Hello guys, I just finished watching Angel Beats! this morning (and cried my eyes out, of course, so I wouldn't reccommend reading this unless you've seen all 13 episodes) and decided to write a 'continuation' of everyone's lives after their dissapearances and their return to the real world, since I've only ever written Bleach and Fairy Tail and want to do something new for a change. It'll be quite emotion-centered and the journey of how even time cannot change bonds as trong as friendship.

This is my first story for Angel Beats! and feel free to correct me if need be. Feedback/consctructive criticism/suggestions are welcome, as well as reviews. If you guys like this, please do let me know- consider this story a 'tester'. If you enjoy it, I WILL put up more. I guarantee you. As well as YuzuruxKanade fluff :3 (I absolutely ADORE this couple :D)


Disclaimer: I do not own Angel Beats! because if I did, Kanada and Yuzuru would have lived happily ever after T_T (who knows, maybe they did?)

He could feel the sweet whisper in his ear, calling to him, reaching out to him...

'Come, come, and spread out your wings...'

'Open them wide and touch the sky...'

'Fulfil your dreams, protect your heart,'

'Come fly with me, for evermore...' she whispered, before taking flight into the brilliant sunset.

The bonds tying him to the twilight zone snapped, and his head broke the waters of unconsciousness.

Yuzuru slowly opened his eyes, focusing on the poster plastered to his ceiling. It depicted his favourite band- Girls Dead Monster- along with their tour dates for 2012. He had no idea why he liked such a band, since he was more into rock and metal, but there was something melodious, something kind about the lead vocalist, Iwasawa, that made him ponder for a second. Her words, her throbbing, poignant voice often reached into the depths of his heart and stirred all that was within. Sometimes, he could half recall a forgotten memory- as though there was something he had not been aware of, before it disappeared.

Sometimes, all Yuzuru needed was music to fill the hole where his heart should have been.

Yuzuru Otonashi was a medical miracle in itself. When he had been born 18 years ago, he had been feared to be a stillborn child- but due to some miracle or the other, he had been found to be alive, and well. Furthermore, he had been born without a heart.

Somehow, all his other organs and parts of his body functioned perfectly well, as though he indeed did have a heart- but instead of where it should have been, was a big, gaping hole. Until today, nobody had been able to explain this phenomenon. Yuzuru often felt that his detachment to the world was due to his lack of a heart- as though he belonged someplace else.

"Onii-chan! OI! Onii-chan!" came a squeaky voice. As Yuzuru sat up in bed, a 12-year old girl with the same hair and eyes flew into the room, her eyes glistening, her smile wide. "Onii-chan, Mommy said you have to hurry up if you don't wanna be late! She said you'll get left behind!"

Yuzuru sighed, rolling his eyes, as he reached out and ruffled his sister's hair. "Hatsune, tell Mom, I'll be down in a minute, 'kay?"

"Okay, Onii-chan!" she exclaimed, running back out of the room, as Yuzuru smiled. He adored his little sister and felt very protective towards her- another mystery in itself. Every time he looked into her eyes, he could feel an unexplainable sadness welling up within him, followed by fear. Was he keeping her happy enough?

He sighed heavily, slinging his college bag over his shoulder, adjusting the strap so that it fit him, before taking one last glance at his untidy room and departing.

"Good luck on your first day, sweetie," his mother wished him, affectionately stroking his unruly hair into place, which he shook free almost immediately, to a chorus of sighs from his mother and sister.

"I'll be fine, Mom," he reassured her, smiling gently. "Take care, Hatsune, I'll buy you another manga on the way home, okay?"

"Okay, Onii-chan!" Hatsune responded happily, before running back inside. For some unfathomable reason, all Hatsune ever accepted from her brother were manga volumes; often the same ones, and ones that had different titles, and hence a different story. But if it made his little sister happy, Yuzuru himself was happy too.

"Sayonnara, minna-san," he called out, opening the apartment door and stepping out into the cool autumn wind.

Yuzuru's flat, magenta hair was long; longer than he had ever kept it, the tips brushing against his shoulders, long side bangs covering his left eye. He was dressed casually in a tight t-shirt and maroon chinos, a silver chain around his neck that had been given to him by Hatsune for his 16th Birthday. But his face today was filled with determination and pride; Yuzuru had passed the college entrance examinations not long ago and had come top, and he was now on his way to study for a major in Medicine at the prestigious University of Tokyo.

The hour-long bus journey was uneventful- sluggishly slow, to say the least. He knew that taking the train would have been infinitely easier, but for as long as he could remember, he had suffered from a morbid aversion to trains. Hence he avoided them as much as possible. Yuzuru glanced at his watch as the bus grounded to a sudden halt, a bus stop away from where he was supposed to get down.

"What's going on?"

"Where are we?"

"What happened?"

A gaggle of voices ensued, mostly confused, some outraged.

"Will you please settle down in your seats," came the crackly voice over the intercom. "I apologize for the delay, but we are currently experiencing a breakdown. A mechanic is scheduled to arrive in approximately half an hour, and thereafter we will arrive at the next bus stop in 15 minutes,"

45 minutes? I don't have that much time! Yuzuru thought, beginning to panic. His first lecture, the Induction lecture, was due to begin in half an hour. Looking outside, he decided that the best option would be to leg it. If he ran fast enough, he'd make it to the lecture theatre in time.

He clambered from his seat and made his way down the overcrowded aisle, to much mumbling and grumbling on the part of the passengers. Running as fast as he could, he made his way down the wide pavement, his feet splashing in the residue of last night's rain. He was so absorbed in getting to the lecture theatre on time that he didn't see a blue haired figure stood in front of him, chatting away on his phone...


The two boys fell backwards, complete with a duo of sickening crunches as they hit their heads. Yuzuru got up, rubbing his head as it began to throb painfully, his eyes screwed up in pain.

"Aaaaah..." came the voice, presumably from the blue-haired boy. "You should be careful where you're walking!"

"Sorry...I didn't mean to..." Yuzuru stammered, helping the other boy up. "Are you okay?" he asked, as the boy dusted his clothes.

"Great, I guess...nothing's broken, so it's all good, eh?" he answered rather nervously, running his hands through his hair. "So what were you doing, running 200 miles an hour?"

"Oh? Me? Sorry, I was getting late for my first class..."


"I'm starting at University."

"That wouldn't happen to be the University of Tokyo, would it?" the boy asked, a light, mischievous tone in his voice. Yuzuru frowned a little, sensing that the voice was familiar. He was pretty sure he had heard it before...but where?

"Yeah," Yuzuru answered, smiling in relief. "I'm headed there right now,"

"Me too," the boy answered. "Oh, Hideki Hinata, by the way. And you are?" he continued, holding out his hand, which Yuzuru shook.

"Otonashi Yuzuru, pleasure to meet you."

Hinata remained silent for a moment, as soon as the magenta haired boy had revealed his name. Otonashi... the name sounded darn familiar, but where from? As far as he knew, he hadn't ever met this boy before.

"Why do I get the feeling we've met before?" Yuzuru asked, curious.

"What? Really?" Hinata answered, feeling excited. Yuzuru could see that he was an excitable, easy-to-please person. He sensed that they would get along pretty well in the future.

"I guess so..."

"Perhaps it's because I'm such a famous baseball player, the amazing Hideki Hinata!" he announced with pomp, grinning widely.

"Oh, not again..." Yuzuru groaned, shaking his head. "Why do you always say that?"

"What do you mean...always?" Hinata began slowly, confused. "We've only just met..."

Did I really say that? Yuzuru mused to himself, smirking. Why am I behaving like this guy's my best buddy all of a sudden? Perhaps it's because I've never really had many friends...

"Oh, uh...right, I was thinking about my friend back home," Yuzuru answered, rather sheepishly. "He was a rather terrible baseball player actually, always missing the fly balls..." his voice trailed off gently, as a confused Hinata continued to stare at him. He hadn't meant to say that, not at all...so why had he? He could feel a memory pulling towards the surface, but try as he might, he couldn't relive it fully. It involved a blue-haired boy, and a fly ball...

Had he met this boy before?

"Um, right, we should get going," Yuzuru gabbled, aware that he was making a bad impression. "Don't wanna be late and all,"

Hinata burst out into laughter, slapping his knee as he doubled up. "Oh, Otonashi-kun, always the comedian, aren't ya?"

"Always the comedian? Now I'm convinced you're doing this on purpose..." Yuzuru muttered, glaring at the boy.

"Doing what? I swear, it wasn't me!" Hinata exclaimed. "It sorta...just slipped out..." he said lamely. It was true though, somehow. He'd done just as Yuzuru had- behaving as though he'd known the guy for years.

But why?

The rest of the journey was uneventful, with the two boys exchanging likes and dislikes, talking about hobbies, interests, all that.

"You like Mapo Doufu? Are you serious?" Hinata exclaimed incredulously, his eyebrows raised, as they approached the institution. "You must be crazy!"

"I don't know," Yuzuru shrugged. "It's been my favourite food since I was a kid. Say, you wanna go play baseball later on?"

"Boy, do I ever! You okay with that?"

"Sure, bring friends along if you like. There's a large field really close to where I live; we can practice there."

"Meet here at 4?"

"4pm it is. See ya, Hinata," Yuzuru concluded as he began to walk away, raising his arm in farewell. Hinata did the same, acknowledging the other boy with a wave of his own as he began to walk in the opposite direction.

"Class 103B...103B...now where could that be..." Yuzuru muttered to himself, as he walked down the packed hallways, glancing at his watch every 5 minutes or so. "103B..."

He looked up, hoping for some guidance or help, and instead his eyes locked onto a young girl who looked much too young to be here, who was seated at the windowsill, the sunlight pouring onto her silvery white hair. She looked pure, innocent even, and Yuzuru could feel his eyes widen, the blush in his cheeks growing, as he took in the young girl's appearance. In that instant, Yuzuru knew that when she turned around, she would have bright golden eyes and a pale, emotionless, yet innocent expression on her face.

How did he know that?

As if on cue, she turned around to face him, her golden eyes locking onto his, her gaze inquisitive, yet probing.

"Tenshi..." he whispered gently, yet involuntarily.


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