Ash Ketchum sat on the porch of his home. The same home that he had been born in and raised in, and lived in with his wife Misty. His mother and father had gifted the house to Misty and him on their return from their honeymoon. Both Mist and he had protested, offering to buy the house, but neither of the two parents would hear of it. Both had said it, There should always be a Ketchum in this particular house. That had been close to three years ago, and now his three year old brother and two sisters were occasionally brought over to visit. Misty loved the idea, once she turned seventeen she turned the gym over to Sandy, telling her that she would visit every so often. As it stood, Sandy came and paid them a visit a every so often, always joking about the times that they had. Ash looked into the yard as Pikachu and his Bulbasaur played in the yard with his brother Mark who was walking a bit shakily. He never fell, because if he started, bulbasaur would catch him with its vines and hold him steady until he got his balance. Now however, Mark was laughing, as bulbasaur tickled him with the vines.

He felt a peace come over him as he sat there. He had it all right now. But most importantly, he had Misty. He saw Lance come up, with president Goodshow, and waived them over to the porch.

"Where is Tommy and Eddie?" Lance asked as he took a seat on the porch and the League president sat down.

"On a journey," He grinned at the Dragon Master. "In two separate regions, I might add.

"Hm, so is Moira," Lance covered his mouth slightly to stifle a chuckle. "She left a little over two months ago."

"That's about the time that Tommie left too." They looked at each other and began to laugh.

"What do you think of our proposal, Ash?" The president asked, causing him to looked blankly.

"Nobody ever told me what it was yet." He told the man. "Lance just said that I could call him when I had gotten settled, if I became a Pokemon Master."

"Then I will explain." The president began, when the door seemed to bang open.

"Ash?" Misty said in a small voice, holding her enlarged mid section.

Ash took one look at his very pale, and very pregnant wife and apologized quickly to both of the gentlemen on his porch.

"Gary, I think it's time." He looked to his friend Pikachu. "Pikachu, you can stay with Mark and bulbasaur, I think Mist is ready." Then he called into the house. "Tracy, could you watch Mark please?" he began to help his wife down the stairs as Gary pulled his car around to the front of the house.

Pikachu came pelting over to his friend and waited till Misty was in the car before she climbed in and sat to one side while Ash climbed in on the other. Gary sped off leaving two somewhat amused men on his front porch.

"Do you think we can get an answer on the Orre region from Ash soon?" Goodshow asked with a chuckle.

"Just give him a few more months," Lance replied. "He had to get used to being a father first. The Orre region will still be there so he can try to get it set up to join the League. They waited this long, they can wait a few more months, maybe a year."

"And how about the other boy?" Goodshow asked, now with a more concerned face.

Lance remained quiet as if mourning a loss. "The way he trains his Pokemon are excellent. We are going to need him. After the explosion, the academy in Goldenrod is no more. With the death of more than ninety five percent of the school, I am sure that he has some psychological problems. Regardless, him and Ash are the trainers that we need." Lance took out a sheet of paper. "The reports says that he is scheduled to get a starter from professor Burch in two months."

"So he is competing in the Hoenn league?"

"He lost all of his family and friends by team rocket. This is the only thing he has left too do."

"Tell me why again we need him?" Goodshow asked in wonder.

"Besides being a suburb trainer, his Pokemon has been kidnapped by Team Cipher; though he doesn't know it yet." Lance responded putting away the sheet. "One year, right after the Hoenn league is finished, I am going to contact him and ask him if he would travel to Orre."

"Alright, then lets return to HQ. I need some rest." Goodshow said yawning.

"Yes Mr. President. Everyone is going to need a rest for what is coming to our world." Lance said, walking alongside with the President.

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