Your arms are the safest haven.

Your heartbeat is the sweetest sound.

Your laughter is like sunshine.

Your gaze makes me feel cherished.

Your lips make me feel beautiful.

Your words find their home on my skin.

Your skin is warm like the winter sun – not too much, but enough to warm me down to my chilled bones.

The time you share with me is all I think of when we're not together.

The smiles you give me are the most real ones.

The tears you give me make me human.

The soul you have is that of a beautiful man, through and through.

You are an angel. You are a sinner. And you are my reflection.

To me, our sin together is more powerful than all miracles combined.

And if that is love, then yes, I love you.

I watch every crease in the paper. I have folded and unfolded this more times than I can remember. In every word, there is a piece of me. Of him. Sometimes, he sleeps here, but only for an hour or so. I stay up and watch him sleep. Sometimes, I steal a kiss or two. Or ten. Sometimes, he smiles. Sometimes, he rolls over and grumbles, making me smile. These are the few precious hours I get with him, and some nights I feel so much that my heart threatens to burst. But I can't afford to be a dreamer. I can't fall into wishful thinking. We are what we are – little crazy, a little fucked up, and mostly insatiable. I love it. I hate it. It's a passion I can't control. And when it gets overwhelming, I put my words on paper. On this paper. Not much needs to be said, for talk is cheap. Our language is more along the lines of breathless moans and grunts and whispered promises that will never be seen through.

This is our life.

And tonight, we are making us last forever. We are setting our story on fire.


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