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"Hey, stupid, you wanted to talk? I'll talk," Gokudera growls, knocking against the door of the disciplinary office. Though it's summer, the prefect occupies the office like a second home. It's all too easy for Gokudera to sneak into the school past the slow janitor who barely looks away from the floor he mops.

The door opens. The prefect doesn't look happy or victorious like Gokudera expected him to. Instead, for the first time in their acquaintanceship, the other teen looks almost...tired, a solemn stiffness in his stance.

"Come in." Hibari turns his back on the bomber, and his gaze is drawn to the boy's shoulders. They're less straight than usual. Gokudera almost laughs.

The prospect of another "talk" is as daunting for Hibari as it is for Gokudera. Too bad he wasn't up for much talking. He pulls back his fist and punches the other teen in the back, but he holds back his strength.

Hibari swirls around quickly, tonfas raised. He hangs back though, and watches Gokudera with a small smirk on his face.

"What are you playing at, herbivore?" he asks, though judging from his face, he knows the answer already.

"Hit me," Gokudera says, grinning back. He doesn't expect the prefect to put all his strength into his blow and he finds himself blacking out on the floor. When the shock fades away, he feels an irrational anger building up in the pit of his stomach, almost replacing the usual twist of his heart.

The world stops being so dark for him and he opens his eyes to Hibari's face. The only sign of concern on the other teen's face is a slightly raised eyebrow.

Gokudera shakes off the stars and the blurriness in his vision as Hibari reaches out a hand. Before the hand can reach him, Gokudera deftly flicks a stick of dynamite into the prefect's face and shifts his weight, rolling away from the blast radius.

They soon lapse into a fast-paced battle, with flurried attacks based mostly on instinct. They trade blow after blow, taking out the mess in their minds on each other and thoroughly destroying the disciplinary office.

"It's been a while!" Hibari grunts as he swings his tonfas down. Gokudera barely manages to protect his head by catching the attack with his hands and arms.

"Heh, it's only your own fault that we stopped doing this!" Gokudera retorts, rushing forward and headbutting the prefect.

The prefect's kick seems to lack its usual strength, though it still causes him to stumble back from the force. Hands around his middle, Gokudera blinks up at the prefect, whose tonfas are lowered at his side.

"I wanted a change," Hibari says, gesturing between the two of them. Through the haze of pain pain pain, Gokudera recalls those grueling days spent trying to find out who could beat up the other the most, that despite all of the constant fighting, the two of them had remained painfully static.

I see, Gokudera thinks, a grin coming onto his face when he realizes that previously, he had come to the conclusion that Hibari had stopped sparring with him because of boredom.

He steadies his feet and charges, drawing back his fist for a right hook...

...which Hibari soundly blocks. With a carefree flick of his wrists, he drops his tonfas, resorting to his fists. To make it fair, Gokudera drops the sticks of unlit dynamite he's holding. It's not the entirety of his supply, but the symbolism will surely be clear to the prefect.

This is a vast improvement, though Gokudera's everything is hurting and keeping up with the prefect is difficult. And some things he couldn't really communicate with just fighting.

"And you!" he finds himself shouting as he forcefully elbows the prefect in the chest, which makes him take an unsteady step or two back before quickly retaliating with his own punches. "You couldn't come early just once, could you? Always making me wait alone! You know how many girls hit on me? I could have just ditched you and gone with one of them, but I just had to be so goddamn faithful!"

Something is tossed his way. Assuming the worst, he ducks out of the way and covers his head. No explosions rack the building so he slowly opens his eyes. Hibari's looking down at him with one eyebrow cocked and a hint of an amused smile curving his lips.

Gokudera glances back and there's something glittering in the wreckage of the trashed office. Sighing, Hibari goes to pick it up and tosses it his way again. When he catches it, Gokudera sees that it's a ring, not a very fancy one compared to the ones Gokudera already owns, but it's still a ring.

The bomber can't help but laugh. It's a goddamn ring, and it's so cliche he doesn't even want to yell at the prefect or fight with him anymore. And like that, all of his cooped up energy leaves his body.

"It took me a long time to choose one for you herbivore. Your laughter tells me you want me to bite you to death." Hibari bends down and reaches for his tonfas.

"It's nice. Simple, but nice," Gokudera murmurs, holding the ring over his ring finger for a second. With a frown, he decides the action is too bold and slips the band of silver onto his thumb instead. It stands out among the other glittering fancy rings, and it's the first time they've ever looked tacky to him. He glances up at Hibari and realizes he's been holding his hand up, fingers spread out, like a girl trying out a wedding ring.

The bomber's face flushes in embarrassment but Hibari just looks on with a smile.

"Reborn can't you make them stop? They're wrecking my house!" Tsuna cries out, cowering under his bed. His tutor peeks underneath the bed and dives in.

Outside the room, crashes and explosions can be heard, along with angry screaming from a certain enraged storm guardian. Something about being stood up again.

"If you want it to stop, do it yourself," Reborn chirps, as Leon morphs into a gun.

"This is your fault in the first place! You told them to work out their problems by fighting!" Tsuna exclaims.

"They're healthy teenagers. A little violence now and then won't hurt them." The gun is pointed at Tsuna's face.

"W-wait, Reborn! Did I mention that I recently became a pacifis-"

But it was too late.

The end.