Chapter Five


"I love you."

I turned to face William, who had said the words. "You love me?" I asked. "Yes, and we could be happy together, we'll get through this like we have the others. Just don't agree to marry him." He whispered. I couldn't bring myself to say those three powerful words.

I couldn't. Not when my heart confused my head. "Oh, William, I can't." I said. "If I do marry him, I preserve your lives, both of you, and the rest of the army." I said. "My life's just one, and I can deal with that."

William looked at me angrily. "You must be really sick!" He cried. "You have a choice, Snow, marry me!"

"I'm sorry, William, I just rather have you alive than dead." I said, turning back into the throne room. King Harold was speaking to a servant, and was laughing when we entered again. "I accept your generous offer." I said, as brave as I could.

He smiled, and turned.

"Thank you." He said. "You made the right choice."

He came closer to me, and took a strand of my loose raven black hair in his large hand. "You're the most beautiful woman I have ever seen." He whispered, before kissing me on the cheek. Then on the mouth. I couldn't back out of it. I made an agreement. But, I could feel the ugly stares from William and Eric's stare through my body.

Okay, maybe there was a way out of this. But, I don't like to fight in a war, if I didn't have to. Then, I remembered William's words. "You have a choice, Snow, marry me!" He proposed? Right there?

I looked at him. He was standing as straight as possible. I gulped. I couldn't speak to him, not here. "The wedding shall be in a month, that will give us enough time for our kingdoms to get used to the idea, tomorrow we shall feast!" King Harold replied. "Come, my darling, we've much to discuss." He said, pulling me by the elbow.


He guided me into a big library. I smiled, lightly. "What a beautiful room." I whispered, looking around, mesmerized by the beauty of the room. He smiled, and looked around as if he had just came into the room for the first time, also.

"Thank you," He whispered. "It was a gift from my brother, who lives in the far off kingdom."

I smiled. "You truly meant every word you said?" I asked, now concerned for her kingdom.

"Yes, I do." He whispered, coming towards me. He smiled at me.

I smiled back. All I had to think about was William, Eric, and my kingdom…and how they will benefit from this marriage…this business deal. That was all it was. No love came with it.