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I wake and my head is pounding. I look around to see I am lying on one of my mother's medical tables in the spare bedroom. I don't know how long I have been lying here

Wait. What happened? Why am I here? I look beside me to see Rory on a table identical to mine. The events of last night come flooding back to me. It makes me feel sick to my stomach. I close my eyes and hope that the world stops spinning.

When I open my eyes I see my mom standing over me her eyes full of concern.

"Oh my gosh Prim. I'm so glad you're ok. I was so worried." I can see she's on the verge of tears so I speak up.

"It's ok mom. I'm fine. What's wrong with Rory?"

My mom sends a glance over to Rory. "He was extremely dehydrated and I guess he just passed out."

"Do you know when he will wake up?" I'm silently freaking out inside even though I know dehydration is something that is easily cured.

"Shouldn't be much longer. Do you want something to eat? We have some left over pie but I sent some home with Hazelle."

"Sure some pie would be great. Thanks Mom." She gives me a loving smile and heads into the kitchen.

I decide to try and sit up. It's not that challenging surprisingly.

I look over to see Rory still motionless on the table. Please wake up soon. Please. By some freak of nature, at that moment I heard a small moan escape his lips. He looks around and notices me sitting on the table beside him.

"Prim? What happened? Why am I on this table? What happened to you?" Unlike me he doesn't seem to remember.

"We were watching the training scores and you got up to go to the bathroom and you were in there a while so I went to make sure you were ok and I found you unconscious on the floor." I purposely left out the part where I passed out.

Rory gets a quizzical look on his A-FREAKING-DORABLE face. Never mind, forget I said that. No but actually forget it, right now, before I do it for you.

"Wait," Oh god here it comes….. "What happened to you? Why are you here?"

I can feel the red creeping into my cheeks. "I…..Uh….. Went to see if you were okay and when I saw you unconscious I kind of, just passed out." I can feel my cheeks getting darker.

But thankfully my Mom walked back in from the kitchen carrying a plate of pie and a glass of water.

"Here you go hon- OH Rory your up! I thought I heard voices. How are you feeling?"

"Uh my head hurts and I'm kind of dizzy but other than that ok."

My mom looks relieved "Alright I will grab you some food and water and explain what happened."

He nods and turns his eyes back to me. "So how did Katniss and Peeta do? I can't remember. …."

Thank goodness he didn't push about why I passed out. "Peeta got an 8 and Katniss got 11. The highest score this year."

Rory's face lights up with surprise "Oh my gosh that's awesome! Good for her!"

I can't help but feel a rush of pride. "Ya. I'm really proud of her."

My mom comes rushing back in with a huge glass of water and some weird looking mushy drink. She pulls up a chair in front of Rory's table and sets the tray beside Rory.

"Alright. So Rory were you feeling sick or dizzy at all yesterday?"

He takes a second to ponder this before answering "I did feel nauseous and kept having dizzy spells."

My mom goes to ask more questions but is cut off by a knock on the door .

I stand up to find my legs surprisingly stable. "I got it mom." I head towards the door having to stop once because I got a little dizzy.

I opened the door to find Gale standing on the other side

"Hey prim is Rory here? I heard about what happened and I just came to make sure he's ok."

It take's everything in me not to scream at him for being a wuss for not watching with us last night.

"Yes, he's here. He's just in the spare bedroom talking to my mom. Would you like to come in?"

His face shows some relief before he puts the wall back up to hide his emotion.

"Thanks Prim. That would be great." I step back to let him through the door way.

I walk back into the kitchen to see Rory looking down at the smoothie like it's a cockroach. I'm assuming he has to drink it.

Rory looks up when me and Gale walk in.

"Gale! There you are. Boy did you miss a whole bunch last night!"

Gale smirks before answering. "So it seems little brother. How are you feeling? Mom told me what happened. You should know better."

"Well here has been taking very good care of me. She says I should be all better by this afternoon."

Gale looks up at my mom and I. "Do you guys think I could talk to Rory alone for a minute?"

Rory and I make eye contact and he seems a little scared.

"Sure" says my mom. "Prim and I will be in the kitchen if you need us."

Me and my mom head into the kitchen and she hands me another glass of water.

"So" she says "How long have you liked Rory for and not told me?"

I almost spit out my water. "WHAT? I don't…. How did….."

She laughs at me and points out "I was a fourteen year old girl at one point to Prim believe it or not. I can tell. So how long have you liked him? Spit it out."

I'm dumbfounded by her ability to find this stuff out. "I'm….. I'm not sure. I just started noticing how handsome he was and I think I just kind of fell for him."

She smiles at me. "It happens to the best of us Prim. Just go with the flow and things will stay the same I promise. Unless…. You want things to change?"

My jaw drops open at this. "MOM!"

This makes her crack up and I realize how often it is she laughs.

She's about to make another comment but is cut off by the sound of footsteps coming into the kitchen.

Gale walks into the kitchen and says "I have to get back to hunting. Thank you for taking care of Rory . See you later Prim."

"See you." I mumble under my breath still shocked about what my mom said.

Once the door shut behind Gale my Mom and I just sat there.

After a couple of minutes my mom got up and went back to see Rory. She stopped at the doorframe and turned back to look at me.

"I'm going to help Rory for a bit. What are you going to do?"

"I think I'm going to lie down. " I had some MAJOR thinking to do.

"Alright. Get some rest." And she walked into the spare bedroom to see Rory. I got up and walked into my room and flopped down on my bed.

Not only was my sister going to almost certain death but now I think I'm falling in love with my best friend. Ugh. Why can't my life just be normal? And with that, by some miracle, I fell asleep.