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Hinata walked home, his minds plagued by the thoughts of the earlier incident. For some imperceptible reason, he couldn't get rid of the image of the pink-haired girl, her gentle face breaching his train of thought, so much so that he didn't hear the voice calling out to him.

"Hinata! HINATA! OI, STONEHEAD!" Yuzuru shouted out to him from his top-floor window. It was only then that Hinata looked up, a curious frown on his face.

"Whaaaaaaaaat?" he shouted back, as loudly as he dared. Yuzuru face palmed.

"I said get up here!"


"Where the hell have you been, Hinata?" Yuri asked, as Hinata perched himself on Yuzuru's bed, yawning. "And don't yawn at me!"

"In case you forgot, I kinda broke a window, remember?"

"Let me guess, she yelled at you, called you a moron, and chased you out of her house with a broom yelling 'overgrown dingbat!' right?" Naoi commented, his voice brimming with excitement.

"No she didn't, you idiot," Hinata replied, sticking his tongue out.

"Otonashi-san!" Naoi exclaimed desperately. "See, he's bullying me! Do something!"

Yuzuru shook his head in contempt. "Stop it, the pair of you-"

"Actually, she thanked me for breaking her window and called me inside!" Hinata retorted.

"That's a lie!" Naoi shouted.

"No it isn't!"

"Yuzuru! Yuzuru-kun! Do you want anything to eat?" A magenta coloured bob popped through the doorway.

"No Mom, we're fine, stop asking!" Yuzuru called out to her, sighing in exasperation.

"I think your mom's adorable," Yuri said.

"Irritating as-"

"She's so sweet, isn't she?" Naoi gushed.

"Yeah, I wish I had a mom like that!" Noda answered. "She's way nicer than that freak over there!" he shouted, pointing at Yuzuru, who promptly stood up.

"Well, nobody told you to come here!"

"I will follow Yurippe to the ends of the earth, defend her with all my might, even lay down my life for her sake, her wish is my command!"

"Noda, will you do me a favour?" Yuri asked, a serious look on her face. 5 pairs of eyes turned around to look at her.

"Yes ma'am, you need only ask!"

"Will you seriously do it?"

"Of course!" He answered, tingling with pride. Whatever she needed doing, he would do it without hesitation. Especially if the command turned out to be flinging Yuzuru through a window and beating him up with his axe 100 times.

"Well, Noda, I want you to...Shut. Your. Mouth," Yuri replied, her eyebrow arched.


She raised a finger. "No speaking till we get outta here.

"I'm impressed," Hinata said. "You managed to shut him up just like that?"

"I have my ways," she said cryptically, shrugging. "Hey, Yuzuru, can I borrow your computer?"

"Sure, why not," he answered. She bounded over to the computer, and typing a few random words and with a few clicks, a blank screen came up.

"Damn, it's no use," she snarled. "I'll have to call him here,"

"Call who?" four voices (excluding Noda) asked.

"Okay, we really need to stop doing that," Yuzuru spoke, an odd look on his face. Everyone, except Noda burst out laughing.

"You'll see," Yuri replied, a knowing look on her face.

"He's a genius hacker?" Hinata asked, pointing a finger at the young boy, who wore square glasses and had a pudding bowl haircut. "But he's just a boy!"

"Say hello to Takeyama-kun, everyone," Yuri said loudly, ignoring Hinata. They all obliged.

"Thank you. And please, call me Chr-"

"Can you hack into this email account for me?" Yuri asked, ignoring Takeyama's comment. He sighed at the ignorance, before replying in the affirmative.

"Why do you want to hack into an email account?" Yuzuru asked, interested. "And why use my computer?"

She shrugged before answering. "It's for my dad. He doesn't know this stuff...so he asked me. He wants proof that his business rival is making illegal shipments or something. And well... my dad's being monitored closely for any suspicious activity, so I have to do this from somewhere...else,"

"Okay...I suppose, but what if the police come and find me or something?"

"They won't." This time it was Kanade who answered. "I know exactly what to do."

"You know this?" Yuzuru asked Kanade, surprised. She smiled gently.

"My father was an expert hacker himself," she answered simply.

"Kanade's father was one of the best," Yuri replied, before taking Yuzuru to one side and whispering in his ear. "But he's doing lifetime in prison for money laundering and stuff like that. We'd have asked Kanade to do it for us, but she's reluctant, after what happened."

"Oh...I see," Yuzuru replied, astonished. Who knew such an innocent girl could have such a past.

"But she knows how to mask the IP or whatever and fancy stuff like that. That's Takeyama's weak point, I believe."

Kanade got up onto the computer and typed away for a few minutes, before confirming a success with a nod.

"Yes!" Yuri hissed, pumping her fist. "We'll get him this time!"

"Congratulations," Hinata replied. Yuzuru simply stared at them all.

"What?" They all replied together (excluding Noda, of course)

"Nothing," he laughed, shaking his head. All his life he'd struggled in making friends. How had he made six in the same day? It was beyond him, and he didn't really want to question it.

The others were talking amongst themselves, when Kanade came over and sat besides Yuzuru on the bed. He couldn't help but smile at her. Out of all the friends he had made, it was this girl that he felt the strongest connection to. Looking into her golden eyes, again he felt as though there was a strange, melancholy memory connecting him to this girl, but he couldn't quite grasp at it. It was almost like trying to hold onto water, and it slipped further away from him, the harder he tried to hold on.

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