Gargan laid on the table in the lab, restraints tied around his wrists. He'd been told to expect extreme pain from the procedure as it rewrote elements of his DNA and caused shifts in his musculature. There were half a dozen men in SHIELD uniforms with G36C's stood around the room, ready to pull the trigger on him if things went south. Stood beside the two guards by the door were Fury and Stoner, Stoner in his typical uniform while fury wore a black sweater and black combats.

He looked to the corner, where Rogers stood in his blue uniform with a white star on the chest and red and white stripes going vertically around his abdominal area, stopping at the red tinted leather belt. Along with the body suit was a pair of red combat gloves and red tinted combat boots, the circular outline of a shield visible on his back, the mask of the uniform was down behind his head, the metal inlay slightly visible within in.

"Are you ready, Major?" Stillwell said, walking over to Gargan, a large gun style syringe in his hand.

"Just do it." Gargan said, looking up at the ceiling before Stillwell put a cloth in Gargan's mouth.

"Good luck." Stillwell said simply, pressing the gun to Gargan's arm and pulling the trigger, the red fluid inside rapidly being ejected as Gargan felt a sharp pain in his arm.

First, there was nothing besides that. Then, it started. He felt like his muscles were tearing off his bones, like he had to move, to get out of the restraints, or he'd be left some kind of quadriplegic. He began to pull up with both arms, hard. First, there was nothing. Then, the metal restraints began to creak as they buckled, eventually snapping off, Gargan ripping the restraints off of his legs before jumping up off the table.

He had only one urge; escape. It was overriding everything, his cognitive processes, his sense of right and wrong, everything. He looked around the room before fixating on Fury and Stoner, charging at them.

"Open fire!" Fury said to the soldiers, before being smacked in the jaw by Stoner.

"Delay that order!" Stoner said as Fury wiped a small trickle of blood from his lip "Rogers, go!"

"Yes sir." Rogers said, charging at Gargan and tackling him to the ground "Sorry about this Major, but it's for your own good."

Gargan growled at Rogers, a feral growl. As he did, he punched Rogers in the face, hard, Rogers being knocked off of Gargan and spitting out blood. Rogers pulled his mask over his face, leaving only his mouth and eyes exposed, an 'A' on his forehead and a pair of wing like images on the sides of his temples.

Gargan began to charge at Rogers. Rogers grabbed the shield from his back, putting it on his left arm. As he did, he swung it back, putting his right arm in front of him. As the back swing hit its peak, Rogers swung the left arm back forward, the shield flying in a red, white and blue blur from his left arm as his two hands clapped together, the shield hitting Gargan in the face, knocking him out, then ricocheting, bouncing off of the wall beside the guard to Fury's right before returning to Rogers, who caught it and put it back on his back.

"Done." He said, pulling back his mask.

"A little brutal, Rogers." Stoner said coldly.

"I don't know, I think Cap did a good job." Fury said, scowling at Stoner "How the hell do you know he won't still be like that when he wakes up?"

"I don't, but you're not killing him!" Stoner said, returning the scowl.

"Fine, but he kills someone, it's on your head." Fury said, turning and walking out of the lab, Rogers following him shortly after.


Three Weeks Later.

Peter sat in his bedroom. He'd spent the last few weeks designing and then making a costume. Now, he stood, looking at himself in the full body mirror. He looked good, even if it was skin tight and a little too revealing, to the degree he'd decided to wear a cup like he'd used to wear in gym class. Showed off his abs well though.

Predominantly, the costume was red. The only exceptions came on the fingers, mask and shoulders, which were black, the shoulder section extending in a triangle that went midway down his back. The large, almost oval shaped eyes, with points on the top outsides, were covered by thing layers of red fabric over the mirrored lenses. In the centre of his chest was a large, black spider, the same symbol in the middle of the triangle on his back in red. The whole thing was rather seamless, even the reds and blacks blending in almost perfectly.

He flicked his wrist, observing the slight raising where the device on his wrist, that he'd nicknamed 'web-shooters' opened the thin gap he'd left for his 'webs' to fire from. He returned his wrist to its usual position, watching the web-shooter pop back down under the fabric. He lifted the top half of his costume at the waist, checking the metallic belt underneath, making sure that the cartridges for the shooter were all there, a good mix of blue line fluid and red impact fluid cartridges were in the belt.

He pulled the shirt down. As he did, he checked inside his gloves, making sure there were no obstructions on the web-shooters and that they were both loaded with blue cartridges. It could be... problematic otherwise.

He moved over to the window, opening it before hopping outside, clinging onto the wall outside and trying to decide what to do. He'd been working on fine tuning his spider-sense and it worked... sort of. He could get a general direction of where danger was coming from, though pinpointing it was still a no go. When he actually considered it, all he'd managed to do was tune it to be a bit more long range to give him a little more reaction time.

After pondering for a moment, he fired a web line to the building across from him and began to swing through the city. It was time to go and look for trouble.


Gargan sat in the SHIELD helicopter, awaiting drop off, smoking a cigarette as they flew. He'd been ordered to go in with half a dozen SHIELD commandos to deal with some hostage taker in a mall with some advanced tech, Sherman Skull, or something like that. Stoner had decided it was an effective test of his battle capabilities with the super soldier formula in his system.

After a moment, he stood up, moving to the back of the vehicle and pressing the button to open the cargo doors. He grabbed a parachute, looking at the mall below. They were directly above the skylight. He pulled a parachute from the rack to his left and put it on, the straps covering the scorpion emblems in the position both breast pockets would go on the SHIELD bodysuits normally.

"See you ass holes later." He said, before jumping out of the vehicle and diving towards the skylight.


Peter swung through the city, looking for trouble. After a couple of minutes, he clocked something interesting; a group of police squad cars, all heading in the same direction. He hesitated for a second, taking a respite on the wall of a building by the road before firing a web line and beginning to follow them.

After about thirty seconds, he noticed where they were heading; the mall roughly in the middle of the city, a military helicopter hovering over it. He didn't have to be told it was a big deal at that sight; no way the military would be there if it wasn't.

He swung towards the helicopter, clinging to the bottom of it. He attached a web line to it and began to slowly descend upside down. He could see a group of people inside, all standing with their hands on their heads, another group stood there with assault rifles and one who was apparently unarmed, all in skin tight navy blue bodysuits. In the middle, was a caucasian guy with black hair, wearing a red and yellow bodysuit with a couple of guns that looked like they belonged in Star Trek apparently attached to his gloves. On his head was a pair of head phones and some goggles.


Peter released the web, letting himself drop, re-orienting himself to kick the guy with the head phones in the face. Peter flipped back as he did, landing in a kind of crouch, his right leg under him while his left was out to the side, his left hand keeping him balanced with his right hand out behind him.

"This party free entry or do I need a ticket?" He said sarcastically as the man stood up, pointing the guns at him "Ooh, are you saying I can have a go with your little toys? Well, I suppose, since you insist..."

Before the man could react, Peter fired a couple of webs at the man, yanking on the guns and pulling him hard, the man hitting the floor with a violent thud, the guns cracking slightly at the impact.

"Oh, I'm sorry, did I break your toys?" Peter said, before hearing the sounds of guns being prepared to fire behind him "Oh, looks like your buddies want a turn too. If you'll excuse me, Spock."

Peter flipped backwards, his spider-sense ringing from all directions as bullets flew everywhere, as he narrowly avoided each shot. As he landed, he grabbed the barrels of the two guys closest to him, yanking hard and forcing the men to butt heads before he threw them to the ground, knocking them out. As he did, his spider-sense went off, Peter dodging backwards just in time to avoid a shot to his head that impacted just to the left of the head of a hostage.

"Hey, watch where you're shooting!" Peter said, kicking the man who'd fired in the face before elbowing the man to his left in the jaw then flipping up, kicking the final two gunmen in their jaws, before turning to the unarmed man and almost gasping "Wait... Gorgon, right? I'm sorry, I don't waste my time remembering idiot's names."

Gargan sneered, charging at Peter and tackling him to the floor, only to be kicked off as Peter flipped up into the air. Peter landed with almost ballerina-esque grace as Gargan face planted the ground, getting up and growling at Peter.

"You'll pay for that, kid." He sneered, charging again, being met with a web line to his left foot that tripped him up, causing him to face plant again.

"Yeah, really looks that way." Peter said sarcastically "Seriously, it's seven armed guys and one over muscled brute against a kid in a unitard and you still can't beat me? Wow, you really are a loser."

"Wrong, kid." Gargan said, picking himself up "I got the formula, the improved formula. I'm stronger, faster, better than you."

"No you're not, cos I've got news for you, Ronald MacDonald." Peter said, charging at Gargan and smacking him round the face hard "A loser posing as a super soldier is still a freaking loser!"

With that, Peter smacked Gargan down, knocking him to the floor, where he struggled to stand up before falling back down. Peter turned to the hostages, who were slowly standing up, lowering their hands to their sides. After a moment, a man with a greying flat top and almost Hitler-esque moustache in a grey suit picked up a can and hurled it at Peter, who narrowly dodged it.

"You see that?" The man said, his voice loud and angry "Spider-man just beat up the rescue team! He's a criminal! Probably in cahoots with the guy who took us hostage!"

"Yeah, because I'd really have saved you if I was." Peter said, his voice full of sarcasm as he spoke, just before narrowly avoiding being hit as the crowd began pelting him with fruits, vegetables and cans "Hey, come on! I just saved you."

"Wrong, you just stopped us being saved!" The man with the flat top yelled at Peter "Come on, what are your demands?"

"You mean other than you stop throwing stuff at me?" Peter said, continuing to dodge the onslaught of groceries "Seriously, why would I have demands?"

"Like you don't know who I am, what you could get for me." The man said, clearly expecting peter to know who he was "I'm J Jonah Jameson, you idiot, owner, publisher and editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle!"

"That's great, JJ. Guessing you want a quote then. How's this?" Peter said, his sarcastic tone drowned out by the sound of the angry crowd as he fired a web line up, preparing to yank himself up on it "You're welcome!"

Before he could get a response from Jameson, Peter pulled hard on the web while jumping in the air, sending him hurtling upwards, catching himself on the helicopter above before spring boarding off it and beginning to swing away from the mall.

He couldn't believe it. He'd saved their lives and then that idiot had gone and branded him a criminal! Him! The guy who'd just stopped them being killed by the Captain Kirk wannabe, super psycho Gargan and his merry trigger happy toy soldiers!

Some people were just so ungrateful.


Okay, so here we have it. Peter Parker's Spider-man, Mac Gargan's on his way to becoming the super villain we all know him to be and I gave Shocker a little appearance; he's one of those bad guys who just lends himself to being a joke. As for JJ, I am not planning for him to be a regular character here, but plans can change if they don't fit the story. R&R, please, no flames.