Chapter 1


Myrnin stared at the body, his face devoid of expression, of life. So much so that between that and the pallor of his skin, there was no way to differ between him and the corpse. But that suited him just fine. For all he cared he was dead. It wasn't as if it mattered. Nothing mattered anymore. He ran then. He ran from the chaos of it all, from the sea of horrified faces, the wailing sirens, the pushing crowds. But mostly he ran from her. From the truth.

He arrived back at the lab in almost no time, collapsing into a heap in a corner, his chest heavy with the tears that would not come. He stayed there for quite some time, deep in thought all the while. At least had gotten there in time to say a final farewell. That was more than the Collins boy had managed. But 'goodbye' wasn't the only thing he had had time to say. He had also had enough time to ask the question that had been burning in his mind for so long. The offer never proposed. But he had asked finally, there on her deathbed, and she had declined. She had chosen death over eternal life, over the Collins boy. Over him. And now she was gone. After everything the town had been through, after fighting so hard, for so long, she had chosen death. And now she was gone. Her life ended by some stupid, idiotic, lackwit excuse for a human being who was, for whatever reason, allowed to drive. And so she was gone, gone from this world forever. He remained in the same cramped position for a very, very long time, staring at the wall, with thoughts of only his lost Claire. He had loved her so much. Maybe not with romantic intentions as the Collins boy had thought, but there was a love there, regardless of the form. He would have to attend the funeral of course, he owed her this much. This wonderful girl, who had pulled him back from the edge of insanity, who had helped and saved the town time and time again, who had done so much, he owed it to her to bear through the pain and attend.

He wasn't broken from his stupor until he heard the sound of tires approaching, then footsteps, soft and light and feminine. He did not bother to turn around, he knew who it would be. With Claire gone, who else would bother to come but Amelie? She descended the stairs, not bothering to speak until she reached the corner he was in and had placed a hand lightly on his shoulder. "Myrnin," she began, quietly and tenderly, "she's alive."

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