pokemon."

Chiharu couldn't believe it. They were going to tell her where Ho-Oh was! Perhaps this would make her closer to knowing why her friend was riding on that legendary pokemon? She could only hope that her efforts would not be wasted.

Chiharu looked up to the kimono girls and grinned confidently. "I accept your challenge!"

"This battle will be against the five of us," Tamao announced. "Let the match begin."

Chiharu's first opponent stepped up. "My name's Komomo," she introduced herself. "My favorite food is sushi, tacos, and..."

"Can we battle?" Chiharu sweat dropped. This wasn't a sixty second speed date.

"Oh, right," Komomo blushed. "Go Vaporeon!" She hurled her pokemon into the air. Out came a blue dog that had a mermaid's tail.

"Eos, use Extrasensory!" Chiharu called out the bird pokemon. Togetic focused its mind to send out purple waves at the water dog. Vaporeon took the hit and fell down.

"Vaporeon! Are you ok?" Komomo cried. "Use Water Gun!"

"Use Yawn!"

Vaporeon shot water at the happiness pokemon. Eos was slowed down by the attack, but was still standing.

"Vaporeon, Aurora Beam!" before Vaporeon could move, the pokemon fell down onto its face. It was sleeping!

"Yes!" Chiharu cheered. She took out a small capsule. Dire Hit was written on the side of it. "Eos, take this!" Togetic used the capsule. Its critical hit ratio rose.

"Now, use Extrasensory again!" her Togetic dove at Vaporeon. It was a critical hit! Vaporeon fainted.

"I lost," Komomo said sadly. She recalled her pokemon.

"My turn!" the next kimono girl cried. "My name is Satsuki! I will be your next opponent!"

The battle starts now!

"Eos, you're up again!" Chiharu decided to use Eos for another battle.

"I choose you! Flareon!" Satsuki called out a dog like creature. It looked like an Eevee, but was red and had golden fur around its neck.

"Flareon, use Ember!" the flame pokemon breathe fire at the bird. Togetic coughed from the smoke emitted.

"Eos!" Togetic looked badly injured! Chiharu mentally ran through his moveset. "Use Roost!"

Togetic gagged before summoning a cloud of feathers around itself. The feathers gleamed. In a matter of seconds, it healed itself.

"Use Tail Whip!" the fire dog wagged its tail at Togetic. It missed.

"Extrasensory!" another critical hit. Flareon was out.

"I'm out," Satsuki said solemnly. "I have no regrets." She stepped back.

"This will be a fun battle!" the next kimono girl came up to her. "My name is Sakura!" She took out her pokemon. "Let's see how you can handle my Jolteon!" Jolteon was a yellow dog with spiky hairs.

"Eos, use Extrasensory!" Its trainer commanded. Togetic hurled itself at Jolteon.

Unfortunately, Jolteon was faster. "Use Thundershock!"

"Jolt!" electricity surrounded Jolteon before lashing it out at Togetic. The intensity caused the bird pokemon to collapse. Togetic fainted.

"Eos, return," Chiharu looked at her pokemon with horror. Who should she call out now? She took out her next pokeball. "Go, Helios!"

"Graaa!" Growlithe growled as it jumped out of its container.

Chiharu took out a two capsules, X Attack and X Sp. Def. She threw the two at her Growlithe before crying out, "Helios, use Fire Fang!"

"Grooowl!" The tiger dog aimed at the electric dog. Its fangs glowed as it launched fire at its opponent. Jolteon winced at the pain.

"Hang on there," Sakura encouraged her companion. "Use Tail Whip!" the yellow canine whipped its tail at Growlithe. The fire dog tripped on it and whined in response.

"You can do it," Chiharu urged the dog to stand up. "Use Flame Wheel."

Flames circled the it as Growlithe tackled Jolteon. Jolteon fainted.

Sakura bowed to Chiharu. "That battle was fun. I hope we get a rematch someday."

Sakura stepped back. The penultimate trainer came forward. "I'm Koume," the girl greeted her. "You must have done something to impress Matsuba. Let's start."

Koume took out her pokeball. "Espeon, let's fight!" A lilac dog came out and landed gracefully on its feet. A red jewel shone on its forehead. The end of its tail split into two.

Chiharu looked at her Growlithe with determination. "You ready?" Growlithe barked. Yes he was. "Use Bite!"

Growlithe tackled the feline pokemon and crushed it with its teeth. Espeon nearly fell from the strong force of its jaws.

"Hang on," Koume reassured the feline. "Quick Attack!" The violet feline jumped at the dog and rammed into it. The tiger dog staggered from the hit.

"Finish it off with Bite." Growlithe barged at Espeon again. The feline finally collapsed. Espeon was out.

"I see why Matsuba let you come to us," Koume stepped aside.

Tamao was the last to battle. "Let's see what you're made up." she said coolly. "Umbreon, forward." A black dog with yellow rings on its body came out.

"Umbreon, use Faint Attack." The pokemon vanished from sight.

"Growl?" Growlithe was confused. Umbreon reappeared behind the fire pokemon and attacked. The striped pokemon roared from the attack.

"Helios, use Flame Wheel!" Flames danced around Growlithe as it attacked Umbreon. Umbreon staggered before it winced in pain. Umbreon was burnt! The black dog growled from pain as the burns took its damage.

"Umbreon!" Tamao looked troubled by the pain. "Use Quick Attack!" The moonlight pokemon leaped forward and tackled its opponent before backing away.

"Flame Wheel!" Growlithe hurled another Flame Wheel at Umbreon. Umbreon was out.

Kimono Girls were defeated. Chiharu earned 22,800 Poke-Yen!

Defeated, Tamao sighed. "As we promised, we will tell you what happened." The kimono girl looked tired.

"Five years ago, a boy from New Bark Town came to Ecruteak City. Like many trainers before him, he was there to battle the gym leader. After defeating the leader, he went on with his journey."

"However," Koume said. "He was the one who showed his strong bond with pokemon by hatching an Odd Egg passed to him indirectly by us. He also saved all of us in tight situations, such as when I got lost in Inex Forest."

"Weeks later, he stopped Team Rocket from rising again," Sakura continued. "The president of Goldenrod City gave him the Rainbow Wing as a token. When the time arrived, he showed up to the Kimono Dance Theater to battle us. We gave him the Clear Bell as a gift."

"As soon as he touched the Clear Bell, Ho-Oh was cited on top of the Bell Tower." Komomo added. "We quickly ran to the Bell Tower. The trainer later found us as we summoned the legendary pokemon. Ho-Oh would only appear to a kind hearted person. He had chosen the person it trusted. The trainer battled Ho-Oh and caught it."

"Someone already caught Ho-Oh?" Chiharu was amazed. It must have been difficult to catch the legendary phoenix.

"Yes," Satsuki said. "However, a few weeks later, the trainer realized that Ho-Oh missed the freedom it once had. He did what was best for the pokemon. He released it. He couldn't bear to see the pokemon lose its freedom."

"I see," Chiharu responded. "Matsuba said that someone was going to try to capture Ho-Oh."

"Ah," Koume looked worried. "We can only hope that his prediction was wrong, but his predictions were never far from the outcomes."

"I need to find that Ho-Oh's old trainer," Chiharu said with determination. "I need to warn him about Matsuba's prediction."

"The trainer lives in New Bark Town," Tamao told her. "It may take you a week to reach there."

"What should I do then? I need to warn him!" Chiharu's eyes grew teary.

Could Ho-Oh's capture be related to Satsuki's disappearance? Her friend went missing before Entei and other legendary pokemon were reported to have disappeared off the map. This news was only known to her because she was eavesdropping at the elders' meeting at Sacred Heart Village. Mika, however, was in the dark about this. Chiharu didn't want to make her friend worry about it. Mika would probably freak out about the news.

"Go to Cianwood City," Sakura advised her. "If you defeat the gym leader there, it will enable you to use the HM Fly outside of battle. You should be able to use that HM to Fly to New Bark Town."

"That's true..." Chiharu never been to the town before, but she had been to Cherrygrove City once to buy those Great Balls on sale... They could just fly to Cherrygrove and then walk to New Bark Town within a day.

"Where is Cianwood?" the trainer asked.

"The city is across the sea from Olivine City," Sakura told her. "You can surf there."

"Thank you for telling me all this," Chiharu bowed to them. "I'm sorry for driving your audience away."

"It's fine," Komomo waved her hand at her. "We were done for the day anyway."

As Chiharu walked back to the Pokemon Center, something caught her eye. At the corner of her eye, she briefly saw a punkish looking boy with cropped hair run by. That was a guy, right? She thought, he looked sort of feminine. Before Chiharu could take a closer look at the boy, he was already gone.

I should get going now, Chiharu thought. Mika's going to be wondering why I'm late. She tightened her ponytail and stepped through the Pokemon Center doors.

"Sorry I'm late!"

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