Peeta POV

I'm in the jungle running to someone. They keep getting further away with every step I take. Then I recognize who it is, Katniss. As I run I trip over countless tree roots and I fall. When I finally fall down and can't get back up I look to see Katniss being pulled into a hovercraft with the Capitol symbol on it.

"No!" I scream out to try and prevent the take off, but that's when I feel a claw wrap around me. I struggle for a moment until I think that if this is a Capitol hovercraft then I will be with Katniss.

I struggle to turn around and look at the hovercraft that's taking me away. That's when I see it, not the Capitol's symbol on the wing of it. It's from District 13. I struggle to get free from it, but it is no use.

That's when I hear Snow's voice broadcast throughout the arena say "So you're going to be a mother Katniss?"

"No! Stop! Take me instead!" I scream as loud as I can to try and be heard over the cannons and bombs being dropped.

Suddenly I wake with a jolt, bringing me out of my nightmare.

"Where is she? Where am I? What's going on? Who's there?" I call out as I look around the overly white and sterile room. Then a wall opens up and a two men walk in wearing lab coats, holding clipboards and clutching pencils.

"Oh good you're up." says one of the doctors in a happy/perky voice.

"Where is she?" I ask yet again. The wall opens up once more and in walks a disheartened Haymitch. "Haymitch, where is she?" I plead for him to tell me.

"I'm sorry..." he begins to speak then trails off.

"We're going to check your vitals" the doctor informs me.

"Okay," I say waving them off. "Haymitch? What happened?" I ask my voice slowly rising.

"We... We couldn't... get to her..." he tries to speak again but before I'm aware of my actions I am on my feet walking over to where he stands at the foot of my bed.

"What do you mean?" I snarl at Haymitch.

"Peeta they took her. The capitol has her. I'm sorry Pee-" right before he finishes apologizing I punch him in the face causing him to stagger backwards. I look at him and he tries to speak again but I silence him with another blow to the face.

"You didn't even try to get to get to her you f#$ %^$ b#^ $&! You didn't want to f#$%#$%get her! You don't give a f$%^&* shit about her! You just f #$%^& left her! I hate you, you drunken b #$%^& I will NEVER forgive you for this" I scream at him, bombarding his body with endless blows. "You don't care about her or me or our baby! You are just an alcoholic who would do anything to save your own ass!" I scream at him as he yells back and curls into a ball. I start to slow down as I remember that she's the only reason I have to live. When I remember that she's pregnant and I may never see her or our baby. I begin to punch him harder and more viciously than before as I scream yet again. "She's pregnant and you just let Snow f #$%^& have her!"

"Stop Peeta." I hear Haymitch yell at me. I pick him up and hold him against the wall. I grip around his neck and pull him a foot off the ground, choking him. Apparently the doctors are too stunned to try to sedate me so they just stand there looking at the scene before them.

"I can't believe you!" I snarl at him. "If she dies or our baby you will be next! That's for sure!" The doctors seem to come to their senses and try to sedate me. "NO, I think I'll just let it sit on your conscious while you rot in hell! That is if you even have a conscious! Burn in hell you b #$%^&! Burn in hell!

The doctors manage to sedate me and the world goes black.