A/N takes place after solitudes.

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Dr Janet Frasier just finally let Sam out of the infirmary.

Sam quickly walks to her lab, speaking to herself.

"Finally I'm free to do work."

Carter really wanted to work for the past few days; she wanted some type of escape from the events that happened a few days before. Carter could not stop thinking in the infirmary; she just could not put a handle on things, all she could think about was how she almost failed the Colonel, she almost let him die.

At one point Janet even had to give her a sedative because she could not sleep, and even then she dreamed of that moment when she knew they were going to die, replaying it over and over again. Then she saw it on her desk a single yellow rose and a card that said "thanks for saving my life, if it weren't for you I would have died long before Daniel ever figured it out. Your friend Jack"

She smiles and thinks. "He most has had someone else put it here, because he is still in the infirmary."

Carter wondered if her and the Colonel will have a nice friendship over the years ….what she doesn't know is, it might just be more than a friendship.

A/N ok this is going to be little shorts where Jack leaves Carter Roses throughout the years, oh and if you did not know is a yellow rose means friendship. PLEASE REVIEW ITS RAINY HERE SO YOUR REVIEWS WILL MAKE ME HAPPY